Sunday, March 22

a few more...

Today on the way to church, Daisy said, "Mom, my nose is dry. I think I have a nose reflection."
And she has been frequenting this phrase..., "Isn't this a wonderful day? It's a beautiful day to enjoy a ______(fill the blank with something edible)__ out in the sun?" Today is was "box of Nerds" that she had for dessert. :)
Today her happy comment was followed with, "AND I love everybody...even Chinese people." WHAT? How random! While we wholeheartedly agree with that statement...we're not sure why they were singled out...and we may never know. :)
And Isaac's new thing is nodding for yes. STILL he won't attempt to say it (heaven forbid!) but he has started to nod. Previously he was shaking his hands up and down for an adamant "YES"...and now the nod. It looks more like a slow motion head banging, if you can imagine. He slowly begins to throw his head back first and then forward and then repeats. We purposefully ask him questions with "yes" to see him do it. Oh, and he has had "NO" down for quite sometime (saying it and shaking his head!...little stinker.) :)


Janelle said...

lol... maybe the chinese comment was for Mia :)

Burless Family said...

I am laughing about the random Chinese comment!! Where did she come up with that??? Too funny! Katelyn once told me, "good girls get to do fun things, like eat ham." Gotta love 4 year olds!!