Sunday, April 26

Thank Goodness for Orlando!

If I didn't live here...I may have never seen one of my dearest friends...JULIE K. (SAMPLEY) McMULLEN! I was so excited when she said she had a conference here. She and her husband, Paul, live in Vancouver, B.C. (as in Canada) where they are planting a church there. They just moved there in January. They have been living in Washington State for a few years before that. I can't believe that we lived on such opposite sides of the country. I was not sure when or if I would EVER see her again. :) But thank goodness for us living in "Conference Central" down in O town. :) For those of you who don't know...Jules is one of my longest friendships! We grew up together in Atlanta and went to HU together. :)

So like 2 weeks before Julie was coming...when Sarah Dennis Wilson (another best friend from college who lives in Nashvegas) caught wind of what was going down...she didn't wanna miss the chance to see Julie on this side of the country either (or to visit sunny hmm... I mean see me too!). So she booked plane tickets and brought her baby boy, Jonas, with her (and left Asher, her 2 year old, at home in the care of Grandma). It was so fun to see her and get to hang out! I get to see her more often since she lives in Nashville where my sister lives. But still, it was a treat to see her at my house!! :)

We had so much fun hanging out and catching up. We laughed and remembered all the good times and some of the bad. :) Julie and I go all the way back to the 2 year old class at Sandy Springs church. She is like my back up hard drive for my memories of growing up, high school, and college. She doesn't forget a thing. Sarah also remembers a ton. Come to think of it...maybe it's only me. Maybe I should have that checked. I always say when I delivered my kids...I delivered my brain too. Or that with each birth a re-set button was hit in my brain and I started over from scratch. But then Sarah has 2 I have no excuse.

Julie and Paul had the conference to attend. So Sarah and I would hang out and when Jules was done we would hang out with her. We tried hard not to watch the window and cell phones waiting for her to come home (thinking that the darn conference was stealing our friend away!). Our time consisted mostly of hanging out at home with napping kids. BUT it was fun nonetheless. :) We would lay out in the back yard (hey, they were in Florida! You can't go home from FL without at least a little sun. :)). One night we went to dinner (I got a sitter!! woo hoo!) and enjoyed an evening of adult conversation at Taverna Opa!, a greek restaurant. One afternoon when Jules was done we went to lay out at the Y. It was fun. The guys watched the kids. Jules and Sarah braved the Red Rocket waterslide. It was pretty funny. And they said it was fun! They even went again! :) But there won't be pics of that. I didn't get permission on those pics. :)

I have to say that we missed many of our college pals at this gathering. Had we planned better we all could have hung out! We wish you all could have been there! Buh, Schep, Critty, Lolo, you were with us in spirit as we laughed hard at all our college times...which involved you all!

Baby Jonas laying out with us in the shade.

btw...Jonas looks JUST LIKE his Daddy, David.
Hilarious! I have memories of doing laying out in the backyard in high school and college. And here we are again. No pool? Can't leave the house? No problem. :)

Sarah with the "Red Robin...I mean Red Racer...I mean...what was it?" :)

On the way to dinner. :) We got to all pile into the MINIVAN that Julie and Paul got as a rental for the week. AWESOME. :)

Paul and Dan
The sun was in our eyes for a little bit at dinner til the guy put the shade down. We were cracking up at ourselves looking at the menu in our sunglasses. (and btw...who is that girl in the pic in the blue? it doesn't even look like me!)


emily said...

aw man, i am totally jealous of your visit! i don't think i'll ever get to see julie again either. but here's hoping. :) hint hint, julie. I LIVE AT THE BEACH JULIE! COME SEE ME AND WE CAN GO LAY OUT! :) maybe that will work. haha. glad y'all had a great time together. you girls always make me smile.

Jessica said...

Glad you posted! I've missed reading about you guys! Looks like ya'll had a fun time. Don't ya just love girlfriends?? Oh, and I remember Julie Sampley! (She probably doesn't remember me) but I really do..and that was such a long time ago that we lived in ATL. Kids are cute as ever :)

jaymie said...

we love the McM's paul is from Longview and our church is one of their supports and I really REALLY love Julie!!! Oh man! We realized there was the Jones connection when I wore a Camp Deer Run tshirt and she said my friend Daniel used to wear a Camp Deer Run shirt...and then we got really excited adn realized she knew my brother too! Fun connections!!

Brittany said...

Awwww...tear drop! I miss Julie (and you too...of course)! It is so crazy how you can be born and raised with people and spend every waking minute with them and then never get to see them in your adult life! :( You guys look like you had a fun visit! If you read this Julie: You look great and I miss you!!! Mel you look great too and I am glad you are still blogging. You've got a lot of friends out here that read your blog and want to see pictures too! :) Keep it up girlie!

Love ya!

Jesse Faris said...

LOVE you guys--you and Julie were two of my GAC favorites! (And I'm sure I would not be the only person who held that opinion!) Looks like a fun visit!

amber said...

Awwww... I hate that I couldn't make it too! =( Looks like you all had SO much fun!! You, Julie and Sarah look awesome. I'll be there next time! Love you girls!

khovater said...

So sad I missed that. You guys look like you had so much fun! We need to all get together.

Christy said...

Awe!! You guys look like u had soo much fun!! Guess I missed the memo since I was there a week too early! Maybe we can all get together another time. Ohh the memories of our college days!! It was great to see pics of jules & sarah. Man I can't even remember the last time I saw them or even talked to them. Tell them I miss them sooo much! Well glad y'all had a good visit. I'll be back down there in a couple of weeks when school gets out.Hopefully we can get a chance to get together. Just let me know. Talk to you soon! Oh & of course I miss u too!

Michael and Hannah said...

How special!! So glad you got a little reunion weekend! I just got back from a little reunion weekend of my own in B-ham. Ahhh, the HU days... plus kids.

Sarah said...

What fun times! Can't wait to do it again. Maybe in less than five years? Hope I can get some pics posted soon! Love you!

Paul & Julie said...

So, I've been meaning to comment on this post forever...I had so much stinkin' fun! You don't know how much I needed to be with old friends, even though it was way too short, it was such a blessing. Love the picture of Paul & Dan. Paul kept telling me how good it was to hear us laugh so hard. Miss you need to plan a visit to Vancouver! loveyou, jules