Thursday, April 2

Wagners came to see us!

Kelly Wagner and her 2 kids, Reid and Riley, came to town last Friday. They are our friends from Gainesville. Daisy and Reid are the same age. Riley is 3. Daisy LOVES both of them. They all play so well together. We went to a park and had a picnic lunch. It was so great to see Kelly and the kids. We miss them!

(below are some pics i got at the park. I attempted to get all 4 in a pic...hahaha...what was I thinking? it's like a picture of an ant farm. oh well.)

This rainbow was on a random day recently when we had an noontime spring shower. I love rainbows...cause I love lots of color. But since it's been connected to "other" things I have not professed my love as much so not to cause confusion. :)
And as of late, I have changed my mind about something. I used to think that the season of Spring may be least favorite with all the rain and cool-ish weather. But now I think I love it for the same reasons I love fall. It's that great "in between" weather with windy/breezy make-you-wanna be-outside-all-day days. These kind of days made me wanna quit my nursing classes in college (esp the 2-5 afternoon labs) and major in "laying out" or "playing at the park." Unfortunately those don't yield much income. :) If they did...I would be a bazillionaire. Seriously. Anywho...thought I would throw that out there. So for those of you who are keeping journal on me (HA!)...get it out and change the ranking to: fall, spring, FLORIDA winter, and FLORIDA summer. :)

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