Tuesday, May 12

Long Boat Key, FL...HIGHLY recommended

Daniel and I got to GO AWAY!!! It was so wonderful!! We had planned to go to an Ortho conference in Boston. My mom was planning on keeping the kids while we were gone. Well, with the whole job thing falling apart...it was canceled. Then mom came up with this FAB idea...she would still come and we could use her Hilton points to go to the beach. We chose Long Boat Key, FL, just south of Tampa. WE LOVED IT. It was beautiful. It was great weather and not too busy (since it was May...school's still in). And it's a very residential area but with fun things to do not far away in Bradenton and Sarasota. We got to talk in the car uninterrupted, sleep late, eat meals that we wanted to, eat meals WHEN we wanted to, lay out, swim, and so on when ever WE wanted to. No naps or snacks to worry about. No potty breaks or diapers. THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!! :) We ate out all 3 nights and went to a 2 movies. (Enjoyed State of Play, Hated Ghosts of Girlfriends Past). We just enjoyed relaxing together. We needed some time to de-stress and be alone. (And I think Jeeg needed her grandkid time too. HA!)

collecting shells for Daisy (getting her ready for the beach with the Joneses!)

How cute is my husband??

Ahh, nothing like a People magazine while laying out. Am I right ladies?

So we had a little bit of drama while we were there. Daniel and I took off on a walk on Friday afternoon, fully enjoying our first full day at the beach. I was walking in the water a little bit, in up to my knees. When, on my way out of the water, I felt a big pain in the side of my left foot. I screamed and just thought "MAN... a crab just pinched the FIRE out of my foot! Sheesh!" Well, as I came outta the water...blood was gushing everywhere. And salt water feels terrible in a wound of any size. I couldn't tell where the blood was coming from or what the wound looked like. I sat down and Dan was trying to see too. He thought I had been stung by a jelly fish when I yelped in the water...but then the blood was not normal. SO...it started hurting really, really bad. As I was sitting in pain I felt like I was going to faint. We were on a walk and far from the hotel. Daniel and I were debating what we were going to do.

Mean while I redipped my foot in the ocean to see what the damage was (not the BEST idea I've ever had), it was a small puncture wound with blood pulsing out. Daniel started holding pressure on my foot while we elevated it. Then a sweet man and woman stopped to see what all the blood was about all over the sand and my hands. They were so kind and said it was probably a stingray. The man ran back to his condo to get us stuff (first aide, water,...). I tried to stand and walk and was lightheaded. I was going no where. I was also trying hard not to scream words that I couldn't take back. IT HURT SO BAD. So I look at Dan while he is holding pressure on this blood gusher and he begins to recline...NOW HE is getting light headed. HA! Aren't we quite the pair?

The man and woman that stopped to help us saw their daughter-in-law and called her over. And the 2 women were making small talk with us while the man had gone for supplies. I was trying my hardest to respond while being in pain and trying not to faint. Daniel just checked out...I mean I think the only thing he gave was a weak "yea" and that was it! I was saying things like, "no, we're not on our honeymoon. We've been married 8 years in June...(gasp!) THIS HURTS SO BAD." and "Aww, really? You were stung by a jellyfish once a few years back? AWW MAN, I MAY FAINT." Looking back on that we laughed pretty hard. Also, please realise I was in a swimsuit. One that I would not usually wear unless on a beach trip with just my husband. And here I find myself wallering on the beach in pain in front of total strangers. Great. That will also explain why you will not see pics of this adventure...even though they exist. YES, I brought my camera on the walk. :) Yes the people with us offered to take a pic (how did they know I was a camera addict? I didn't ask...they offered!) Anywho...eventually the daughter-in-law decided to go tell our cabana boy at the Hilton cause we remembered he had a 4 wheeler.

Soon the man returns. We wash it off with water, he gives me some water to drink. The Cabana/Umbrella boy comes. I load myself up on the 4 wheeler. Dan does the same and we head back. SO...he says, "We need to hurry. You probably got stung by a stingray. And if so you need to get your foot in some super hot water FAST." Apparently it helps to draw the poison/venom out of your wound before it travels up your leg causing pain. AWESOME.

