Friday, May 29

Jones Vacation at St Augustine Part Two: First Night out with NO rain!

We had noticed a let up in the rain. And we all loaded up and headed in to the downtown historic area of St Augustine. It was the first 3 hour stent of NO rain in days. And we were all so happy!! We got there too late to tour the fort (closes at 5! seriously?? C'mon!) but we walked around it. It was so nice to be outside. We walked around the streets and the shops there. We at dinner at a little restaurant there. We had such a nice evening.

This was our family photo...taken by timer with the camera on a tree. :) We've laughed about this pic. One...that Sarah and Chris should be so proud of their daughter Jasmine, I mean Daisy. :) Two...that the Jones family met this neat couple, Dave and Eryn, on the trip and had a pic with them (they are so far away)...well that or I had B.O. and didn't know it. :) Three...that Dave and Eryn left me ALOT of room to run and pose in once I pressed the button...sheesh, how big do you think I am? :) And's the Maurine Show! We just all forgot to do our jazz hands. :) How can you know these things when the timer is taking the pic? :) But in all seriousness, I love this pic! :)

Of the 4 women in the above pic...which is most likely to get skin cancer? That would be me.

Isn't this a super cute pic of Dave and Eryn??
Notice above...Daisy...their biggest fan at the concert!


We ended it with a fun stop at this large wooden playground. The family all wound up gathered around the pipe/xylophone intstrument things. Daisy would dance while several Jones family members would step the plate and figure out some tune and play a song. I was not surprised at this skill they all have (including Eryn) but still amazed. I mean David and Eryn busted out "Under the Sea" I think! :) Daisy was giving orders for who would dance, sing, and so on. Once she gave us all roles....we were fulling participating in her demands...only to realise she had moved on to some other part of the playground and we were all still going strong!


Anna said...

Mel, that is hysterical! I love the pics!

Anonymous said...

How fun!! I know what a huge blessing it is to enjoy spending time with your in-laws! We are still praying for you guys!

ashley wyatt

Michael and Hannah said...

You are blessed with such a great family!

Jamie R. said...

I love your captions! They make me laugh out loud. Jasmine (I mean Daisy) is lookin good in those pants!