Wednesday, July 15

These are the handles all around our house...that Isaac adores cause NO door stands in his way! Not the front, not the back, not the pantry...nada. We got these locks for the doors to outside. Still not sure what to do about the pantry. He helps himself most days.

the rental house!

So we are adjusting to life in a new place. There are perks to being in a smaller town.

We don't live far from anything. And we don't live far from the country...which I never thought of being a perk. But I remember loving that about Searcy. We were never a far drive from camping or outdoor activities. But now I can see how we will really enjoy it. :)

We only dial 7 digits to call places in town! No area code...and I keep forgetting.

This town is quite friendly. And it's true...everyone knows everyone...or at least their brother/aunt/dentist/or bank teller. It's nuts. I was trying to get into a dr here. And they said they couldn't get me in till November. When I emailed the girl here who suggested this Dr for another recommendation she emailed me back with this comment, "Hey. That is not right. I just talked to his wife and she is going to call the office. I will let you know when you can call back for your appt. - Jeanna." ( is a treat for all you who read my text and not just scan the was an OB to be exact. Yes, we are. Yes, it was a surprise amid all the craziness in our lives. Yes, we know how it happened and accept full responsibility for our actions. :) I am 9 weeks and sick as a DOG. Please no comments yet unless on private email...more details to come. :)) Isn't tht crazy? I already have the hook up! WOO HOO! Anywho...And soon, we too will be in that big web.

Everyone here is so friendly. It is true that I have encountered one or two who weren't. But in general, they really are! We have been amazed at the difference. I think in a big city people have to deal with so many people that they are already ticked off when they get to work. :) In the few weeks we have been here, it seems they are just friendlier here in general. But I will keep you posted. :)

And (Sonya and Nate brace yourselves...) I am kinda bummed cause Marion Co does not do recycling pick up. You have to collect it in your own container and then take it to a drop off area. I have to admit this really KILLS my motivation. I am cringing each time I drop glass, plastic or paste board in the trash. But soon I am going to get collection containers ON MY OWN and do it. I promise! Now I am just too informed not to. :) I'd like to thank Sonya Key, Nate Mitten and the kind folks at Tanglewood who made me keep a blue recycle container in my apt reguardless of if I used it since it was UF property. They have created an earth loving monster outta me. And I love to recycle. I even use the Publix reusable shopping bags (when I remember them.) Do I rinse out my plastic baggies for re-use yet? No, babies steps people. Baby steps.

I have enjoyed having a HOBBY LOBBY in town. THE BEST CRAFT STORE EVER. Ocala also offers Michaels (a good one...newly re-done!) and a Joanne's. Am I in heaven?? Only if all my family lived IN Hobby Lobby. Then I would surely die of happiness. :)

Speaking of Michaels...we were on our way there today and saw a funny sight. We were at a light. And crossing the street was an old man, on a HoverRound/Little Rascal (old/large person scooter), with nothin' on but shorts and oxygen! HA! I said out loud in the car, "Atta boy." Cause you know what? If he wants to get a little sun while heading the to the corner mart, who's gonna stop him? And who says a little O2 tank is gonna hinder him from getting out sans a car? No one. You go man. Atta boy.

It has been raining a lot here. That's typical FL summer...but it seems more often. Maybe cause I am not very busy. :)

Daisy and Isaac are doing well. Daisy's favorite thing to say these days is "Mom, I have to go to my room. Watch this Barbie/set of dishes/sippie cup/Dora so Isaac doesn't get it!" I mean 1000 times a day. Isaac is the master instigator and does take things and run often. But it's a bit of an over reaction.
I want to write more...but I am tired. I am way behind on posts. I will catch up...someday.


Anna said...

Mel, love the house!!!! It looks incredible! :) Glad you are liking the small town thang. But, you gotta admit, I still gotcha beat w/the blue grass band in the deli dept. :)

Jamie R. said...

a. No recycling in Montgomery either :( I have to bag up my stuff and take it all downtown. But I do it! Because I love mother earth. :)
b. Hobby Lobby is the absolute best store ever. Adam does not allow me to go in with my wallet because I will inevitably buy way too much stuff that is all completely "necessary."
c. One of Jennifer's life goals is to own a HoverRound. Not when she's old... right now.

David & Eryn said...

believe it or not we didn't have recycling pick up in Fort Collins (most hippie place on earth makes you take your recycling to one place in the whole town!) so I bought one of those three drawer plastic things from big lots (the kind on wheels)-with the pop-on wheels). they have three and five drawer ones that were big enough for two weeks worth of recycling- maybe one week of yours :)

Jessica said...


Glad you guys have settled in. That's a great pic above. And a very sweet post about your Grandmo :) I'm pretty sure my Grandmother answers the phone the same way!

I'm an avid recycler too...only because it gets picked up at our house, I'm sure. I've been known to dig through the trash after Lana or James decided NOT to recycle.

ps. You're a very brave woman

ashley said...

i agree with eryn - we don't have recycling either and the 3 drawer thing has been great. makes it so much easier when you take it to the place. you don't have to separate it cause it's already done! praying for your fam and loved reading the sweet post about your grandmo.

Dallas said...

ummmmm...i don't know your email address but would email you if i did.

i love reading what you write, you always make me laugh a little. one of elyn's (my almost 2 yr old) favorite things to do is to take something of nora's (my 3.5 yr old) and run away laughing. it frustrates nora and makes me laugh...until nora starts screaming. sigh.

amber said...

The house looks awesome! I'm loving the big front door. :) Glad you are already liking Ocala.

Hopefully in a few more weeks you'll get to feeling better!!

Danielle_Wright said...

Love the House... and I love you. I cant fathom living in a small town. I did cartersville and it about killed me. Kate is 1 now and her favorite thing to do right now is bully sophie (she is 2 now). It seems like soph would have something on her, but kate is as big as she is and has a little more booty to throw around. Sorry to hear about gradmo, i'll pass that news on to mom cause i'm not sure she kow that. love you

Sarah said...

The rental is beautiful. Maybe we can make it down to see it in person, soon. I'm glad to hear that you are down with the recycling, now. We greenies have taken you over - Mwahahaha.

Welcome to small-town living. I'm a product of a town a bit smaller than Ocala and I turned out OK. (I think!) There can be some really great things about it, as you are discovering. Also, you are not far from bigger places with cool stuff to do, so no worries.

Bellamarin said...

:) miss ya girlie I jave a great friend in Ocala you have prob already met her! But for real she is in MOPS there so I hope you are planning on going. SO good to read on here again and that things are great for you guys. Feel better soon and give the kids a kiss for me.