Wednesday, March 4

Super Papa

Hey everyone! So the kids and I are headed to the great state of Arkansas for about 2 weeks. My Dad flew down yesterday to help me fly back today with the kids. (Dan will be meeting us there next Friday.) My Dad has been SUPER PAPA. He kept my kids for 4 hours while I went to get 2 crowns put on and have a haircut corrected. :) He did our dishes and cleaned our kitchen twice! He played with the kids for hours on end. He got up with Isaac this morning at the CRACK of dawn (not looking forward to Isaac on central time!). And he has been here less than 24 hours! He is SUPER PAPA!!!! (I may not be posting for a few weeks during our trip...)


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! 2 wks with the grandparents.....I am so jealous. Enjoy you all deserve it. I can feel the love. :) Dar

Michael and Hannah said...

Good grief, you're SUPER-blogger! I'm glad you got to take Daisy to Disney World for her birthday. We'd love to take our kids but we're forever waiting for that "ideal" time when they're all at the right age, and I don't know if that will ever happen! I think you had to go to Disney as a child to understand the magic. I know it seems like pure chaos, but I totally remember how magical it all felt! I went when I was 5, and I have VIVID memories of it. Mom and Dad say it was miserable and hot (August) and they couldn't believe we had good memories of it, but all I remember is the magic. Daisy will have wonderful memories of it, I'm sure! I'm so glad your dad is taking good care of you! What are you doing in Arkansas??