Sunday, August 30

Starting School

Last week Daisy and Isaac started preschool at Loving Care (at Maricamp Rd C of C). Daisy will be in Ms. Pam's 4 year old class on Tues, Wed, Thurs (I know she could go more...but she has the next 13 years for that...NOT YET! I can't let her go more...I would miss her!). Isaac is only going Tuesday mornings for now (hey, they are what I do! I already miss Daisy 3 mornings a week! Plus Isaac and I need some alone time before "the permanent company" arrives in Feb. And I have enjoyed focusing on him and doing what he wants. I couldn't believe how much he was talking...and I had been missing it! HA!) He's in Ms. Danielle's 2 year old class. I hope there will be a spot for him to bump up to 2 mornings a week in Jan. Daisy was SO excited... so Isaac hopped right on board with that and was running around the house the morning of the first day yelling, "SKOOOO! Skooo!"...having NO clue what that meant. He loves his Cars "bak-kak" (backpack...actually a lunch bag). :) Daisy was excited about everything...but mostly about her new clothes. :) She wore the outfit above...but you can't see her cute purple flats with a butterfly on them from Old Navy. She was so excited she ran to get ready before Dan left for work so he could see her outfit. :) Both kids did WONDERFULLY on the first day. When we went...they both walked right in, waved bye-bye and that was it!

Now the prep was sort of a challenge. Daisy's "school supply list" was about 7 items long, not too bad. Isaacs was long and cost me almost 100 dollars (and had to go to several stores!)! Really??? For one day? But I did it cause I didn't wanna be "that mom." :) I mean the first day I was bringing in a large Hobby Lobby bag FULL of his stuff and a jumbo box of diapers in the other. I felt silly till I saw fellow parents of his classmates. The list had items like "Ziplocks: all 3 sizes, Aleens Tacky glue, colorful pipecleaners, ..." I got it all!

So on Meet Your Teacher day which was the week before the kids and I went in to check things out. Both teachers and assistants were very nice. I learned a few things that made me SO happy about this school (other than I really really like their teachers!):

--They eat lunch at school! WOO HOO! Love that. I pick them up at 12. It will be so nice to pick them up and run an errand or 2 before naps!
--They do want you to bring them in for drop off...BUT FOR PICK UP...they bring them out to your car!!! and buckle them in! I don't even get out! Awesome. I never had that at either of the schools Daisy attended before. ROCK ON.
--Daisy and Isaac are both at school on Tuesdays. If I want them to stay for "extended day" (which just means to pick them up at 1:30 instead of 12) then it's only $10 extra..... TOTAL for both of them to stay that day! SIGN US UP. :) So I went in to help out at Dan's office on Tuesday morning. And then Daniel and I had a quick lunch together. It was really nice.

When I dropped them off it was a very bittersweet feeling. I wanted to cry, but I was too excited. HA. No really, it was hard. It's hard to realize that my kids are growing up! It was a LONG summer of moving and feeling nauseated. So it was a welcomed change in some ways. It also made me realize that Daisy needs the socialization. She loves it! And it's a nice break for me. But it was still sad to not be with them (esp Daisy) those days. (Understand this feeling is in NO way strong enough to solicit looking into home schooling. That would not be healthy or safe for me or my children. Unless there is a HUGE need for it in the future, it's not for our family.) Daisy was concerned for me the first morning, "Mom, I'm sorry we are all leaving you at home. What will you do with out us? Will you be lonely?" I was smiling...and Daniel yelled out a "yeah right" from the other room. I reassured her I would be ok but that I would be very excited to pick her up when school was over.

We are already at the stage of "I don't wanna be/am not gonna be your friend" with Daisy. She doesn't say it (yet) but it's been said to her. Daisy said, "She said that to me and it hurt my feelings. I mean I was also a little embarrassed." My heart was literally shattering in my chest...I hate kids. Hahaha....Makes me wanna "yank a knot" in the little brats head who said it. And Uncle Scott has a zero tolerance policy for this someone will "take care" of this. But I know she has to go through it all eventually.

Overall I am very excited about Loving Care Preschool!

