Wednesday, March 18

He figured it out...

(this is Isaac's "cheeeese"...said with the least amount of emotion possible. And where are the kids EYES??)

Ok, so while we were in Arkansas we began the new dilemma with Isaac.

One morning Mom and Dad let me and Dan sleep late. When I got up she said, "It was so funny to see Isaac just walk in the room this morning....and that Daniel just got him up and just sent him out!" We both laughed. Ha ha ha ha. :)

Then later that day for Isaacs nap we put him down in the pack-n-play like usual. When about 2 hours later I heard his door open (Jeeg has those long handle door handles...Isaac was LOVIN' those.) and he walked out with sleepy eyes, holding sheep-sheep (his blanket). I was thinkin, "what tha..." and I even called for Mom thinking that she was trying to be funny again by sending him out solo. NOPE. It was all him. He learned how to escape the pack-n-play.
Thankfully there was only one more night there to deal with this issue. We put him back in and watched how he did it. First he put sheep-sheep over the side. Then he threw his little chubby foot up on the side all the while grinning, mind you. Then he worked the rest of his leg up there and made his way over, finally plopping down to announce "uh-oh!" And then grinned even more. Dad, Daniel and I were cracking up.

But soon that "laughin' turned to cryin'" (as Nanny says) when it was bed time and we weren't letting him come out. We took all the hazards out of the room. We wedged his bed between the footboard of the bed and the dresser. Then we put some blankets on the floor so where ever he landed/slept...that was the bed. We placed TWO babygates (tall) in the door way to keep him in. He would open the door...WAIL AND CRY. Close the door and continue over and over. It was pretty miserable. He was sniffing and so on. He called out "MaaaMaaa" thru his wails. It was rough. Daniel encouraged all of us thru the hard time. Mom, Dad and I were on the edge of our seats waiting to get the "go ahead and rock him" from Dan. It never came. :( He eventually fell asleep. (thankfully we had 24 to preoccupy us...which was AWESOME btw) in the door way.

So we are home. And he got out today during his nap. But he stayed in there and feel asleep again on his floor. I know because he had carpet face when I went in to get him. Poor Isaac.

So...all this post to say...


I really can't imagine him doing well in a big boy bed yet. But not super sure I love the crib tent idea. But we are up for anything. :) Thoughts? What worked for you?


blessdtwice said...

Seeing as how I was a total wuss and rocked my girls (and still do on occasion shh! don't tell Dave!) I got nuthin for ya.

I will say though, that I have read at least one blog that sang the praises of the crib tent....If I was a cio-type person, you betcha I would be headed to BabiesRus first thing in the morning....Good luck and keep us posted.

Anna said...

You don't wanna know... Ok, I'll tell ya! Actually, it sounds like you guys are handling it pretty well. If he's still sleeping, that huge!! Our experience would probably make a pediatrician's publishing someday... Luke had just been born (3 wks old), and JD "figured it out", as you say. Jon David would come to the door hysterical, unable to settle down. We didn't try the baby gate thing. I think it would have been too much for him to have access to the outside world (outside his room world, that is). ANYWAY! Don talked to a ped. friend, who told us to put the baby bed away immediately, and go buy him a big boy bed. Lock his door, and when he falls asleep, put him back in his bed (if he is out). We were not to enter the room while he was trying to go to sleep--regardless of fits, thrashing, vomiting!!! Yes, he totally said that... I was heart BROKEN. Especially when we found him in the closet one morning... scared half to death that he wasn't visible from the door way. So there ya go! It may be time for a big boy bed for Isaac. Although I have known some people to just take the railing off of the baby bed, and train them that way. Either way, it sounds like you may be in for staying-in-bed training. The thing I liked about the big boy bed, though, is that it was just that: a BIG BOY BED... A little extra incentive. Cause every kid wants to be growing into the next level. Anything to make 'em feel big, ya know? The process is similar to potty training in a way--complete with rewards when he stays in bed all night, etc...
Sorry for using the comments feature to write a novel! Love ya, sis! btw: he did not vomit during this process. I don't know if I could have endured that! :)

Courtney said...

Sounds like he is ready sista! I know that it became a safety issue for us with both of the boys. When thy are big enough to climb out of the bed, then the crib wasnt helping them anymore. Canon actually went to a big boy bed earlier than Ty. But, he did it easier for some reason. Fun times!