Sunday, June 21

You knew this would happen....

LOVE the ruffles at the hips (hides the extra fat there).

Little brothers of big sisters really don't stand a chance. Scott didn't. And Isaac doesn't either. These particular pics originated from Daisy still LOVING to change clothes/play dress up all day long. This would be fine if the clothes taken off went back where they belong. But usually they don't. So Isaac, who also loves to dress up, try on ANYTHING he sees...picks up Daisy's clothes and hands them to me like, "Can you put this on me?" And you know this house will do anything for a on they go. :)

I must admit that Isaac was cracking us up in these outfits. One, that they are not huge on him (the 5T dress or the 4T princess swimsuit). Two, he was looking pretty cute. Daisy informed him as soon as he put on the dress, "ISAAC! This dress twirls! You can spin and it twirls!" So what did he do?...twirled. It was hilarious. We left these on him till we had to leave the house to go somewhere (hey, i do have limits. they may be more lax than yours...but they are there.).

So let me take this opportunity to tell a funny story on Scottie (my little brother). The details may not have complete accuracy as I have only heard this story told 1,000 times and even though I was there...can't remember it. Anywho, I was having a birthday party one year. I think I was turning 5 or 6 which would make Scott 3 or 4. I was opening my gifts at the table. I opened a make up kit with nail polish and maybe some jewelry accessories. Scott was watching over my shoulder and his comment about this gift was "NAIL POLISH??! LUCKY!" HA! Poor little brothers of big sisters. :) You would think today Scott would have turned out to be your average run of the mill Adam Lambert...but he is FAR from it (there Scott, I redeemed you).

Below are just some cute pics of the kids....

notice McQueen on the table.
sweet little chubby hand on his fav "KEEN" car
I love this pic (above) cause you can see his little lips making the car noise...

Dan making Isaac laugh at Cracker Barrel (LOVE THAT PLACE)
And above are the kids cracking up at Dan at home

Monday, June 15

Kid Funnies

Daisy Jones has been cracking me up lately.

When I picked her up from bible class yesterday she was very eager to tell me the story she learned in class. She picked up her art and started pointing to the 2 men. "Ok, Mom. SO...Joseph....he worked for Platypus...." I lost it. Platypus, Potiphar...close enough. :)

When we went to Naphtali's baby shower in Gainesville, Daisy was asking Jamie Russell what the cake was decorated like. This was at church before the shower. Jamie said, "Well, it has the word "baby" on it, with some ducks, rattles and some baby booties." Daisy looked confused and then chuckled to herself....and in a low voice she said, "heh heh, booties." Jamie and I laughed pretty hard. And when we caught our breath again, we did our best to explain that it was NOT decorated with a lot of small baby bottoms/ she imagined. But that "baby booties" were in fact small shoes that babies wear.

Yesterday on our way home from church Isaac was fussing in the back seat cause he dropped his blessed Lightning McQueen car. We were like 3 blocks from home. So I decided to use this short ride to (satisfy my laziness AND) teach him the lesson of when you drop things in the car, Mama can't always get them right away. He was NOT happy with that. He continued to cry. Daisy from the backseat says very calmly, "It's a hard knock life, Isaac." HA! Where has she heard that????? :)

She is always cracking us up with her vocab. She loves to use "speaking of...". "Mama, speaking of grapes, can I have a snack?" She has dropped hilarious, interesting, impressive, frustrating, random, prefer, ....and now none of those seem too impressive. But I guess it's the context in which she uses them. Next time I will come better prepared with examples.

She loves to sing at the TOP of her lungs in the car. No matter the key she is belting it out. I have to admit it's pretty awesome. :) Sometimes I wish I was still little and never learned to care about what others think of me.

A little on Isaac Boy Boy. He is talking more and more. It's nice. He busted out "-TOP! (stop)" the other night as I was singing to him before bed. No lie. (Maurine, I told you I can't sing. Atleast someone will tell me.) :) Then he pointed to his bed like, "sheesh lady...just put me outta my misery!" ha.

