Wednesday, July 8

The Move to Ocala

hello family and friends. We have officially left Orlando and reside in Ocala. :) We moved on June 27th. We had so much help along the way. Daniel has been in Ocala full time for 2 weeks. That leaves me and kids to pack the house. As you can imagine...the kids weren't very helpful. :) I had started packing long ago. I had many of my wonderful MOPS friends bring me dinner 2 times a week for the WHOLE month of June. How amazing was that? It was so helpful. I also had several playgroups and friends come over to help pass the day. When Daniel is not around the days are all the same. Nothing really changes. No one comes home at night, we don't have a day off gets boring. Especially now that Daisy is out of school. :) When the time got closer to the move, we had Shelley and Jen Russell come and help us pack and keep the kids from unpacking. Jen even went up in our attic to pull things out to move. What a friend! :) Then Aunt Judy and my mom came before the move too. They packed, they cleaned, the kept the kids was awesome. I really really needed the help! :) Saturday morning the movers showed up (AAA Insta-move to be exact. Hey, they were cheap. And thankfully not much was broken...and nothing stollen.) The move went smoothly and it was a long hard day. Mom, Judy, and Dan worked HARD unpacking and so on. I was not sleeping well so I was tired and not feeling well. They pulled thru in a MAJOR way. The kids enjoyed running a muck and unpacking whatever they could get their little paws on. Then 3 days later mom, the kids and I loaded up and flew to AR for the rest of the week. Stay tuned for those details. :)

The pics below are not in order. I am being lazy and can't find my cordless mouse. So out of order it is. :)
I had about 8 boxes labeled this way (above). Its inevitable that at the very end of getting out of a house you have some "catch all" boxes or crap boxes. They are so random...and many times hold things of importance that you were using till the very end. It took me DAYS to find my salt and pepper shakers. Sheesh.

Thought this was a funny basket...clock, shower curtain, toy bin, and some clothes underneath. BTW...why are clocks ALWAYS on 10:10 in pictures? I didn't do this on purpose...but if you look at clock/watch ads you will see what I mean! :)
Out of order--this is Dan and I in front of his new office!! :) WOO HOO! Dan is the MAN!
Back to the move: this is Isaac eating a sandwich that was not finished at lunch...that sat on the table...till 5 when he decided to eat it. Niiiiice.
The move mess in our living/dining area.

This was my last MNO with my Orlando MOPS friend. Cathy, Cheri, Dena, Kristin, Deb, Jayme, and Heather @ CPK. I miss you gals!!!
me and jayme
cheri and dena
this is the sign that was up in Daniel's office on his first day! His staff is so sweet.

SO I know I am way behind. I will be better about keeping you all posted.


sonyagraykey said...

Aw, honey pie! Don't you worry about being "way behind!" Glad to hear y'all made it through (yet another) move. I LOVE the label "crap" on your boxes. Yes, so many of those last min. boxes could be labeled that way! Love you & miss you, Mel! Call me sometime when you are bored...we'll be in the U.S. for another month & a half!

Tesney said...

Glad for you that the move is OVER! Hope you get settled into life in Ocala easily! OK, here's a funny...I spent about 5 min trying to figure out which was you in that MOPS pic and you aren't even in it! I mean, I was STRAINING my eyes to make the girl in the headband you...I'm such an idiot. The pic was small b/c I had the screen minimized. I finally scrolled down and realized you aren't in the pic. DUH!

Sheena White said...

Congrats on Dan's new job!!! That is great. I know you are glad the move is over! I enjoy your blog so much. I decided today to quit being a blog stoker and actually leave you a message. :)


Sarah said...

Glad to hear you all are moved and getting settled. Wish I could have been there to help you but it sounds like you were taken care of by dear friends and family. Can't wait to see pics of the new place in Ocala. Hope Dan is enjoying the new job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel: Always remember the "mess" can wait. You just need to concentrate on getting better(hopefully doesn't take 9 months) don't mow grass again this season, no golf till cardiologist turns you loose, don't lift anything over 5 lbs, no going up/down stairs, no gym, follow cardiac diet-no more ooowey,goowey good stuff, absolutely no sex, oh wait a minute; those were my instructions. Okay just LAY down and rest! Nurse Betty left this am but now I have Nurse Meany Pot! I want Nurse Betty back! I'm just glad I dodged the bullet this time. Hey, take care & sorry about your Grandma. I have alot of memories about her. Love, Cindy

Jessica said...

You need to stop leaving comments on people's blogs at 2:19 in the morning. You should be sleeping!!

Hi Mel:
I wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother too. She was such a sweet lady and I have memories of playing at your grandparents house when we were kids. She's finally at peace and maybe she's hanging out with my grandaddy :)
Love ya and "congrats"