Thursday, April 2

She shoots, she scores!

Daisy's basketball season ended at the Y. In her final practice and game she MADE IT IN THE GOAL!!! She (and we) were so proud. She really improved and learned a lot since the start of the season! She no longer ducks after shooting. :) The last game was rough since only 3 of our team were there. And Daisy was a little pouty so she was not very focused.
We had an issue with one kid that got his feelings hurt cause he didn't wanna pass the ball to anyone. The child's parents said that they felt the girls were passing only to the girls. So the kid has a point with the fit he was throwing. SERIOUSLY??? But since it was the last game...Coach Daniel handled it with grace and mercy. He tried to get the kid back in the game (since 2 on 3 is even harder and Daisy kept wanting a break...leaving ONE GIRL on the court for our team!) and share the ball.
Anywho...Daisy got a trophy and was so thrilled. She also got to meet Ronald MeDonald after the game. What a fun day!

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Brittany said...

I love the b-ball picks, but I have to say that Ronald freaked me out a little bit! I think I might have nightmares!!!!