Sunday, June 14

Caulley Cousins :)

Daniel's sister, Anna, and her family were down in Tampa visiting family. So we took Saturday and went to hang out! We had a great day of swimming, playing, Kung Fu Panda and catching up. It was so great to see Anna (and the belly!), Don, Jon David and Luke in person. I blog stalk them on a regular basis. But it was so good to see the blog come to life! :) The kids all played so well together. Well, until Isaac the ultimate little brother/cousin pest came around. Isaac's favorite toys are the very ones that others are playing with (imagine that!). Anywho...I am a little disappointed at my picture taking skills on this day. But I think Anna did a fab I will get hers when she posts them. No rush, Anna. :) Just kidding.

Ok, so here we have yet another group shot of the Joneses Family: Grandkid/Cousin Edition. I'd like to make a few comments about this one as well. One: as you can see Isaac is highly emotional about partaking in the pic. Two: Notice the well placed palm leaves behind sweet Lukes head. Ears? Spiky hair? Three: Albino Bob Marley made it in the pic on the far left. Pool hair, what can you do? Four: Any one remember the classic movie PollyAnna? Do Luke and JD slightly resemble the scene at the Bazaar (ba-zaaah if you are PollyAnna) where her and 3 friends dress up as the American flag and sing "America the Beautiful"? (The girls are all wearing a full piece covering of which with all 4 together makes the flag. The boys towels remind me of that. if you have never seen it never mind. Just know it's funny. ;) I have search google images and can't find a pic for you all. :()

Good times with the motorized car that worked best if Isaac pushed it for you. :)

Jon David looking very cool riding this bike!
Isaac in car heaven on the floor with Aunt Anna. (btw...whose legs look that fab when you are 7 months pregnant? HERS! my ankles are the size of my thighs by then! )

Below is a series of Dan throwing the kids in the pool....

Jon DavidLuke
Daisy (posing as an Angel...cracking me up that she is posing in MID AIR!)
Isaac, Isaac, Boy, Boy, Boy (or Co Co for short)

I love this pic of Luke. This pic doesn't show very well the inch of water in the bottom of the goggles...that Luke is totally unphased or bothered by.

Dan did a little "ride" for the kids in the boat...and emptied the pool in the process!

This was Isaac on the way there. He found these sunglasses in the toy bag we packed, placed them on UPSIDE DOWN and said, "MAMA! Coooo(cool)!" :) Notice the "thumbs up." HA!


Anna said...

It's hard to believe that this day is already blog history! It was so much fun. Any time you wanna comment about my legs like that, go ahead! I need all the pep talk I can get right now. You're sweet.
I think Isaac did GREAT!!! He is so precious. I was amazed at what a good boy he is. And Daisy and Luke playing together is heart warming... OK, startin' to sound like a blog post of my own. I'll save it. We love you guys. Hope to see you again REAL soon.

David & Eryn said...

Mel, David and I were CRACKING up at the "Bob Marley, peacock head, Polyanna flag, baby melt-down photo". You are hilarious!

Janelle said...

gosh, I already miss you. Lots. Good thing you're not going too far. And shoot, who loves road trips - Me!

Sarah said...

I'm just glad to FINALLY see a picture of Daisy where her hair looks like the rest of ours. :)
And, I totally see the resemeblence b/w the towels and the flag scene in Pollyanna (which was one of my favorites growing up, especially because I always wanted to eat the cakes they were selling at the bazaar.)

sonyagraykey said...

I want to eat Iz up in that last pic! Great post, Mel! I feel caught up on the vocab! :) Love to y'all.

Anonymous said...

Okay, is it me or in the pic where Daniel is throwing Isaac up in the pool, does Isaac's leg look like he has massive muscles?