Wednesday, May 6

I heart ZUMBA!

(I apologise ahead of time for the errors in this's late and I am too impatient to wait for Dan to read it in the morning.)

Well, my addiction to ZUMBA has worsened. I blame in on the fact that I took some classes that were not at my usual time that had different instructors. I went on a Saturday and took a 10:30 class. LOVED IT. Then my very fav ZUMBA teacher taught right after her so I had to stay and do that class. Two hours later I was still smiling and had had a FAB work out. was a BAD move. They were awesome. I loved them both. They have new moves and same loud, fun music. BUT... now I love it more. I mean it could be worse. There are those HARD(er) CORE women who wear the Zumba apparel. Yes, there is apparel. No, I don't own any. I am not sure I am ready to head down that road. I think it draws too much attention. I love it and my skills have improved...but I am not THAT good. I mean when I see some one with Zumba clothes on...I think, "Ooooh, she must be good." Mainly that comes from the fact that all instructors HAVE to wear it. I associate it with greatness. :) However, many well meaning women of all ages and sizes have worn Zumba gear to class...and NOT done it justice. And I mean with their moves. Cause in ZUMBA I find it's those with "more to shake" that look the best doing the moves. Personal opinion. But regardless, I just can't join the ranks of ZUMBA apparel wear-ers.
I knew it was not in my future to don such items after what happened in one of my classes a few weeks ago. For some reason (spring break?) it was a light week in class. There were not the usual 100+ women in the aerobics room shakin' their tails to Latin music.
BTW...This over crowded situation used to annoy me for many reasons. One, fully extending my arms is fun. I enjoy it. And it's just not very possible with so many in class. Tipping off is just not possible. Two, I found it humorous yet silly that we had to (NO LIE) stand in line behind a rope against a wall outside the room (which wrapped around a corner and kept going) just to wait to get in class. I am telling you all these women who were clubbin' in their "glory days" are reliving those times in ZUMBA. Three, if you are lost on a dance in these BIG classes...tough better step it up or get outta the way! Four, to be's kinda smelly. If the gal next to me ate lots of garlic recently...I will know it. Lovely. Five, it's hard to see the teacher and know what to do. And six (and this is a doozie), I am SO annoyed by women who come frolicking in, late to class (for those who know me well...I am not a fan of tardiness anyway) and weave into the middle of the crowd, (WHO..BTW..waited in the degrading club line BEFORE class) and start dancing it up 6 inches in front of me...causing me to then have to back up into someone else. I mean really? Does the world revolve around you? Did you think I was saving you a spot there? Is spooning a move in ZUMBA? NO. MOVE! (The other day it happened to me and I made a super annoyed face...and moments after I was rolling my eyes at myself and blushing in embarrassment for getting so put out. How ridiculous am I? Aren't their bigger problems in life? Sheesh.)
eh, hmmmm. I digress... where was I?
Oh, the event that caused me to avoid the apparel...
So I went to this light class. Now, a little more background...I have been taking these classes for several months now. I have come to not care about the 3 sided glass window room that we dance in... for everyone to see who comes thru the Y front doors... esp those that stop and stare. And there are lots that do...cause there is loud music and dancing sardines, wouldn't you? :) In the beginning I used to avoid those windows like the plague. Now I don't even think about them cause I am having so much fun and am more comfortable. I have learned most of the dances and moves and don't feel that I will be trampled if I make a wrong move. Heck, now I am waving at friends as they pass! :) Anywho, I was with a friend and the class started. I was expecting people to come late and fill in (hopefully BEHIND me). And they really never did. The class was still about 3/4 full and it was BLISS. UNTIL...I caught sight of myself in the mirror. (Realize that with the normal masses I may see my head pop up once or twice a class.) But usually I keep my eyes on the instructor (or the one who follows her the best that I can see better in the crowd) and copy that. But this was different. This was BAD different. All this time I was thinking I was this Latina goddess of dance not equal to but not far below the instructor. WOAH...reality smacked me in the face when I could see every move I made. What a let down! It was KILLIN' my ZUMBA rush. I mean goddess? So far from! Grotesque!! I was all over the place, flailing and so on in my adorable attire of Zeta Rho t-shirt and black work out pants that were too short for my running shoes...not lookin' half as cool as I felt. It was awful. I almost had to quit! HA! I am so glad that I was knocked down a few notched before I volunteered to sub one week! (not really, that part is a joke, I promise!).
Anywho...I still love Zumba. The music plays in my head all day. I find myself singing MY southern girl version of the Spanish lyrics in the song. I am quite sure that not one Spanish speaking person would be able to interpret the words I think I am singing. Yes, my Tanglewood friends would LOVE to hear me sing these words and laugh all night. So I may have to splurge and get one of the CDs of the music off the site. This could teach me the words and maybe help me to know what the teacher wants me to do. Most of them do speak Spanish and when some words come on, their eyes get big and they raise their eyebrows and look at the class like, "Uh! Do what the song says!" And as badly as I would love to...I have NO idea what they are saying. Unless they sing basic numbers, "Ola" (hi!), "rojo" (red), or "Pero cuidado, es el novio de Lupita" ("But be careful, that's Lupita's boyfriend.", I got nothin'. (Thank you Spanish I and II in high school.) So I have to wait till she mimes what to do. Surely she sees my deer-in-the -headlights look. HA!

I just can't believe I workout and sweat for an hour and it flies by. I have so much fun. THAT's the kind of working out I have been waiting for! :) I did see this fun bumper sticker on the website that reads, "ZUMBA changed my wife!" Daniel SO needs that. :)

And now on to why this site kids!

I posted this pic cause I think Isaac looks JUST LIKE Buddy Jones in it. :)

My babies watching a little video on the computer...both lovin' those fingers!
Ahhh....the perks of having a big sister. :)
This was after church on Sunday.


blessdtwice said...

honey, you start wearing a Zumba flashback sweater and I will personally have to come to orlando and rip it off your body. that's how much I love you.

Amy and the Boys said...

I am totally a zumba fan! i'd go everyday of the week if that were possible. I definitely underestimated those older ladies; they put me to shame. Hope you guys are doing well (btw, nicolae likes heels too :) )

Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

Man, I so wish I did Zumba... it sounds so fun. You sell it so well!!!

Anna said...

Time to comment so that you won't think I'm stalking :) hehe. I love your imagery with the zumba moves! You crack me up, girl!

Jamie said...

you should get the sizzle shorts!! or a headband. so hip.

Rachel said...

Now I want to try some ZUMBA!! Wonder if they have that in Bham??
He does look like Buddy! Man I miss the Jones Family! :)

Kat Ben said...

I loved your story, honey. So full of life! It's time for you to get certified. It's a one day course. All it takes is gutts and that you enjoy yourself when you teach.

Kat Ben
Zumba Instrux in CA

ginny said...

I love it! Our Zumba classes were so full to begin with you had to go an hour before to get a #. It is getting a little better. As for the clothes, I started with the shoes for safety. But then the clothes were so cute and I got some on ebay and they give you an attitude that goes with the party we have in there.