Friday, May 29

Jones Vacation at St Augustine Part One: Rainy days

Let me start the telling of our fun adventures on the Jones Family Vakay with the fact that the first few days that were RAINY. Not just a shower here and there. But POURING, CATS AND DOGS, FLOODING STREETS RAIN. Guess what St. Augustine does not have? INDOOR ANYTHING. We googled and called and NOTHING. I mean not even a fast food play place. indoors! We were inside the house with my two crazies and sweet puppy Emory and all the adults....OH and I forgot to mention....the Dish/TV/Cable was out. AWESOME. (It was out half of our trip and one day the repair guy spent an entire day at the house in and out setting it up again. Maurine even made the man a sandwich! and Buddy made him some coffee!) So we played, ate hung out, took laps around the porch, played with Emory, had a tea party, got dressed and checked the clock...8:23 am. Great. Now what?

One day Daniel and I loaded up the kids to scout out St Augustine from the car in the rain. We also went to the beach IN THE RAIN determined to play. It was so windy and cold --and Isaac's lips were blue--so we had to cut the trip off and go home. :( Desperate I tell ya! I have to say that had this been an adult trip (sans kids) we would have gone to the movies, gone shopping, and maybe other enjoyable no kid activities. But alas, we do have them. So we hunkered down and survived the storm. Honestly with Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles helps tremendously.

One of the rainy days we had a girls shopping day. It was so fun at the outlets. We ate lunch and enjoyed trying on LOTS of clothes and shoes. I think we all bought at least one pair of shoes! :) BIG thanks to the boys for keeping the kids!

(below the boys headed to the beach with the kids while we shopped!)
Each night we all took turns cooking. We were assigned a night to prepare the dinner. It was great! Then no one was burdened with all the food/cooking and everyone prepared one FAB dinner. We ate very well! For lunches we would eat sandwiches or leftovers...every man for himself. It worked out very well.

There came a point in the rainy days that I knew things were getting bad. See pics below....

One night we all got around our lap top to watch something. HILARIOUS. Thankfully David had ESPN 360 and we all got to watch basketball playoffs with feed thru to the TV. I wasn't even that into them...but it was something to do! :) We also watched Ellen's stand up DVD...HILARIOUS.
Above is Aunt Eryn...eating breakfast with her purse! This is called being ready at all times for the sun to shine so she can hit the door!!! HA...we laughed at this. She was really trying to remind herself to get something from her purse...but this happened while were were noticing the pics I had to snap this shot too. :)

And then when I saw Mimimo reading the kids the phone book...I knew we had made it to a new level of boredom and exhausted ALL options. But it showed Mimimo's level of resourcefulness! I mean you know those people that "can sing the phone book"? Maurine can do that too...but also READ the phone book! I mean I gotta say, the kids were with her for quite some time. The details of Dan's Fan City (every city has one) and Cristie's Fencing were keeping their attention! THANK YOU MEEMS! (new shorter version of her name)

As I looked thru my pics I saw like 9 of these pics. :) Sarah and Emory napped together alot. :)

Above is the entire family humoring Daisy with a fun song of YMCA on my iPod. She had them dancing all thru her party CD that she loves. It was funny.

So the rain softened and we decided to brave the beach. We got there and it was so windy and then started pouring. One group went back. Daisy, Me, Sarah, Emory and Chris stayed a little longer hoping it would stop. NO SUCH LUCK. :(

Sarah, Isaac, David and Eryn.

Chris playing in the rain with Emory.

taking cover under the boardwalk.

When we returned...we were BEYOND drenched!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Jones Family Vacation: Sunshine. :)


Anna said...

Mom, you look great in these pics!

Allenfamilyadventure said...

OK Melanie, I'm coming out of blog stalking for a moment to comment. I'm Hannah's friend and I attended your parent's church in GA. I occasionally flip over to your blog to see what you guys are up to and I LOVED your St. Augustine photos. What a resourceful family!! I can SO picture Maurine reading the phone book. AWESOME! Your blog made me almost pee my pants, so thanks for the best laugh I've had all day.