Thursday, April 2

Kids in the Yard

I just took some pics of the kids in our front yard. Not much to say about it other than Isaac sported a new face: FLAREFEST 2009. (props to Emily Richardson for originating the term.) I mean check out the super flare on those nostrils! That's worse than a pair of AE jeans! (bad, i am old.) I actually think of Chunk from the Goonies when I see that face! :) I have never seen him make this face before this day or since. It just popped up for the photo shoot. Thanks Ize! :) Hilarious!


sonyagraykey said...

Mel, you can totally make a funny flare when you think something is gross!! :) (Although, at second glance, I don't think your petite nostrils can challenge big boy's attempt...) These pics are grrrreat! What kind of camera are you using now? I am shopping.

Cristy said...

Melanie oh my goodness i literally laughed out loud when i saw that picture. That is HILARIOUS. I love it!

Brittany said...

HILARIOUS...I always love a good flare! And I'm totally going to use the word Flarefest...HA! BTW:You are a blogging machine!!!