Thursday, August 27

FAB NEWS for Bloggers!!!

Have I got some great news for you all! This is especially fab for those of you who blog to keep memories. I have made 2 other blog books thru I liked those. But they took me MONTHS to complete. So since having 2 kids I had started on my third blog book...but it slows down my computer, was taking LOTS of time and I just couldn't seem to find that time. I resigned myself to praying for a better way! I told Daniel a bazillion times I just want someone to take my blog and print it out...just as it is. No page arranging, no pic upload...just print it." We live in a world basically run by technology. I just kept thinking, "COME ON SOMEONE COMPUTER SAVVY! COME UP WITH A BETTER (EASIER) WAY FOR ME!"

Well, someone did! I just decided to Google "blog book" one random day. This was the first site I clicked on. It's call Blog2print. It asked for my blog I put it in. I had to scale down some of it (only by selecting dates) since they can only upload so many pics (and I have tons on my blog). So I did one year from where my last book ended (from Isaac's birth to his first bday). And in a matter of minutes I had a whole book on my screen to review/edit to my liking...including: a cute cover I chose, table of contents (of each post!), each post in order just as I wrote it, all the pics (I will admit they are not all exactly where I put them but very close), and...get this...all the comments too!!! SHUT UP!!! PERFECT!!!

I chose a hard cover with a cute tree print. And when I got it in the mail I was freaking out cause it was so easy and EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED. The whole online process took me 15 mins. I didn't linger and make many changes. I just basically printed it. The pic quality was great and I feel like THIS is what a blog book is supposed to look like!

NOW, having said that....I paid a pretty penny. I did choose hard cover, costing more. BUT to me these are my precious memories and pics IN MY HANDS!! No lie, if my house catches fire I will grab my family and then this book. :) It was $122. DON'T FREAK saved me ALL THOSE HOURS of work on the computer, the frustration of watching my computer freeze, and was the exact form I was wanting. The other books I made were at least $65 each and took much more effort. The smaller pics on the blurb books were ok, kinda dark and not clear (to fix that, you can upload replacement pics of larger size...but again...takes LOTS of time!). Not the case with this book.

I couldn't be happier with it. I can't wait to make another one for the last year that I need to catch up on. This also really alleviates the "pressure" to scrapbook every event...which obviously is not happening. :) But now I know it's all somewhere and so is the story that accompanies them. Now I can scrapbook things I want to and enjoy it, feeling no pressure to slap stuff in there and git-er-dun. :) There are a couple things I could have tweeked on this book...but didn't. I was even contemplating getting extra copies for each child so they could have their own "textbook" of what life was like day to day when they were little. :)

Enough is it. You'd think I'd take time to really "woo" you with good pics. Sorry they are blurry. These days you gotta take what you can get. :)

Look how thick this thing is! Awesome! Hope you all love your blog books as much as I do! :)

Wednesday, August 26

Isaac at 2

Oh sweet baby boy Isaac...who is not a baby anymore! I guess he hasn't been for a while. But he still was in my mind...till TWO.

Man, it just seems so big. He is in 3T shirts and pants. He weighs 34 lbs and 36 inches. He is off the growth chart for weight and barely still on it (99%) on for height. We grow MAMMOTH children. How DO we do it?

He is the most sweet precious baby boy ever...just ask him Mama. She is not biased at all! :) He is busy, busy. Always going at top speed, he is into everything. Constantly touching, opening, closing, turning on lights, losing his cars (whew...) and loves to ride his McQueen bike (big wheel plastic tricycle thing). His feet don't reach the peddles yet. But he sits up straight, holding tight to the handle bars and gets around Fred Flinstone style. He reminds me of what a duck may look from underwater while swimming on the water. It's funny. And no matter the amount of boo-boo's on his toes he keeps going! But later he is sure to milk those wounds for all they are worth...reminding me about every 3o mins, "Mama, Boo-boo!" Today he was walking around the house BLEEDING...I noticed a trail of blood on the tile and followed it to him in his room. We had to bandage that sucker up. And you can imagine how fun it is to keep a bandaide on a 2 year olds pinky toe (for many reasons!). :)

He loves his Mama...which I love. :) When he wakes up (esp from a nap) he needs little buffer of "wake up time." He usually drags me over to the couch and says, "Ahhh LAP." So I hold him on the couch for 15-30 mins...till his need for "juuuu-sh" (juice) overrides the need for cuddle time. :) I also love his HUGE KISSES where he grabs me by the neck and shoves his open mouth to my pursed lips (we are working on that) and presses his little face to mine HARD. It's hilarious.