He pulls us where he wants us to go. He kept pulling Anna to play with him when we saw them in Tampa. He is saying many food words, some action, all our names. He says "bah-um" for bottom. "keen (for lightning mcqueen)" 1000 times a day. "Ah gum" for his Juice Plus gummies that he LOVES. Juice, milk, drink, -nack (snack), "Arsh" can be shoes or sheep-sheep that he sleeps with. Kinda crazy...but we cracked that code. :) It's just so nice cause he was such a LATE talker compared to Daisy. Now we can communicate better than only screaming and pointing.

Today he kept saying "Mama! Mama!" and I finally went in to the den where he was watching Cars. He looked up at me with a straight face, sucking the 2 fingers on his left hand and pointed at the couch seat next to him several times , like sit down here with me and watch this! :)

Man, I love my job. :)

Sunday, June 14

Caulley Cousins :)

Daniel's sister, Anna, and her family were down in Tampa visiting family. So we took Saturday and went to hang out! We had a great day of swimming, playing, Kung Fu Panda and catching up. It was so great to see Anna (and the belly!), Don, Jon David and Luke in person. I blog stalk them on a regular basis. But it was so good to see the blog come to life! :) The kids all played so well together. Well, until Isaac the ultimate little brother/cousin pest came around. Isaac's favorite toys are the very ones that others are playing with (imagine that!). Anywho...I am a little disappointed at my picture taking skills on this day. But I think Anna did a fab I will get hers when she posts them. No rush, Anna. :) Just kidding.

Ok, so here we have yet another group shot of the Joneses Family: Grandkid/Cousin Edition. I'd like to make a few comments about this one as well. One: as you can see Isaac is highly emotional about partaking in the pic. Two: Notice the well placed palm leaves behind sweet Lukes head. Ears? Spiky hair? Three: Albino Bob Marley made it in the pic on the far left. Pool hair, what can you do? Four: Any one remember the classic movie PollyAnna? Do Luke and JD slightly resemble the scene at the Bazaar (ba-zaaah if you are PollyAnna) where her and 3 friends dress up as the American flag and sing "America the Beautiful"? (The girls are all wearing a full piece covering of which with all 4 together makes the flag. The boys towels remind me of that. if you have never seen it never mind. Just know it's funny. ;) I have search google images and can't find a pic for you all. :()

Good times with the motorized car that worked best if Isaac pushed it for you. :)

Jon David looking very cool riding this bike!
Isaac in car heaven on the floor with Aunt Anna. (btw...whose legs look that fab when you are 7 months pregnant? HERS! my ankles are the size of my thighs by then! )

Below is a series of Dan throwing the kids in the pool....

Jon DavidLuke
Daisy (posing as an Angel...cracking me up that she is posing in MID AIR!)
Isaac, Isaac, Boy, Boy, Boy (or Co Co for short)

I love this pic of Luke. This pic doesn't show very well the inch of water in the bottom of the goggles...that Luke is totally unphased or bothered by.

Dan did a little "ride" for the kids in the boat...and emptied the pool in the process!

This was Isaac on the way there. He found these sunglasses in the toy bag we packed, placed them on UPSIDE DOWN and said, "MAMA! Coooo(cool)!" :) Notice the "thumbs up." HA!

Wednesday, June 10

Moving, Summer of CARS, and other things going on

We have been on a ROLLER COASTER of a ride in this job search. And even when we found one we have liked and hoped's been a crazy ride getting it all worked out and nailed down. BUT NOW T'S OFFICIAL! We are moving to Ocala, FL on June 27th. We have booked movers, rented a house, rented our house here in Orlando, and so on. Daniel has closed on the practice! Dr Jones is in business!!! How exciting and scary!! :)

Daniel went to get us boxes for moving. The pics above are testament to the JOYS of owning a small car with 2 mammoth car seats. (One day I will have a larger car people, one day. We just can't beat having no car payment. But I do look snazzy driving around all these mercedes and beamers with my busted out tail light honda...niiiiice. ;) ) Anywho...we are packing up the house. And by "we" I mean "me" since Dan has been super busy with solidifying the job.

