Thursday, June 4

Wrong Number

So as many of you know, Daniel and I had our cell phone numbers changed in JANUARY. The main reason for the change was so that patients could call Dan with a local number when he was on call. (Lotta good that is doing us now...) And since JANUARY I have been receiving calls for "Carmen."
At first I was cordial. "No, wrong number. This is a new cell number for me.......Nope, I don't know her (really? REALLY?! Who swaps cell numbers with friends??? 'Hey dude, bummer you're moving...can I have your cell number??" one.). I have no idea if she moved.....yes, if I hear, I will be sure to let you know...(never). Ok, (hahaha...fake laugh)...ok, bye."
Then I was getting a little put out. "Nope. Not her....Nope....ok...(click)."
Then I got really mad when one of the kinder times I answered a text saying "this is no longer Carmen and please make a note." And they texted back, "oh, ok. :) Are you male or female?"
It was cracking me up that all these people would attempt to hold a conversation with me seeking info. It has never once crossed my mind to question the one with the old number. I mean maybe at work or some other number...but not a cell! Ridiculous.
Then finally I am over it... "Wrong number (click)."
I was coming to realize that she must have skipped town and gone into the witness protection program. The girl told NO ONE where she was going or what she was doing. Not a soul. INSANE. I half way expect to get a call from a sobbing mother asking for her duaghter! To this day...THIS VERY DAY in JUNE I still get calls for her.
Am I on some TV show? Is this a joke? Is this Boiling Point (tv show where they would test stangers to see how long it would take for them to get really mad in a situation)? cause I am about to lose it.
Let me tell you why this is not beneficial for her. I have gathered so much info on this STRANGER it's NUTS. Keep these things in mind when you change your number...
1. She is a massage therapist. I get calls for wanting appointments.
2. She loves to party or her friends do...cause I get drunk calls in the night singing with a drunk voice "where in the world is Carmen (last name? hahahahahahahahahhah" Not funny.
3. I know her "test" at the dr for women was NORMAL.
4. I know she moved to Sarasota.
5. I know she got her prescriptions filled at Publix pharmacy.
6. I know she was in a car accident in March and still needs to make a statement to the insurance company about what happened.
7. I know she gives my number to guys she meets. Cause I got a call in April from a guy, looking for her, saying he just met her last night.
8. I get some CRAZY texts and they LOVE to text.
9. I know she had an appt to see a dr in April...2 pm at such-n-such Dr office located on the corner of blah blah.

Is this CRAZY?? I know this is cell phone karma getting me back for giving my entire email address book the wrong number (one digit off) when I got a new number 5 years ago. But I tried to correct it! Micah (the wrong numbers owner), I am sorry again, now more than ever for the trouble I caused you.
I guess this is part of the fun of keeping the same number when you change services and have the same number for FOREVER. It's a real a bear getting the old number.
Thankfully, we will change our number when we move. And happy to do so...and will follow it up with telling everyone the NEW number so not to cause others this heart ache. :)
But until then...and I am not making this up...I am still "Carmen C____" on caller ID with this cell number. Despite the 5 (no joke) times we have called to have it changed with T Mobile. It never works. So no one picks up my calls from home. Ugh.

(Daniel has a similar issue...he gets a text that he has "signed out of Yahoo Messenger" every night about 11ish. He is not on Yahoo. Ahh..."Wendy H_____." You are a class act as well.)


Sarah said...

Okay, so I am piecing her life together...she was in a car wreck where she sustained a brain injury. Her car wreck was in Sarasota and so she moved there b/c she really likes the therapists who are helping her recover(that's why she moved). She's still giving out her old phone number b/c she has poor short term memory to remind her what her new number is and to give it to her new and OLD friends. This is the best scenerio I can come up with for now. :) Just so you know, it comes up as Melanie on my cell phone when you I will answer. :)

Jesse Faris said...

I feel your pain, friend. I changed my phone number last November and two beyond-annoying things have consistently happened since then:

1. My friends call my old number. Which just causes your problem for the bearer of my new number, whom I happen to know because the number was for work and she took over my position. Poor girl gets at least one text message for me daily on her work phone. In the meantime, my friends (all notified of the new number) are oblivious and think I am ignoring them.

2. From February to April for about 7 times a day at all hours (including 3am and such), a man would call me, using two phone numbers--one from Yemen and one from Jordan. If I let it go to voicemail, he would leave a five minute message in which he was not speaking English. If I picked up and tried to tell him he had the wrong number, he only called back with increasing fervor in following minutes. My friends from AT&T told me the only way to solve this problem was to change my number.

And start the problem all over again? No thanks. Blurg.

Lark said...

Mel. I feel your pain. Apparently our number used to be the local number for American General Insurance. We get all kinds of calls from people looking for whoever in the office, old people who want to speak to someone about their policy, and soliciters who are trying to get me to buy advertising for my business.

I've had people ask if I know the new number (no.) and if I'm SURE the number is not the same (pretty sure!).

Glad that you'll be able to change your number soon! We've lived here for 7 years and I got a call today about it :o(

sonyagraykey said...

haa, haa! Cell phone karma, huh? You are too funny as usual! I wish we were closer & I could field some of those calls for you. :) BTW, don't you EVER feel bad about my schedule vs. yours. Remember...I neva' see my fam, go to MOPS (bc it's an hour away), or vaca w my my children still go down way later than yours...I hardly have an hour without them...& when I do it's to catch up on dishes or eat a bowl of cereal. You have lots of super scheduling/parenting things going on!! I envy so much about "the mommy life of Mel..." :) (but no lugging around two giant giant is enough for me!)

Anna said...

Massage therapist, huh?

Anna said...


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Bellamarin said...

oh Mel when you said it was T-Mobile I finally understood! I spent too many years working there but you should have changed that number long long ago. Although it seems to be very entertaining!

Sandi said...

This is too funny.

Apparently our phone number is similar to some fax machine in town because we get fax calls at least once every couple of weeks. And once they start, they come every 3 minutes for at least an hour that day. Until they figure out it isn't going through, I guess.