Sunday, March 8

the great state of Arkansas

we are visiting my parents in Little Rock for 2 weeks. We are having so much fun! We went to Searcy and saw family and friends there. I will show you the first part of our trip with pics...for some reason my luck with out of town blogging is NOT good. I did a whole post and it was erased. then the computer i originally uploaded the pics too wasnt working right....all that to say i type here defeated....and can only put pics in this post and tell you about them. they are also ALL out of order...but at this point...who cares.

these pics are for you Dan! We love you and miss you!!

Isaacs sweet toes covered with chalk from the sidewalk.

Dad came to orlando on tues before we left wed. he was my traveling support. Am i spoiled or what?? :) I couldn't have done it without him.

When we got on the plane they asked Daisy if she wanted to see where the pilots sit. It was so neat! They were so sweet to her and showed her everything. they even said, "Do you have a camera? wanna take pics?" Do I have have a camera?? HA! they had no idea they were asking Clicky Clickerton herself! :)

out of order...Dad chasing Isaac around the terminal.

(ok, so I got a new was not a good choice. But it will grow.)

believe it or not...the above playplace is at a local church in Little Rock! Its at Rock Creek church. It's open to the community. The kids had fun!

This is Uncle Phil and Aunt Judy (my moms sister) in Searcy. Uncle Phil was playing with katie (my cousin jeffrey's little girl) and daisy. they were loving it!

my cousin caroline came over with her boyfriend Kris and their dog Silas. Silas and isaac were big buds. Then I think Silas wanted to take their relationship the next level..(YIKES)....We had to try to keep them separate. :)

Uncle Phil took all the kids on a 4 wheeler ride. Daisy LOVED it. katie cried cause she didn't want to to get off. Daisy said, "Mom, we were in the woods, not even walking, for like 20 minutes!"
I went to visit my friend Jen Russell who is a freshman at Harding. She and her family were our "family" while in Gainesville (Gary and Shelleys daughter). She is living in Sears Hall and that brings back some SERIOUS memories! :)

We ate lunch at Harding Place with Daniels Grandparents (Lewises and Grams) and Aunt Cheri. It was so great to see them and visit. My sweet babies were like tornados in that place. but I think everyone there didn't mind.


Grandma Lewis (Grandpa had a procedure that morning and wasn't feeling well. We visited with him a little bit and then he rested in his room.)

on the plane with isaac

Isaac on the way home from Searcy...wide eyed....

And sweet Daisy...she had a fun day in Searcy...and was WORN out. :)

above: the big dam bridge in Little Rock. We went for a family adventure there on Saturday. :)

Way to go uncle scott...pushing the stroller AND carrying the bag! :)

Scott and I saw the new Guess Who? game with extras on a commercial...and guess what we played last night? YUP. It was so fun! it was such a throw back! Now there are new sheets you can choose to play with (people, household items, monsters, animals, kids...). IT WAS AWESOME. Scott and I both chose the same character on 2 games (you can do that with the new game)...the cheese grater and sheep. HA!

Uncle Scott and Daisy speller her name in lumber from the empty lot next door.

This is baby Molly (jeffrey and missy's)...isnt she adorable???

Isaac has to wake up he was doing that with Uncle Scott after his nap on Saturday.

Here's the fam on the big dam bridge! :)


Cristy said...

ohhh i see how it is. The semester I'm NOT at Harding anymore you come visit... :)

Bellamarin said...

hmmm I like your hair. And Uncle Scott had his fingers in his mouth like the kids!

Anonymous said...

I think your hair is adorable! Glad you guys had fun! So when ya coming to Alabama? Kristy Cox