Tuesday, April 14

swimming at the Y


Ahh...the Y. Man, we love the Y. We went to swim the other day and (shocker) I took some pics. It was "coldy-coldy" (as we say at our house) in the pool. But the kids didn't care. Eventually we moved to the heated pool which was a welcomed change...but not quite the hot tub temp I was wanting. :)

Remember last years pic of Daisy after enjoying the Red Rocket waterslide? (if not I will give you a hint: MEGA wedgie). Anywho, same story this year. HA!
But the funny pic this time is not of the strap being lost in Daisy's hiney...it's of this....

Isaac's "moob" (man boob) cleavage!! HILARIOUS. So this life jacket is a little snug. :) He was not bothered by it at all. We sent Isaac down the water slide a few times. Daniel took him to the top. And you can't ride together (no exceptions) so Isaac went solo. I was at the bottom ready to catch him in the Artic sea. :) When I would grab him up out of the water he would come up with HUGE eyes gasping for air. And then when I asked him, "Go again?" he would nod. It was so funny. He is CRAZY in the water. He pushes off of Daniel wanting to swim alone. His fav thing to do is "jump" (actually it's more like a step) off the side to Daniel. And if we catch him where his head does not go under...he shoves it under himself. Crazy kid.
We are trying to soak up this Dr Phillips Y as much as we can til we move. We have no plans yet...but we will keep you posted. :)


Michael and Hannah said...

The "moob" photo is now officially a hall of famer... right up there with the Sumo Isaac photo!

sonyagraykey said...

ha, ha, ha!! I love the "moob"! And what a brave sumo he is to go solo! Send us some "swimming" weather! We are praying for a 60 day here!

Jeris and Holly said...

Your kids are going to have serious reason to kill you when they are 13 for posting pictures of their wedgies and moobs on the internet.

Sarah said...

so i guess i should consider buying a swimsuit for my trip to see you next week? is it really that warm down there? i hope so!
can't wait to see you in less than a week....wooohooo! p.s. promise me that you won't take pictures of me in a swimsuit and post them on your blog. ha!

Brittany said...

I love the man boob or should I say cleavage! HILARIOUS!