He loves his Daddy too. He loves it when Daniel does all the voices of the characters in Cars. He will call one out and Dan will do it. He especially loves Sally. He loves being scared by Daniel too when he acts like "Feeenk" (Frank) the combine harvester who chases McQueen in the movie. HA.

The other day we found Chick Hicks (one of the "bad guys" from Cars) buried deep under my driver seat in the Honda. It made Isaac's day! All day he would exclaim "CHICK HICKS!!!" ...sounding a little more like "CHIIIIH---Hiiiiiih!" :) We also came across "Juu-nRRR" (Junior) that I don't even remember owning. But that was short lived. He was only around a day or two before we "lost" him again. Currently we have in our possession Mater, McQueen (one of three), Sarg, Doc, Chick Hicks, Fred and "Sah-eee" (Sally). Now at any point we may add to that collection by finding a lost long friend or lose one and be one day at which point Isaac will beg for the missing one NON-STOP for a day or two.

Isaac still sucks the first 2 fingers on his left hand and rubs his top lip ever so softly with the forefinger on his other hand. Daniel has a similar habit (minus the finger sucking part) so I blame the second part on Dan. ;)

He is talking more and more. Some of his frequent pharases (other than the ones already listed) are:

--"I Ho-uld it?" (I hold it)
--"Awn see!" (I wanna see!)
-- GASP "oh LOOK!"
--"Mawnmomer!" (lawn mower)
--"Dee-Dee" (daisy)
(btw...she calls him "bubba or bubby"...we have NO idea where this came from. We never say it!)
--"Banket" (blanket)
--"Arsh" (sheep. When he sees a sheep in a book...he calls it Arsh. HA. We called it Sheep-sheep but Arsh stuck.)
--"Kying" (Crying)
--"Aww Dun" (all done)
--"Umm...." (he is always considering his answer. Isaac would you like a sandwich? "ummmm...yesh."
--"Haa!" (hot)
--"cold, brrrr" (cold)
--"Shoo-wee Goggies!" (Shoo-Wee Doggies!...what we say when he is poopy or stinky)
--"Bah-um" (bottom)
--"Heeen-dah" (hand...meaning trace my hand please)
--"Bee-bee" (baby...sometimes a real baby or doll...others meaning something is small).
--"Awn h-O-d it." ( I wanna hold it).

There are many more...but these seems to be the most frequent. We have moments of "what in the WIDE WORLD is he saying? But Daisy, the master toddler Isaac interpreter, usually pulls thru for me. :)

He loves to get up early. He usually busts into our room in the 6 o'clock hour and flips on the light. Little stinker. The swap to the crib mattress on the floor has been ok. We've had the marathon nights of putting him back in ALL THRU the night and the nights he slept thru. We are looking into a big boy bed for him. We will see.

I love this sweet boy! I am so happy he is mine!

Couple more things things I love that I forgot: He says "Li-lo" for Lizard, "Bar-ley" for Barney (although that has improved and sounds much more like Barney...bummer, it was so cute!), "Culley" for color or coloring, and has different names for all the McQueens he has (eyes, tires, ...). He is kamakazie...he always has a bump, scratch or scab. The latest was when he fell off the bed at a mattress store, hitting chin first on the hard floor. It turned dark purple in a matter of seconds. He is also SUPER picky about his clothes. He wants to see what I picked out. And if its not McQueen or this certain basketball outfit...he throws a fit. I thought if I had a boy, he wouldn't care about the clothes. Daisy was a HUGE headache at this age with the choosing of clothes. I think that's all I forgot. :)

Saturday, August 22

Nate, Naph and Baby Ella Grace are headed to NC!

