Wednesday, June 10

Moving, Summer of CARS, and other things going on

We have been on a ROLLER COASTER of a ride in this job search. And even when we found one we have liked and hoped's been a crazy ride getting it all worked out and nailed down. BUT NOW T'S OFFICIAL! We are moving to Ocala, FL on June 27th. We have booked movers, rented a house, rented our house here in Orlando, and so on. Daniel has closed on the practice! Dr Jones is in business!!! How exciting and scary!! :)

Daniel went to get us boxes for moving. The pics above are testament to the JOYS of owning a small car with 2 mammoth car seats. (One day I will have a larger car people, one day. We just can't beat having no car payment. But I do look snazzy driving around all these mercedes and beamers with my busted out tail light honda...niiiiice. ;) ) Anywho...we are packing up the house. And by "we" I mean "me" since Dan has been super busy with solidifying the job.

Meanwhile, our house is box central. I started a while ago. I wasn't even sure where we were going when I started....but I was going to be packed when it happened. It's been more of a challenge with Isaac Co-Co (his silly nickname) around. He likes to unpack what I pack (you were right, Anna!). He is a mess. (He also likes to help throw things away...anything...who knows what we have lost due to this obsession!) I have most things packed that we don't use all the time.

But I would like to thank all of you who prayed for us and checked on us thru this madness. It has not been fun but we have survived (almost). And we praise God for getting us to the other side. Now we will need prayers on how in the world to run a business!

A small update on Isaac....the boy loves cars. He loves things with wheels (car, bus, tractors, trucks, lawnmowers!, bikes...) and things that make loud noises (engines, motors...). Isn't it nuts how built in some of this boy/girls stuff is? I resisted it for a while...but now I can't deny it. Lately he has been carrying around a red Lightening McQueen car from the movie Cars. He has 2 and they are with him most of the day. He calls them "Keen". And will say, "Mama!...Keen? (and put up his little chubby hands like "where is he?")." It's pretty sweet. He will see "Keen" while we are out in the craziest places and start calling it out. And sure enough, on some kids sippy cup across the store there is Lightning McQueen. So I was showing him trucks and cars on You Tube (thank you Kate for that's Isaac crack!)

Then in the search I found some clips from the movie Cars. He LOVED them. He kept shouting, "KEEN! KEEN!" So Dan and I decided the boy had to have the movie. And so now we are living the Summer of CARS. I mean they both LOVE it and are addicted to it. We have not had it week and they both ask for it all the time. And we have watch it a bazillion times. I have to say it's one of my fav disney movies. It only has one (not-very) scary part with Frank the combine harvester who comes after them while they are tractor tipping. I have to say the movie has only fanned Isaac's car love flame. I just wish they had a car movie that sang scripture songs or something. Then we'd really be in the money! (Anna, I feel like I am coming in to your life about 2 years ago when your boys really started loving Cars the movie. I am just beginning the journey!)


And what is summer with out popsicles?!

Other random happenings...

Daisy wanted her pic taken in front of the M&M store at the Florida Mall.

Isaac has been getting up in the morning like this...

We are not sure if he is hot or what...who knows. HA!

This pic below is 2 Sundays ago when we got to church and realized that Daisy had NO shoes on. We all forgot. And wouldn't you guess it was the ONE DAY in all the Sundays since we have started attending in November that they were going to the playground. She survived. When we picked her up she was wearing some dress up shoes on the playground. :)

And Daisy had a bug last week that made her so sick. She couldn't even keep water down. Poor baby. I took these pics of her in the Dr office cause she had lost some weight and looked so much older. Plus, even sick and with her hair a mess...I still thought her hair looked cute. How does she do it? I would LOVE her hair on my head. :)
she wants to kill me...


Jessica said...

I'm so glad things are working out for you guys. Moving is tough, and even tougher with two kids! Tell Daniel congrats on the new practice and good luck to you guys! Isaac would love my boys playroom, every OTHER thing is Cars related too! Jackson even sings the songs, "Life is a Highway"....Sheryl Crow song, etc. when we have to watch that movie. I have to say, it's better than watching some of the others that we have! Hope Daisy is feeling better. And for the record, I'd take her hair in a heartbeat too! Take care :)

cheryl said...


I admit that I'm a blog stalker. I am related to you, sort of, so I think it's okay. I'm married to Mike Allen, your husband's distant cousin, AND I'm from Alabama, so I can't be too scary, right?

Anyway, I have a girl and a boy too (16 and 14 now). My son used to be obsessed with cars too. I wanted to give you an idea that might buy you some serious packing time. When Cal was Isaac's age, I used to put all of his cars in a big bin and set up a big piece of wood as a ramp from the couch to the floor. He would spend hours rolling all the cars down the ramp and lining them up. I included cars of every size. He would do this for hours.

Thanks for letting me read your blog! You're a great writer and your kids are adorable.

Brittany said...

Congratulations! That's awesome your husband is opening his own practice! I'm sure your not too excited about having to pack up your entire family again, but it will be well worth it. So, I have several things that I wanted to say, but I have already forgotten half of them...sad huh! Here are the ones I remember:

1) The story of you guys forgetting to put shoes on Daisy was HILARIOUS! That is so something I would do. I haven't forgotten to put on Addie's shoes YET, but I have sent her to school in a dress with NO undies! I'm sure the teachers loved me that day! :)

2) I totally agree about how boys and girls are programed differently. Having one of each just shows you how different their mindsets really are. Brayden just got his first car for his b-day and right when he opened it he knew exactly what to do. It was like he had been playing with them for years. I'm sure our car obsession days are right around the corner.

3)Daisy DID look so much older in that picture with her hair up. She's is so stinkin cute!

4)I'll keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers as your family enters into this new phase. I hope the packing, moving and new practice all go well.

Michael and Hannah said...

Awww, poor Dais. I'm so thrilled for y'all... but scheduling an official pity party for myself. I'm sure God has a purpose for keeping me severely distant from all things/people Harding... not sure what it is, but when I figure it out I'll write a book. But I'm so grateful that God has been to faithful to your sweet family. Another adventure! Can't wait to follow the fun on your blog.

Sarah said...

So excited to hear that things have worked out for Daniel's job....I guess since I can't have you here in Nashville we can at least still vacation near you! :) Oh, I remember the days of trying to pack with an almost two year old. One thing that helped is I gave him crayons to "label" the boxes. He had a good time with it. We also enjoy the world of youtube for construction videos along with elmo's world. Sorry to hear Daisy was sick. Jonas has been sick all week with a fever and finally found out it's his first ear infection. Can't wait to visit Ocala! Love you.

sonyagraykey said...

Mel, yea for the move! We'll be praying for a smooth transition. Also, do you remember when L. was I's age & threw away his ONE pair of sandals? Why do they go through those stages!? Poor Dooze. I hope she's gaining some weight back. She looks like she's 6 (with awesome hair). I think she's going to be your tall, thin, lovely that Daniel will be terrified to have around the boys. (Tell her that L. is growing as fast as he can!) Love y'all!

Anonymous said...

Mel what happened to Jasper,AL? I just knew you guys would be jumping in your car to come here. Just kidding. I'm glad things are working out for you. God will bless you I know. Do you carry your camera in your purse at all times? Poor Daisy, I would've killed you too. Be careful and good look. I will continue to keep up with the Joneses. Love, Kristy Cox

Julie said...

I am so glad Daniel found a job in a location that y'all are excited about. Good luck with the transition. We will be praying that everything goes well.

Baby Hayden's Blog said...

I am so happy for you guys!!! I hope the transition will be as smooth as possible.