Monday, June 1

Jones Vacation at St Augustine Part 3: the rest of our trip :)

The beach house!

Uncle Chris greeting us as we came home from the pool. :)

below is Daisy swimming! She jumps off the side and swims to the wall by herself! I know she maybe shoulda done this sooner...but we are so proud of her!!

this is the view out our "back door" but the main one we came in and out of. Cool, huh?
Isaac and Emory swapped places. :)
Erin made Buddy some Chocolate croissants for his bday....that he shared with all of us. They were SOOOOOOO good. My mouth waters just telling you about them.
This beach was perfect for paddle ball! Daniel and David got up to 1000 hits...and then stopped counting. Amazing.
Uncle Chris let Daisy bury him in the sand. What a man! :)

Mimimo and Isaac on the beach.
above is isaacs first time with the water wings. I know, I know. Swim lessons. But he is a maniac in the water...he dunks his OWN head under. You can ask all the family who witnessed it. The water wings help me keep Mr Crazy Man from drowning.

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Michael and Hannah said...

Looks like an amazing vacation! I love the pic of Isaac in the doggy cage!