We knew this time would come. But it's still SO SAD. (The pregnancy hormones DO NOT help!)

We met Nate and Naph in the early fall of 2005. They came to Campus Church to visit. Naph was Tuckers Kindergarten teacher. I think we had them over for dinner. And we had so much fun. And I think the rest is history. They have been such loyal loving friends to us. From free car advice and repair, to babysitting MANY times, to holding my kids while they vomit, to spending the night when we all were vomiting, to house hunting, to buying my kids cute outfits, cooking for us, laughing with us, playing at parks, to leading together at church and growing in the Lord, maturing in our faith together....all these things make for fabulous friends. They have been encouraging and challenging to both Daniel and I in our walks with the Lord. We are so thankful for their friendship.

I think it's more sad because they are going a long way from here. They move to Charlotte, North Carolina next week. Nate has job there. When we moved to Orlando that was a bummer. But we knew that it was SO do-able to see them. And we did! But since they have had sweet baby girl Ella Grace and Naph is going to stay makes me sad that we can't do that together for longer! We are so excited for them and their new adventure to a wonderful place. It's exciting to move on (OUT of school) and finally be paid (or paid more) for all your hard work. :) I will miss them so much but will be BLOG STALKING like never before. HA. It's what I have to do with all my sweet Gainesville friends who have moved (like most of us have had to do!).

We got to go out with the Millers and Mittens one night (we even got a sitter! woo hoo!). We had fun. Ella Grace did fab (aka: slept the whole time...minus the little set back of massive spit up at the ice cream shop. Poor baby! HA!). It was great to hang out with everyone.

Here are the guys...busted holding purses while we were talking pics. It happens to all men at some point. These guys handled it well and with confidence! Lookin' good fellas! :)

Below are pics from seeing them one last time on Friday before Naph flies out on Wed. We went to the FL museum of Natural History on UFs Campus. And then on to Chick-fil-A. It was fun.
Aren't they BOTH tiny? :)

Daisy holding Ella Grace. And Ella Grace asking for a "what? what?" in her sleep. :) This made me so proud of sweet Daisy and think about what a great Big Sister and help she will be in Feb. :) (in the lower left corner you can see Isaac pulling on her tiny newborn foot....he was facinated. And this ALSO is foreshadowing of Feb as well....oh boy! :)).

Looks like we took EG to the beach? ..nope. Just a mural at the Museum. Isn't she sweet?

We will miss you guys! Keep in touch!! :)

Friday, August 21

How soon I forget!

Thank goodness for journaling! And does it make you question your memories that weren't recorded at the time for accuracy? I mean, could all be a lie! hahaha...

I had to share this with you all cause I found it on my past blog post. I will add another color to the discrepancies of my own memories in my head...ha!

I am 14 weeks and actually feeling better.(WHAT? thought it was longer!!) I realized yesterday that I had not had a snack mid morning and did not feel super nauseated! WOO HOO. Progress. :) I still have to eat a good amount but it does not have as severe consequences as it used to (no way! the exact SAME! thought this was later on). I am having some MAJOR headaches (HELLO...EXACT SAME!). I mean they are BAD! I had them with Daisy too. The Doctor gave me some medicine and it works. I hope these subside soon. I am still napping when Daisy does. It really helps me. And I am OUT of my regular clothes (Hey not yet on this baby...but almost! nice...and I am 15 weeks!). Huge Bummer. Although I have some great pals here who have let me borrow some great maternity clothes (bummer, now Kelly is pregnant when I am! So no borrowing hers this time! But I did get Rachels!! Sweeet! :)). :) But I am still in shock that it happened SO soon. I still sport my sweats while I can (not doing that in AUG in FL!). I have a ultrasound scheduled for March 15th. I will keep you posted! :) No, this is not my most flattering photo...but I had to show you how big I am.

