Monday, May 18

may update with pics

And the love for the lawn mower continues....(don't's not running.)Isaac loves this little stroller (Daisy has $7 I ever spent!) and has decided he wants to ride it in. He looks HILARIOUS in it.
Daisy pushes him around in it. Watching the wheels bend when they turn is too funny.
Below is my Orlando MOPS group that meets on the second Wednesday of the month. It was our last meeting. :( I will miss these moms!


So there are times when I can't pick up Isaac. So he has decided that Daisy will do! He goes to her and lifts up his hands. And sweet girl...she gives it her best shot. It cracks me up when he lifts his legs up (5 inches off the ground!) for her to hold him! HA!

Above is the "ha!...I got my way Mama!" look...

This is a weekly (sometimes more often) occurrence at our house...singing and dancing in the kitchen. I have my iPod dock in there and we rock out. It's so fun. For both of us I promise. Daisy loves to say, "Mama, may I be excused from the table to dance to this song?" :)

Ok...and finally...the stingray injury Part Deux. HA. So Thursday it started swelling and itching like CRAZY. Not really painful anymore...just itching!!! And it feels full like a balloon. And I am stepping on it. Here is it today. I went to the Dr...I am on antibiotics. Hopefully that will help.

(Prepare yourself! You know I am no stranger to putting terrible pics of me on my blog....this is no exception...they are ugly feet...but hey I will do almost anything to get sympathy for my wounds...even via the wide world web. :))

(this one above looks alien...but its a great angle on how big the side swelled!)

And now I am off to watch the 24 season finale!! WOO HOO!


Sarah said...

we went to the chatanooga aquarium this past weekend and i took a picture of a sting ray for you...i gave all the sting rays i saw a firm talking to about what their little friend did to you..ha! hope the anitbiotics work.
what do you think about the final 2 for american idol?

Jesse Faris said...

I'm so happy you're willing to post pictures of your foot injury on the web--I was all about showing off my blisters when I was training for the marathon! And I give you what you want: BLESS YOUR HEART--my feet itch just looking at it!

Pics of Daisy trying to pic up isaac are hee-larious.