Meanwhile, our house is box central. I started a while ago. I wasn't even sure where we were going when I started....but I was going to be packed when it happened. It's been more of a challenge with Isaac Co-Co (his silly nickname) around. He likes to unpack what I pack (you were right, Anna!). He is a mess. (He also likes to help throw things away...anything...who knows what we have lost due to this obsession!) I have most things packed that we don't use all the time.

But I would like to thank all of you who prayed for us and checked on us thru this madness. It has not been fun but we have survived (almost). And we praise God for getting us to the other side. Now we will need prayers on how in the world to run a business!

A small update on Isaac....the boy loves cars. He loves things with wheels (car, bus, tractors, trucks, lawnmowers!, bikes...) and things that make loud noises (engines, motors...). Isn't it nuts how built in some of this boy/girls stuff is? I resisted it for a while...but now I can't deny it. Lately he has been carrying around a red Lightening McQueen car from the movie Cars. He has 2 and they are with him most of the day. He calls them "Keen". And will say, "Mama!...Keen? (and put up his little chubby hands like "where is he?")." It's pretty sweet. He will see "Keen" while we are out in the craziest places and start calling it out. And sure enough, on some kids sippy cup across the store there is Lightning McQueen. So I was showing him trucks and cars on You Tube (thank you Kate for that's Isaac crack!)

Then in the search I found some clips from the movie Cars. He LOVED them. He kept shouting, "KEEN! KEEN!" So Dan and I decided the boy had to have the movie. And so now we are living the Summer of CARS. I mean they both LOVE it and are addicted to it. We have not had it week and they both ask for it all the time. And we have watch it a bazillion times. I have to say it's one of my fav disney movies. It only has one (not-very) scary part with Frank the combine harvester who comes after them while they are tractor tipping. I have to say the movie has only fanned Isaac's car love flame. I just wish they had a car movie that sang scripture songs or something. Then we'd really be in the money! (Anna, I feel like I am coming in to your life about 2 years ago when your boys really started loving Cars the movie. I am just beginning the journey!)


And what is summer with out popsicles?!

Other random happenings...

Daisy wanted her pic taken in front of the M&M store at the Florida Mall.

Isaac has been getting up in the morning like this...

We are not sure if he is hot or what...who knows. HA!

This pic below is 2 Sundays ago when we got to church and realized that Daisy had NO shoes on. We all forgot. And wouldn't you guess it was the ONE DAY in all the Sundays since we have started attending in November that they were going to the playground. She survived. When we picked her up she was wearing some dress up shoes on the playground. :)

And Daisy had a bug last week that made her so sick. She couldn't even keep water down. Poor baby. I took these pics of her in the Dr office cause she had lost some weight and looked so much older. Plus, even sick and with her hair a mess...I still thought her hair looked cute. How does she do it? I would LOVE her hair on my head. :)
she wants to kill me...

Saturday, June 6

isaac boogie boarding

Way to go Isaac! And please excuse my silly voice!

*Note the scream of not wanting to share or get off the boogie board at the end when Daisy wants to go next. :) I think he got that from me.