Now, isn't that hilarious?! I mean my mind is MUSH, MUSH I TELL YOU! :) Naph when I tell you how I did things or what it was like for me...I suggest you double check my blog. I don't mean to lie...but apparently that could be happening! :)

thought you all would get a kick outta this. Now I am going back to see how I handled Isaac as a newborn...should be funny. Makes me wish I had been blogging since I got wouldn't those be funny to look back on!!


Wednesday, August 19

We needed more excitement in our lives...

So we figured getting pregnant during a job loss would be JUST the thing. :) I went to the dr yesterday. I am 14 weeks (15 this weekend...but who's counting?) and have already vowed never to do this again. Most of you know, the pregnancy morning sickness KICKS MY TAIL. I am usually so sick and nauseated for many weeks. I was sick till 17 weeks with Daisy, 16 with Isaac and (THANK YOU LORD) it's already starting to ease up on me now at 14 weeks.

(*****WARNING: this post is detailed! If you don't wanna know...don't read on. Just know Baby three is coming in Feb. :) I am writing all this to share it and to remember it for myself on down the road.)

But please give a warm welcome back to "Big Girl" (what I call myself when I am with child. C'mon it's funny...but only when I say it. :)).

It has been BAD. I was SO miserable. SO much in fact that my life dream of being a mom to 4 kids has been forgotten ON PURPOSE AND HAPPILY...I can't handle this again! I would watch the clock all day...7:43 am, 7:47 am....get distracted and eagerly check the clock hoping it was much later...and it would say 8:03 am. UGH. Are you kidding me? WHY IS MY LIFE PASSING SO SLOWLY?!?!

I did throw up a good amount, daily for a while. But I think finally (3rd times a charm) that I have learned to keep my stomach full (even though NOTHING sounds good) and it helped. I also was prescribed Zofran...which took the edge off but was in NO way a miracle drug for me. But my insurance would only cover 22 pills a month. I didn't realize this until I had been taking 2 a day, ran out and found out that I couldn't refill it again for 2 1/2 weeks (unless I paid 415 dollars...the actual cost). That wasn't gonna happen. I tried Phenergan which puts me in a coma. The children don't do as well when I sleep all day. The nag me about eating and annoying. HA~ just kidding. :) I tried taking half a pill...much better but then I was super groggy. But it was worth the swap. It took away the "when we go to the store...I can't forget my vomit bag for my purse and a fresh cold can of Sprite" kinds of thoughts. :) I also really really noticed the correlation in tiredness and nausea. If I was worn out...vomit all around. If I felt rested I thought I could vomit...but was less likely to. Also, distraction really helped. When people came over or we had just helped me not dwell on the bad feelings and made the day pass. I was talking about this to Emily Hoggard (friend AND cousins wife...aren't I clever to hook that up? :) HA!). She said the funniest and truest thing about distraction....

When I was feeling so sick I would be at church just talking and laughing in the foyer afterwards. Then we would get in the car to go home and I would say to Joel, "Ugh, I am feeling terrible." And I always thought he must have been liar, you sure didn't SEEM sick when you were laughin' it up with your friends in there! But I really felt terrible. For some reason being around others and being distracted helped!

But it's so true. When you sit or things calm's bad. I felt the same way. I felt I was always wanting to tell Dan that. He never once questioned me or made me feel like he didn't believe me (Joel didn't to Emily either). But for some reason you still feel the need to explain.

Let me tell you all the things that I went thru that would "sound good" or would work for a while while I was sick (I was CONSTANTLY eating): saltines, ritz crackers, California rolls sushi with soy sauce, a sub with vinegar and oil, beef ravioli in the microwaveable can, cold cans of Sprite, Raisin Nut Bran cereal, a salad with vinegary dressing, preggy pops, tomato juice, orange juice, ....just to name a few. Currently, I still have to keep food on the stomach. I only feel super bad if I go hours and haven't eaten. Then it's "if I don't eat immediately something bad is going to happen." HA! The snack of choice as of late is Honey Nut Chex cereal eaten dry.

