Thursday, May 21

what else do you do on rainy vacation?

Post on your blog, of course! :)

Well, we went to Daisy's end of the year program. Each class just sang one song. Her class chose "A tooty-tah." It was pretty funny. They were the first class to go. Then we had about 45 more mins of controlling the Tornado (Isaac) in a pew. NOT going to happen. I wanted to leave too but was too embarrassed to walk down there to get her. A friend of mine who was there said "Why do you care? You may not even be here next year!" And I thought she made a great point. And so we went for it. :) So we jetted early...Dan made the walk of shame down to get her from sitting with her class in the front.

This pic below is a glimpse in to the maddness of parenthood: parent vs. parent. Do you see the shot I got of Daisy? I mean it was every mom for herself to get a good pic of her kid. Score? Me..Zero...other parents...One.

She did such a good job. She she looked like such a big girl up there. My little Daisy!

I had her parent/teacher conference earlier that day. Mrs. Rachdan said great things about Daisy. I was SO proud of her.


Anna said...

Cute! You're right. Parents do the nuttiest stuff... I know! I'm one of em!

Sarah said...

it's raining in orlando? will you write a post about what you think about the american idol finale? that would be awesome.

Burless Family said...

Oh, yes, tooty-tah! Katelyn's favorite song!! Very cute! We have her end of year performance tomorrow...hope it's not as crazy as yours with all the video taping parents!