SO...When we arrived there were Hilton people there with hot water, first aide, Advil, water to drink and an incident report to fill out. :) The water they brought me in a bucket was from the kitchen. The guy says, "It's not very hot, but it will do." AND HE WAS SMOKING CRACK. I dipped my foot in that water and it was scalding. They kept saying...you really need to put your foot in. Daniel tested it out...and couldnt keep his hand in it! I did my best to keep the side of my throbbing foot where the wound was in the water. But honestly I feared that I would have a scalding injury if I'd left it in or done my whole foot! Thankfully Dan felt it and could validate I was not crazy. It was so painful. We had to hang out under the little hut on the beach till I could walk to the room. It was terrible. While we were sitting there many workers or locals kept saying, "oh, you didn't shuffle your feet?" HOW WOULD I HAVE KNOWN THAT?? And should I run zig zag in the water from sharks? Sheesh!
(this water above is nasty with sand, dirt, blood, and so on. It was clear when they brought it to me!)

I have been limping since Friday. It's getting better each day. I am still pretty sore at the site and bruised on my foot. Honestly, I was worried for my Zumba career for a while there. :) But I seem to be on the mend.

boo hoo.

(try to ignore the foot and my desperate need for a Pediegg....and focus on the small dark line just a inch or so from my pinky. BELIEVE ME...it was killing me...this looks like a little scratch!)

Moral of this story? SHUFFLE YOUR STINKIN' FEET!!! Please, I beg you! :) My poor kids will never enter the beach again (at least till the memory of this pain fades) without water shoes on! I can't imagine how bad this would be if a kid was stung. The pain, the throbbing, the hot water treatment...ugh...nightmare with a kid! I know that stingrays are docile animals. I think I must have stepped on one without knowing it.

Here are my feet the next day (injured one on the left...hurt more than that little bandaide lets on).

For all you 24 fans...this above pic is Daniel being Tony Almeida ...hahaha!
Season finale next week!!

Daniel got a dessert at a great Spanish restaurant one night....mmmmm. Yes, it's on fire!

It was so fun to come home and see Mom and the kids. The house was clean, laundry done, dishes done, kids happy and fed. Isaac had fever while we were gone and mom handled it all. That's what helped make our trip so relaxing!! It was so sad to take her to the airport. We miss her so much! Thanks again Mom. You're the best. :)


Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

OMG, mel... I'm so sorry. Of course that would happen at the beginning of your and Dan's special weekend. I'm glad you had fun anyway. I guess we won't be getting in the water next weekend!!!

Jessica said...

That's so nice that you and Dan got to go away..isn't that the best! James and I get to go away for a long weekend TWICE in June. I can't wait...seems to be all I think about:)
Dude, that sucks about your foot! I can't imagine the pain! Glad you are doing better and btw...you look great :)

Laura said...

I'm so sorry you got stung by a sting ray! Only locals usually know about the shuffling of the feet trick!

We LOVE First Watch! We always go there for breakfast whenever we visit my parents...so good!

We'll be down again this summer while Kenneth does the BAR review class, and I hopefully fin a job. Maybe we can catch up before you all pack up and move out.

Take care,

ashley said...

ouch! sounds pretty painful. you're very entertaining though when you're telling it! still praying for a job. glad y'all had fun

Brittany said...

You lucky ducks! I'm sure you guys had an awesome time. Sorry about the foot trauma, I would've been crying like a baby! But, I'm sure you still managed to have fun. :) BTW you guys look like total cuties with your nice tans going on...watch out "Brangelina" here comes "Delanie"!!!

Sarah said...

Glad you and Dan got some alone time...you all needed it after all this job hunting stuff. Sorry to hear about the sting ray but good to hear that you got a new bathing suit and didn't have to take your momma suit. :) Give me an update soon on the job search!

Sandi said...

Oh, my -- quite a stingray story! I'm glad you guys had a great time otherwise!

Jesse Faris said...

1. The trip looked awesome (apart from the injury)! What a beautiful place!

2. Can I say that you are looking great? Because you are!!

3. OH man, I would have been SUCH a baby about the stingray--you are hard core! And now both you AND your husband have sustained injuries in the ocean--your lives are complete!

Michael and Hannah said...

You guys are so pretty! Glad you had a good trip... sorry 'bout the boo-boo!

Tesney said...

A stingray??? OMG, that is so crazy.

awalton said...

just so you know, i was stung by a sting ray a few years ago too and the life guard said grown men literally cry in pain and some compare it to child birth... i know it hurts! and putting in warm water was what i did too, but it wasn't scalding and it seemed to do the trick... i'm sorry the people at the Hilton didn't know how to check the temp! :) how nice to have a vacation with just you and your hubby though! sounds like ya'll had a good trip despite the stinky sting ray. :)