You can imagine how this lovely diet of constantly eating crap and NO exercise was changing this body. I didn't have the energy to care. But let's just say I was "showing" sooner. Probably not so much the baby. HA. I am just now feeling like I need to unbutton the top button on the jeans and try out that BellaBand thing. But the stomach lost its shape LONG ago. Many have reminded me that my uterus (and all else involved) is a balloon that has been blown up 2 times it's a bit stretched out, knows where to go and is wasting no time. Awesome. Honestly, I don't love the early showing...but I don't care as much on round 3. The only thing I hate is IF (since no one has yet to be so bold) someone asked me how far along I was...I would hate to answer the small amt of weeks I am. I have learned that I was one of those judgemental people who couldn't believe those who were in maternity wear before a certain time. My thoughts were "the baby is only the size of a peanut...why do you need a big shirt/elastic waistband for that?" time and experience brings humility. (THAT is a whole huge post for another day...stay tuned for the post "Please pass the salt for the words I need to eat.").

I have also had the usual constipation, tiredness all day, insomnia, enlarging of my chest (which has delighted ALL members of my family. Dan (obviously), Daisy (can't stop asking about them) and Isaac (Oh, Look! MAMA! I hold it? I hold it?). Really fam? Can a girl grow and be tender in peace?)

So being as sick as I was...that is why my mom and Aunt Judy came to help me move. And why I skipped town for a week when I had just moved to a new town. And why my blogging has been scarce and lacking detail. I just didn't have the energy. Heck, I still don't have it. But it was time to post on the topic. :) The energy is still low. And while the nausea has retreated some...the HEAD CRACKING headaches have made their way in. In a house with NO carpet and screaming's hard to NOT be bad mom of the year and spend all day screaming. My hero and uncle Bryan Pruitt called me in some stuff that takes care of them. He saved the day since my dr here would do nothing cause they had not seen me yet.

I am seriously praying that the kids and the Lord forgive me for the BAD mom I have been. How do those with chronic issues make it? HOW? I would wake up begging God to take it from me but if not, to give me patience and love. And at night I would pray for forgiveness (and want to cry) for all the yelling and craziness I had inflicted on my kids. Daisy would look at me with worried eyes and even flinch. It made me wonder what a terrible sight I must have been. Ugh. Since I am feeling better this part has drastically improved. God probably answered that prayer not for me but for the emotional health of my children!

My mom told me the FUNNIEST story yesterday about while she was pregnant with Julie (my sister) and she had me (age 4) and Scott (age 2). I was in bible class at church and the teacher asked us all to cut out pictures of each family member from a magazine and paste it to paper. Well, mom had the pregnancy symptoms as bad as me. When she came to pick me up...I had chosen a women in an Excedrin ad who had a big grimace on her face, her hands on her head and eyes closed tightly...apparently in terrible pain to represent my mom! HA! I totally ratted out my mom to the teacher!! I have to say...Daisy could TOTALLY do that now. I mean, worse...she could cut out any evil creature and it would have been accurate in the last few months.

anywho...that is all for now. In 3 weeks I have an ultrasound to see what we are having and make sure the baby is healthy. :)

Saturday, August 8

have I mentioned Isaac loves McQueen?

Notice also: the blue McQueen blanket at lower right as well as the tiny McQueen himself near his left hand. He slept with 2 cars (both McQueen) that night...and maybe even Sally. I got these slippers at a consignment store in town. They are too big...but you can't tell him that! Sweet baby boy. I love him (and his car obsession) with all my heart. :)

Friday, August 7

Chuck E Cheese gets Mowed for free

We went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Isaac's bday while Buddy and Maurine were here. We really went cause Daisy was begging to go. But we wanted to celebrate...and what better place for a kids bday party. :) We ate pizza, brought our own cake from home and did a few gifts.

His cake was done that afternoon after our busy day at Silver Springs. We used his cars to decorate and some M & M's I had to spell out "Isaac is 2." Isaac liked the cars at first. But then was quite put out that they had icing in their wheels (just a little...we used a plate cut out to put them on). The boy does not like his cars messed up! He doesn't even want them wet in the bath!) We gave him a few little things. And then Buddy and Maurine gave him a push that moment I think the entire loud obnoxious scene at Chuck E Cheese completely disappeared from Isaac's sight. He did nothing but mow. He took off the second he saw it weaving in and out of games and kids. It was hilarious. Needless to say, the lawn mower was a hit.

