Monday, April 13

WOAH...that's a lotta Easter.


That is what you will say at the end of this post. It's a doozie. We had ourselves some super easter fun. :) I mean how many times can a child hunt easter eggs? Well...we say 4. HA! So let me give you the recap of our Easter festivities.

DAISY'S SCHOOL PARTY at Christ the King Preschool

Mrs Rachdan's 3 year old class: Jonas, Ashley, Mackenzie, Brooke, Daisy, Madison, Dean, Johnny, Ruby, Pierson, Mia and Christian

Daisy making her food craft (pound cake, with layer of whip cream, sprinkle green sugar on top, add jelly beans and marshmallow peep bunny...DONE!) She is sitting with Madison (lower right), Brooke (upper right), and Mia (upper left).
Daisy and her pal Mackenzie (who is moving to LA soon). :(

MOPS EASTER PARTY at Kristen's House

The MOPS party was great! It was perfect weather. Shelley Russell had come by to visit and come to this party with us. She was on her way to see her daughter (flying to see Jen in Arkansas) and stopped by to hang out. It was great to see her.

All the moms got to hang out and chat...while all the kids were playing.

All the kids ready to hunt!
Jen, Dena and Cheri...some of my sweet MOPS friends. :)

Easter Egg-stravaganza at Camp Down (Church event)

This event was fun too. The whole huge church was invited to Camp Down (less than a mile from our church). There were TONS of people there. We found some people from our class and enjoyed a picnic lunch. It was right on the lake and so pretty! There were games (egg toss, sack race, kickball, water balloon toss, get it...) and free sno-cones and cotton candy! SWEET! Then the egg hunt....ten thousand eggs! The area (as pictured below) was basically a colored carpet of eggs. It was amazing. Daisy and Isaac had a blast.

Egg toss...Daisy and Daddy. And guess what Isaac was doing? Yes, you guessed it! Picking up all the broken eggs, getting them all over his shirt, tasting a few and then sucking his fingers (since it was nap time). Niiiiice.

above: sarah and ben giving the egg toss a try.

I got Isaac a snow cone. Sarah and I waited in the super long line for it. And moments later, when his big sister appeared she decided she wanted a bite. A scuffle went down...the snow cone lost. Isaac was not happy after he realized the snow cone was now off limits in the dirt. :( Daisy cried too.

Below is the Egg Hunt....with all 10,000 eggs. I mean when they "hid" the eggs...the busted open garbage bags of eggs and walked along as they dumped on the ground! Hilarious. :)

below dan is formulating a game plan for Daisy and Isaac.
GO! (please note the lady in the pink dress to the upper left of Daisy...where is she runnin? Surely not for eggs, right?) No lie...all 10, 000 were picked up in less than 10 mins. Maybe we should tell children that local parks/highways have hidden candy in all the litter on the ground. Can you imagine how well that clean up would go? Well, not on the highway. :)

Let me explain my redneck child. Yes, he is shirtless. But he had lunch, dirt, EGG yolk, and snow cone on it. So off it came. Ahhh the life of a second child. I am ashamed to say this would have NEVER happened with Daisy.

Isaac asking for us to open his loot!

Sarah and Daisy just CLEANING UP! I mean her bunny basket was FULL.

So I look over as the hunt is coming to a close and see this...Ben is still standing behind the starting line, like a bodyguard. We were cracking up at him and his pose.

Our family's Easter pic! :)
Ben and Dan

This is us (ben, sarah, me, and daisy) sorting out the candy (melted chocolate from others) and "recycling" the eggs for next years hunt (they collect them after the hunt...awesome idea since I dont want them at my house.).


Thanks to the grandparents for providing Easter Bunny stuff!!

We headed to Ocala for Easter. We are still looking seriously at a job there. We visited a church there. Here are the kids that morning...NOT cooperating for the pic.

Dressing them when we arrived (you know that the outfits would not have survived the 1 hr 15 min drive).

Isaac finally felt the urge to cooperate as we were crossing the parking lot to go in. "CHEEEEEEESE!!!!"

Isaac's socks...let me explain...these shoes rub his feet (blisters on his heels) but they match this outfit (and we don't have any other ones but the car shoes!). The band-aids didn't work last time. So we had to go short socks. Hey, we knew NO ONE at this church. Who cares? :)

And after church Daisy wanted Moe's. What says Easter more than "Welcome to MOE'S!" ? :)

As a side note...Daisy asked Daniel randomly if Santa was real. He tried to skirt around it and distract her (for me...he woulda just told her, but I've always been a little bit more of a "let's keep the magic" person...but we both agreed if she asked us straight up...we would just tell her.). He said when he said "no" she acted like, "oh, ok" and went on like nothing had changed. I guess the Easter Bunny stuff got her thinking....


Sarah said...

Sweet pictures of the kids, in spite of the non-cooperation. I'm so glad to hear that there is a job prospect to check out. I'm feeling a little nervous about graduation myself, since jobs are pretty scarce. We will see what God has in store...

Michael and Hannah said...

I love Isaac's big "cheese!" grin! Y'all will think I'm THE most terrible mom, but I'm gonna lie through my teeth if the kids ask me about Santa! I totally believed until 4th grade! And I mean, 100% believed, wasn't just playing along. My best friend Megan does not have kids yet, but she does not plan on telling them there is a Santa. I told her that's fine with me, as long as she understands that when her kids tell my kids that there's no Santa, I'm gonna tell my kids that her kids are big fat liars! ha! Y'all look super-duper spiffy in your Easter duds!

David & Eryn said...

ALL of your Easter pics are really cute....I must say a personal fav was the pic of Isaac saying "cheeeeese" and then bending over to show is man cleve... do you call that mleve?? BTW- did some babywise moves with the twins... I think it's working!!