Monday, June 15

Kid Funnies

Daisy Jones has been cracking me up lately.

When I picked her up from bible class yesterday she was very eager to tell me the story she learned in class. She picked up her art and started pointing to the 2 men. "Ok, Mom. SO...Joseph....he worked for Platypus...." I lost it. Platypus, Potiphar...close enough. :)

When we went to Naphtali's baby shower in Gainesville, Daisy was asking Jamie Russell what the cake was decorated like. This was at church before the shower. Jamie said, "Well, it has the word "baby" on it, with some ducks, rattles and some baby booties." Daisy looked confused and then chuckled to herself....and in a low voice she said, "heh heh, booties." Jamie and I laughed pretty hard. And when we caught our breath again, we did our best to explain that it was NOT decorated with a lot of small baby bottoms/ she imagined. But that "baby booties" were in fact small shoes that babies wear.

Yesterday on our way home from church Isaac was fussing in the back seat cause he dropped his blessed Lightning McQueen car. We were like 3 blocks from home. So I decided to use this short ride to (satisfy my laziness AND) teach him the lesson of when you drop things in the car, Mama can't always get them right away. He was NOT happy with that. He continued to cry. Daisy from the backseat says very calmly, "It's a hard knock life, Isaac." HA! Where has she heard that????? :)

She is always cracking us up with her vocab. She loves to use "speaking of...". "Mama, speaking of grapes, can I have a snack?" She has dropped hilarious, interesting, impressive, frustrating, random, prefer, ....and now none of those seem too impressive. But I guess it's the context in which she uses them. Next time I will come better prepared with examples.

She loves to sing at the TOP of her lungs in the car. No matter the key she is belting it out. I have to admit it's pretty awesome. :) Sometimes I wish I was still little and never learned to care about what others think of me.

A little on Isaac Boy Boy. He is talking more and more. It's nice. He busted out "-TOP! (stop)" the other night as I was singing to him before bed. No lie. (Maurine, I told you I can't sing. Atleast someone will tell me.) :) Then he pointed to his bed like, "sheesh lady...just put me outta my misery!" ha.

He pulls us where he wants us to go. He kept pulling Anna to play with him when we saw them in Tampa. He is saying many food words, some action, all our names. He says "bah-um" for bottom. "keen (for lightning mcqueen)" 1000 times a day. "Ah gum" for his Juice Plus gummies that he LOVES. Juice, milk, drink, -nack (snack), "Arsh" can be shoes or sheep-sheep that he sleeps with. Kinda crazy...but we cracked that code. :) It's just so nice cause he was such a LATE talker compared to Daisy. Now we can communicate better than only screaming and pointing.

Today he kept saying "Mama! Mama!" and I finally went in to the den where he was watching Cars. He looked up at me with a straight face, sucking the 2 fingers on his left hand and pointed at the couch seat next to him several times , like sit down here with me and watch this! :)

Man, I love my job. :)


Sarah said...

your kids are hilarious! i'm just so glad that i have been able to hang out with them in person and hope to do it again soon.

Sarah said...

So adorable. I am loving the new language stuff as it appears. Aurelia has started saying "I want it" all the time. Life is never dull with toddlers.

Jamie R. said...

heh heh heh, booties. that will never get old!

shelley said...

Don't feel bad about the singing. Kennedy was crying in Sunday school this week so i picked her up and started singing in her ear. She was getting more upset, so I told her if she would quit crying I would quit singing. She stopped immediately. You got to go with what works.