(The next morning Isaac escapes safely from his crib ...yes we are THERE now, BUMMER....and I wake to his door closing. Then I hear a little pitter patter of feet on our tile. Then I hear the little lawn mower. And I keep listening as the noise gets closer and closer to our door. :) I am cracking up at this point. The mower nails our slightly cracked door and busting thru is sleepy eyed Isaac hard at work mowing the floor. He makes his way in, uses his precious little chubby arm to close the door. And then proceeds to my bedside. "Hi Mama." I was laughin out loud.)

The "small things" we gave him were Cars cars. We got him Mater (that I had to get on Ebay!) and Doc. The real challenge was watching those things like a hawk! He would place them on top of the mower and stroll them around. If any of you have ever had a child love small items such as cars then you understand. I spend a good chunk of my day seeking a specific 3 inch item that my toddler could have placed ANYWHERE while he is screaming "KEEN!" or "SAH-EEE (sally)!". Exhausting. Why doesn't he love boulders or elephants (one day he will...roll tide)? I was watching him once at CEC and looked away for sec and heard him saying "MA-ER! Ma-ER!" (Mater). He had dropped him down in a a huge hole that went all the way to the floor. I found myself shoulder deep in Track Challenge 2000 looking for Mater.... rummaging thru who-knows-what-else kids had dropped in this hole. UGH. All for the sake of sweet Isaac. :)

Monday, August 3

mimimo and bepops visit

It was wonderful. My mother-in-law came to town. She was here from Monday till Thurs...when my father-in-law, Buddy, came. They stayed until Saturday.

It's always great when she comes. (quick note about the pic...this is us a Moe's for lunch...and Isaac just laying in her arms. This was an impressive feat to calm the Tornado!) :) She is a play slave like my mom. Daisy and her have several tea parties a day. These are not pretend tea parties...these are the real deal! Real tea in the little tea sets, a snack and even sugar and cream sometimes. DAISY LOVES IT. They bring their babies and take care of them while chatting over tea. You can imagine WHO throws a bit of a kink in the guessed it. Big Boy comes along wanting his OWN cup, with milk and sugar that he insists he get HIMSELF. Mimimo is great with him. Daisy ain't as happy to have him. I can't blame her. :) And usually (if we have found him recently) "Keen" (McQueen) comes too. They have an absolute blast. Not only does she keep the kids occupied...but she helps me with anything else. She helps cook or clean. She helped me organize and sift thru my toys AG-AIN. We needed that bad. It was great. I got some rest and got to hang out while the kid were hanging all over her...not me. :)

The weekend when Buddy came we ventured to Silver Springs. We rode the glass bottom boats and saw some animals. It was HOT. But we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway. :)

We also celebrated Isaac's Bday while they were here. Stay tuned for that post. :)

Sunday, August 2

it was time...

(don't mind the blue teeth...treat post hair cut was a blue razberry lollipop.)

Well, sweet Daisy has always had luscious long locks. But the other side of that do was pain and tears after every bath and every fixing of the hair. It was maddening to both her and us. Dan and I were over it. Lately, we had noticed several girls her age with super cute short hair. We talked to Daisy about it and she was completely down with it. SO...we did it! SURPRISE family! :) We wound up with a shorter Jennifer Aniston do...not what I had in mind. I wanted a short bob like do with it sort of tapered at the ends. But the girl talked me in to starting a little longer just to be sure. She cut off A LOT of hair. In the end, we were pleased with Hair Cuttery...its hair cut and it's price. :)

I did lose my mind and have the TORNADO with us. Imagine this pic with 9,000 other positions. He was ALL OVER. Next time I will do that differently. :)

Now Daisy looks so much older...than she already does being so tall! But I really like her hair. It looks so healthy and cute.
I had to include this last pic cause we see this face a lot. I guess this is what you get with a 4 year old drama queen? She didn't wanna get outta the chair in this pic. Life is hard for ol' Dais. :)