Thursday, April 2

Cutting the Grass and Garage Sale

So Isaac and Daisy love to play in the backyard when Daniel cuts the grass. And with Isaac's obsession with cars (meaning anything with wheels or loud motor) he adores the lawn mower. So Daniel let him help out. It was pretty cute. Little man hung in there for several laps around the yard. :) Daisy just runs around while they do the work. :) (She was yelling, "Mom! HAHAHAHA..LOOK ISAAC IS PUSHING THE MAWN LOWER!!!" heh heh. :)

And so with the job loss we have been talking to Daisy about it a little bit. And to be honest things can be a little tense around our house so we explain that we are a little stressed cause we are looking for a job for Daddy. Maybe we have communicated too well. The other day Daniel went into Daisy's room and saw this...


This is Daisy's Garage Sale. She said, "Daddy, I set up this garage sale. I have some things I don't need that we can sell to make money for us since you don't have a job." Sweet Daisy. Not a bad idea! :) So if you are in the market for one blue shoe, a bear in a basket, naked baby doll, her 3 year old Cinderella birthday card (thanks again cousin Jessica) or kids coat hangers...give us a call. Oh, and shipping is on you. :)


This is just details on the kids I don't wanna forget:
Daisy is in WHY LAND...constant questions. ALL THE TIME she wants to know more. She naps still...but doesn't always go to sleep. She loves to help. She hates to have her hair brushed. She still hates to have her hair "in a bun" or a doubled up ponytail (no matter how cute it looks). She is on a kick of tucking in EVERYTHING. Even the cute long tank tops I got her. Ugh.

Isaac is talking more. He sleeps very well. He loves cars and balls still. He loves his mama!! :) And is so sweet and squishy still. He is not as good of an eater as Daisy. He is pickier..and holds out for something else to eat. We have to stand off with him. (and when I say "we" I mean DAN.) He loves shoes and putting them on (anyones!). He loves being around others. He seems to get bored when he's a home but when we are in public or he is at the Y (where he goes several times a week) then he's fine.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this blog... There were many points that made me laugh and Daisy will be a great help at the upcoming MOPS garage sale. I also really enjoyed the mawn lower.

we love you...


sonyagraykey said...

That is so sweet & thoughtful of Daisy! Langston & I have been thinking of your situation. We were blogstalking the other day & he wanted to see Dais. He asked if she still lived in Fl & I explained the story. He looked very worried, but then we talked about how God takes care of us & he agreed that "God will give Daniel a tooth job." :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Oh sweet, tender-hearted Daisy... that just makes my heart melt!