Monday, March 16

more of our time in Arkansas (we leave today! :( )

Jeeg and Papas house (excuse the garage)

watching the construction across the street

check out HIS FACE! ha!

isaac and jeeg watching the bulldozer in the lot across the street.

before bed time last night.

Daisy and her art at The Wonder Place (a really cool childrens playplace here in Little Rock).

Isn't isaac gifted???

Isaac in the mirrors at the Wonder Place

For those of you with kids, you can imagine the "fun" Isaac had at this station. the waterproof smock was a neat idea...but he was soaked after 2 mins at this station.

Daisy and Isaac playing hide and seek in the closet. Looks a little more like 7 minutes in heaven in this pic. :) Under duress!

One skill learned by Daisy this trip was Candy Land trash talk. Papa the master trash talker taught her everything she knows. She really got into it in this pic. (at first, sweet little Daisy was like, "what is his deal?" Then she kept telling him to quit being sassy.)

Here it appears that Jeeg is tossing some trash talk Daisys way...but she wasnt. She's not too into that until you push her to it. Then it just gets down right nasty. But that didn't happen over Candy Land. :) Oh, and please excuse my Dad in the white v neck with chest hair exposure. :)

Daddy's finally with us in Arkansas!!

isabel (Joel and Emilys) and daisy at dinner in searcy (we went back and got to see Joel and Emily after they moved to Searcy on Sunday.)

Clayton (Jeffrey and Missys) who just got back from skiing in CO. This is seriously one of the sweetest kids on the planet.

Daisy and baby Molly (Jeffrey and Missys)

Gracie (Joel and Emilys), Isaac and Daisy all waiting for dinner.

This is a hodge podge of pics from our trip. We leave today (which will include some weeping and gnashing of teeth, tearing of clothes and ashes on our always does!). I already have a knot in my stomach. :( But we have had a blast! Now we count down til May when mom comes to keep the kids while Dan and I go out of town. :)

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Cristy said...

i absolutely LOVE issac's face smashed against the glass. that is HILARIOUS!