Saturday, April 4

Dr Phillips Splash Park

This was last Saturday. It was so windy. But the kids didn't care. :) Isaac was not a huge fan of the water splashing on him. He would stand and cry...but not really know where to move. :)


sonyagraykey said...

Awww. This reminds me of taking L. & Dais to the Y pool. Do you remember them holding hands? Poor little Ize. He looks upset about that water situation! :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Wesley is missing Daisy! And when Anna Kate woke up from her nap Saturday, she immediately ran into Wesley's room and said, "Where'd the baby go???" Then she put her cheek on her hand and made a snoring noise, as if to remind us that there was supposed to be a sleeping baby in there! We had fun with you guys! Praying for you.

Burless Family said...

This place is so cool...great spot for our next playdate :-)