Thursday, July 16


these first 4 pics are 2 years ago. This is my Grandmo and Granddaddy Cagle.

These 2 pics (above and below) are the day of funeral. The top one is for you Jess. ;)

My Dad (youngest), Granddaddy Cagle, Deborah (oldest child) and Donna (2nd child)

My Grandmo (Dad's mom) passed away last week. She struggled with Alheizmers for a long time. My granddaddy took amazing care of her all thru her disease progression.

They have always lived in Decatur, AL. They had been married 65 years. Grandmo's funeral was a wonderful testimony of her life in the Lord. We remembered her fabulous cooking (homemade bread, pecan pies, sweet tea, biscuits, fried ocra name a few), her laugh, the way she answered the phone (heeeel--llo?), her love for playing cards, her hate for losing, her always painted nails, the dollar she would give us at the Dollar Store in the mall, the spearamint gum we got to chew during many great memories.

It was hard to watch sweet Granddaddy be so sad letting her go. He bent down and kissed her twice before closing the casket. I can't fathom what it must be like to lose a spouse after 65 years.

But they were such an amazing example of a marriage centered in the Lord. Thank you Grandmo and Granddaddy.


Christopher and Sarah Nicholson said...

I'm so sorry, Mel. She sounds like a very sweet woman. It seems incredible for your grandfather to lose her after her being at his side for so long, but what a blessing to have had so many years together!

sonyagraykey said...

So sweet, Mel. It's beautiful to remember our loved ones like that. My dad's mom had the same disease & it was nice to talk about her when she was really there with know? Your G'daddy must be the sweetest man. Is he going to stay in his house? He seemed to be getting along well when we met him, but that was over a year ago...

Michael and Hannah said...

I teared up at the image of your granddaddy saying good-bye. How lucky you have been to have them in your life! No wonder you have such a great marriage. I know you're looking forward to seeing one more person in Heaven!

Dena O'Malley said...

Mel... I am so sorry to hear of your families loss. I can tell you will miss her terribly, but how wonderful to know she has finally arrived to such a wonderful place in heaven. It makes my heart ache to think of the loss your grandfather must feel. My thoughts and prayers will be with him and the rest of your family. But what a beautiful testament of love.

We have missed you dearly in Orlando. It does not feel the same since you left and I don't think it will ever feel the same, honestly!!! You should know that you are dearly missed by all of us. It seems like there is a lot less laughter lately... I really miss that the most!

I hope you are feeling better and you can always let us know if you need anything at all. Hang in there!!