Monday, April 6

Our Lake Adventure with the Schmidts

da boat

So we got a really fun invitation to hang out on the lake on Sunday afternoon with our friends from church, Ben and Sarah Schmidt. We met them in our Sunday school class at the beginning of the year and hit it off! They are so sweet and fun. We've hung out several times and enjoy the addicting show, 24, together on occasion. :)
Sunday morning they asked us to join them on the boat. So post nap time we headed over there. IT WAS AWESOME. The kids strapped into their life jackets and we headed out. It was the perfect temperature. Warm enough to enjoy the ride in a swim suit...but not so hot that you had to hop in the water when the boat stopped. (NOT that I would cause of the gators....yet you will see my kids in there with Dan. I have no control.:) The kids were loving it. Ben was giving us a tour of who lived on the lake.

Like Shaq:

and the lead singer of Creed, and of course, TIGER WOODS (whose house we didn't'll see why.)

So we were having fun around the lake. Laughing, smiling, wind in our hair... The kids were eating snacks. Daisy was dancing to the music. Isaac was turning my water bottle into a snow globe with his backwash. Good times....I was enjoying being outside, sitting down with my children hemmed up, close by, and their voices shouting "MAMA" muted somewhat by the wind . :) Heaven.
And all the sudden the boat just...quit. What in tha? Ben was checking all around the boat. We had gas, there was no smoke, we had oil, it would turn over..and then just die. Uh oh.

Ben makes a few phone calls.

Dan and the kids used this opportunity to take a swim...freezing cold, btw. Isaac got in and started adamantly shaking his head "NO! NO!" It was too cold for the big boy! HA! I was still in heaven chillin' in the boat. :) Ben kept troubleshooting the problem while the Jones family non-verbals shouted "Take your time, Ben. We're all just fine." :)


Ben joined in the freezing fun...but more for the idea of pushing the boat manually via swimming. :) Don't worry, only Dan and Ben did this. Daisy and Isaac would not stay focused and kept pushing us in a circle. (Kids...SHEESH!)
(please ignore my feet in this pic...early summer/pasty white feet with pink polish? All I can think is how they look like a man in drag.)

But no luck. We were not close to our dock. And they got tired. :)
So we decided to use the international sign for "SOS!" :)

So at first it was slightly worrisome (but thankfully didn't kill my relaxation buzz) cause there were not many boats out on the lake with us. None, in fact, at the moment we began looking. So Sarah and I were on the boat and placed on "flagging someone down" duty. The guys and kids joined in. We coaxed a guy on a jet ski over to us. As he got closer we realized he had a small child with him. He says he was going to drop off the kid and come back to help out.

When he returned...he brought the PARTY boat. I am telling you their party must have been BAD at the house cause all 15 people were more than happy to load up to help us out. That or come see the silly stranded people. :) And it was a rough crowd. Let's just say we thought we spotted Kelly Osborne. matter all that... they were nice enough to help.

Here we are being "towed."
Here is SUPER DAN pulling us to the dock. :) My Hero. ;)
Isaac steered us in. Skill. And only at 19 months!

So we had to "settle" for swimming in their AWESOME pool by the lake. Daisy thought there was a baby pool just for her (aka--hot tub). Isaac was being a CRAZY man and purposefully dunking his head in the water and then shooting back out of it GRINNING from ear to ear! And he would just jump right in. (No, I have not done Safe Start. Yes, he needs it. When we get a job...we will sign up first thing! (DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT COSTS???). Till then I will watch him like a HAWK. Girl scout's promise.)

We had a BLAST with the Schmidts. They are such a fun couple. We are so thankful to have them as friends (and not just for their broken boat...BEN!!) :)


Jeris and Holly said...

Hilarious....this same thing happened to me in high school. Only in high school it was so much cooler because being stranded on the lake makes a really great story in high school. We swam the boat quite a ways before a jet ski rescued us.

Anna said...

Mel, I gotta hand it to ya. Your life is histerical! Well... you know what I mean. It's fun reading about your many extreme adventures. Not much boredom for you, huh?

Buddy and Maurine said...

Wow! What an adventure! I am so thankful for the rescuers. Ask Dan about the guys that rescued us on the road one time. Sometimes the roughest looking are the kindest.

Jared and Rachel said...

I have totally been the one being towed, the one towing, and the one swimming all the way back to the dock after waiting an hour for someone to ride by!! Looks like yall had fun! :)

Jim said...

Hi Melanie, until just now I could never figure out how to make a comment. So I've had many visits and sometimes responded through regular e-mail. I have always admired your candor and believe me your family is very charming even with the ups and downs and you strike a good balance between being real and Keeping Your Sunny Side Up (to quote an old song) Jim