Friday, March 20


Few stories...

I was reading Daisy's preschool newsletter yesterday. All the kids were asked what kind of job their parents had. Daisy said, "My dad puts braces on people and my mom does the laundry." :) So your dad is an orthopedic? and your mom is a maid? pretty much on the second one. :)

I have learned that the worst cereal a stay-at-home mom can like is Life. I mean I pour it, add my rice milk...and if I have ONE SMALL interruption (which is highly likely) then I am eating mush central. oh well.

We were at Chick-Fil-A yesterday for dinner. It was family night I guess and there were kids EVERYWHERE. And the kids were not preschool age...I am thinking maybe lower school. But regardless...they were "big kids." They were all over the play place (even though half of them were taller than the arrow by the cow on the door). Isaac was getting knocked all over the place. I decided to leave much to my kids dismay. But on my way out in all the screaming and chaos I heard from way up in the bowels of the play place, "HEY! YOU ARE ONLY 10! YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LEARN" from some random to kid to another. HA.

(and I can't remember if I have blogged this story yet or not...) The other day I was in my room and I heard Daisy yell from the kitchen/dining area, "MOM! ISAAC'S CHECKING HIS EMAIL!" And I came in to the room and sure enough...there was Isaac with deer-in-the-headlights look, at my laptop (that was on the table), his little chubby dimpled hand on my mouse. Busted. Cracked me up. Then I tried to think of what his email would be...bigboy07@aol? thunderthighs@hotmail? iheartcars@gmail? ahhh...silliness.

---So my baby boy LOVES cars. I mean LOVES LOVES them. We were in Walmart and I saw some Cars sandals (you know the foam, velcro with cartoons on them). For the longest I resisted character shoes with Daisy. I guess I am worn down now. I showed them to Isaac and he loved them. I tried them on him and when I went to take them off...he LOST HIS MIND and didn't want me to take them off. So I thought, "aww...he loves these...I have to get them." When I brought them home Daniel saw them was NOT impressed. This says a lot coming from a man who likes colorful mismatched shoes (see previous posts). He said it's something about guys in sandals...and I can see his point somewhat. These are not cute...but Isaac loves them. SO the other night I put them on Isaac for a walk. He spent most of the time walking, looking down, yelling "CARS! CARS!" and then grinning huge and shrugging his shoulders til his neck disappeared. He was so happy! But when bath time came...he freaked out when we took them off. Then he kept reaching for them after the bath. SO I put them back on him with his pajamas. When it was bed time...I went to take them off...again...freaked out. So, he slept in the shoes. The next morning Daniel went to get him. When he brought him to me...there he was...sleepy eyes, sucking his still on. Sweet boy.

The pics below are at a carnival fundraiser for Daisy's school. Most of our tickets went to the pony ride. The first pic is of Isaac and his famous "cheeeeeeeese." :)


Buddy said...

My goodness, Isaac definitely has his own personality. I love that baby boy. Daisy looks so tall with her long legs on the pony. Love you. Maurine

Anna said...

Don't feel bad about the shoes. They are ADORABLE! I totally got suckered in a couple of years ago and bought my boys matching Lightning McQueen slippers. Jon David and Luke have both worn sandals in the summer. What else are you going to do with them when you live in such a hot climate? Crocs are GREAT! But occasionally, it's nice for them to have something else to wear! Love ya!

Chris said...

"He said it's something about guys in sandals...and I can see his point somewhat."

Are you kidding me!?

I am so offended...umm uncle Chris?, Jesus?

Long live the Birks!