Thursday, June 4

Wrong Number

So as many of you know, Daniel and I had our cell phone numbers changed in JANUARY. The main reason for the change was so that patients could call Dan with a local number when he was on call. (Lotta good that is doing us now...) And since JANUARY I have been receiving calls for "Carmen."
At first I was cordial. "No, wrong number. This is a new cell number for me.......Nope, I don't know her (really? REALLY?! Who swaps cell numbers with friends??? 'Hey dude, bummer you're moving...can I have your cell number??" one.). I have no idea if she moved.....yes, if I hear, I will be sure to let you know...(never). Ok, (hahaha...fake laugh)...ok, bye."
Then I was getting a little put out. "Nope. Not her....Nope....ok...(click)."
Then I got really mad when one of the kinder times I answered a text saying "this is no longer Carmen and please make a note." And they texted back, "oh, ok. :) Are you male or female?"
It was cracking me up that all these people would attempt to hold a conversation with me seeking info. It has never once crossed my mind to question the one with the old number. I mean maybe at work or some other number...but not a cell! Ridiculous.
Then finally I am over it... "Wrong number (click)."
I was coming to realize that she must have skipped town and gone into the witness protection program. The girl told NO ONE where she was going or what she was doing. Not a soul. INSANE. I half way expect to get a call from a sobbing mother asking for her duaghter! To this day...THIS VERY DAY in JUNE I still get calls for her.
Am I on some TV show? Is this a joke? Is this Boiling Point (tv show where they would test stangers to see how long it would take for them to get really mad in a situation)? cause I am about to lose it.
Let me tell you why this is not beneficial for her. I have gathered so much info on this STRANGER it's NUTS. Keep these things in mind when you change your number...
1. She is a massage therapist. I get calls for wanting appointments.
2. She loves to party or her friends do...cause I get drunk calls in the night singing with a drunk voice "where in the world is Carmen (last name? hahahahahahahahahhah" Not funny.
3. I know her "test" at the dr for women was NORMAL.
4. I know she moved to Sarasota.
5. I know she got her prescriptions filled at Publix pharmacy.
6. I know she was in a car accident in March and still needs to make a statement to the insurance company about what happened.
7. I know she gives my number to guys she meets. Cause I got a call in April from a guy, looking for her, saying he just met her last night.
8. I get some CRAZY texts and they LOVE to text.
9. I know she had an appt to see a dr in April...2 pm at such-n-such Dr office located on the corner of blah blah.

Is this CRAZY?? I know this is cell phone karma getting me back for giving my entire email address book the wrong number (one digit off) when I got a new number 5 years ago. But I tried to correct it! Micah (the wrong numbers owner), I am sorry again, now more than ever for the trouble I caused you.
I guess this is part of the fun of keeping the same number when you change services and have the same number for FOREVER. It's a real a bear getting the old number.
Thankfully, we will change our number when we move. And happy to do so...and will follow it up with telling everyone the NEW number so not to cause others this heart ache. :)
But until then...and I am not making this up...I am still "Carmen C____" on caller ID with this cell number. Despite the 5 (no joke) times we have called to have it changed with T Mobile. It never works. So no one picks up my calls from home. Ugh.

(Daniel has a similar issue...he gets a text that he has "signed out of Yahoo Messenger" every night about 11ish. He is not on Yahoo. Ahh..."Wendy H_____." You are a class act as well.)

Monday, June 1

Jones Vacation at St Augustine Part 3: the rest of our trip :)

The beach house!

Uncle Chris greeting us as we came home from the pool. :)

below is Daisy swimming! She jumps off the side and swims to the wall by herself! I know she maybe shoulda done this sooner...but we are so proud of her!!

this is the view out our "back door" but the main one we came in and out of. Cool, huh?
Isaac and Emory swapped places. :)
Erin made Buddy some Chocolate croissants for his bday....that he shared with all of us. They were SOOOOOOO good. My mouth waters just telling you about them.
This beach was perfect for paddle ball! Daniel and David got up to 1000 hits...and then stopped counting. Amazing.
Uncle Chris let Daisy bury him in the sand. What a man! :)

Mimimo and Isaac on the beach.
above is isaacs first time with the water wings. I know, I know. Swim lessons. But he is a maniac in the water...he dunks his OWN head under. You can ask all the family who witnessed it. The water wings help me keep Mr Crazy Man from drowning.