Friday, August 21

How soon I forget!

Thank goodness for journaling! And does it make you question your memories that weren't recorded at the time for accuracy? I mean, could all be a lie! hahaha...

I had to share this with you all cause I found it on my past blog post. I will add another color to the discrepancies of my own memories in my head...ha!

I am 14 weeks and actually feeling better.(WHAT? thought it was longer!!) I realized yesterday that I had not had a snack mid morning and did not feel super nauseated! WOO HOO. Progress. :) I still have to eat a good amount but it does not have as severe consequences as it used to (no way! the exact SAME! thought this was later on). I am having some MAJOR headaches (HELLO...EXACT SAME!). I mean they are BAD! I had them with Daisy too. The Doctor gave me some medicine and it works. I hope these subside soon. I am still napping when Daisy does. It really helps me. And I am OUT of my regular clothes (Hey not yet on this baby...but almost! nice...and I am 15 weeks!). Huge Bummer. Although I have some great pals here who have let me borrow some great maternity clothes (bummer, now Kelly is pregnant when I am! So no borrowing hers this time! But I did get Rachels!! Sweeet! :)). :) But I am still in shock that it happened SO soon. I still sport my sweats while I can (not doing that in AUG in FL!). I have a ultrasound scheduled for March 15th. I will keep you posted! :) No, this is not my most flattering photo...but I had to show you how big I am.

Now, isn't that hilarious?! I mean my mind is MUSH, MUSH I TELL YOU! :) Naph when I tell you how I did things or what it was like for me...I suggest you double check my blog. I don't mean to lie...but apparently that could be happening! :)

thought you all would get a kick outta this. Now I am going back to see how I handled Isaac as a newborn...should be funny. Makes me wish I had been blogging since I got wouldn't those be funny to look back on!!



The Wagners said...

Mel, here is an article/study about how "mommy brain" or "pregnancy brain" is REAL! But it also says that being a mom imporves our cognitive abilities after birth! So no worries girl..memory will return!

a meta-analysis of studies on pregnant women and memory functioning reported in the November 2007 Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology (Vol. 29, No. 8), psychologists Julie Henry, PhD, of the University of New South Wales, and Peter G. Rendell, PhD, of Australian Catholic University

Michael and Hannah said...

I remember reading this the first time around!

sonyagraykey said...

Does that mean that another girl is in order (you were already bigger with Iz at this pt.)? And I can't wait to see #3 suck his/her fingers. :) I have a whole page in one of L's scrapbks with he & Dais...& the fingers being sucked. :) OH, and tell Dais that L. has decided to slim down the child count to two. For some reason he thinks our "1 boy, 1 girl" is magic, so right now her wants the same. Do all boys dream of being dads? I think he'll be a good one. (Can you tell I'm trying to sweeten the deal for y'all?)