Wednesday, August 26

Isaac at 2

Oh sweet baby boy Isaac...who is not a baby anymore! I guess he hasn't been for a while. But he still was in my mind...till TWO.

Man, it just seems so big. He is in 3T shirts and pants. He weighs 34 lbs and 36 inches. He is off the growth chart for weight and barely still on it (99%) on for height. We grow MAMMOTH children. How DO we do it?

He is the most sweet precious baby boy ever...just ask him Mama. She is not biased at all! :) He is busy, busy. Always going at top speed, he is into everything. Constantly touching, opening, closing, turning on lights, losing his cars (whew...) and loves to ride his McQueen bike (big wheel plastic tricycle thing). His feet don't reach the peddles yet. But he sits up straight, holding tight to the handle bars and gets around Fred Flinstone style. He reminds me of what a duck may look from underwater while swimming on the water. It's funny. And no matter the amount of boo-boo's on his toes he keeps going! But later he is sure to milk those wounds for all they are worth...reminding me about every 3o mins, "Mama, Boo-boo!" Today he was walking around the house BLEEDING...I noticed a trail of blood on the tile and followed it to him in his room. We had to bandage that sucker up. And you can imagine how fun it is to keep a bandaide on a 2 year olds pinky toe (for many reasons!). :)

He loves his Mama...which I love. :) When he wakes up (esp from a nap) he needs little buffer of "wake up time." He usually drags me over to the couch and says, "Ahhh LAP." So I hold him on the couch for 15-30 mins...till his need for "juuuu-sh" (juice) overrides the need for cuddle time. :) I also love his HUGE KISSES where he grabs me by the neck and shoves his open mouth to my pursed lips (we are working on that) and presses his little face to mine HARD. It's hilarious.

He loves his Daddy too. He loves it when Daniel does all the voices of the characters in Cars. He will call one out and Dan will do it. He especially loves Sally. He loves being scared by Daniel too when he acts like "Feeenk" (Frank) the combine harvester who chases McQueen in the movie. HA.

The other day we found Chick Hicks (one of the "bad guys" from Cars) buried deep under my driver seat in the Honda. It made Isaac's day! All day he would exclaim "CHICK HICKS!!!" ...sounding a little more like "CHIIIIH---Hiiiiiih!" :) We also came across "Juu-nRRR" (Junior) that I don't even remember owning. But that was short lived. He was only around a day or two before we "lost" him again. Currently we have in our possession Mater, McQueen (one of three), Sarg, Doc, Chick Hicks, Fred and "Sah-eee" (Sally). Now at any point we may add to that collection by finding a lost long friend or lose one and be one day at which point Isaac will beg for the missing one NON-STOP for a day or two.

Isaac still sucks the first 2 fingers on his left hand and rubs his top lip ever so softly with the forefinger on his other hand. Daniel has a similar habit (minus the finger sucking part) so I blame the second part on Dan. ;)

He is talking more and more. Some of his frequent pharases (other than the ones already listed) are:

--"I Ho-uld it?" (I hold it)
--"Awn see!" (I wanna see!)
-- GASP "oh LOOK!"
--"Mawnmomer!" (lawn mower)
--"Dee-Dee" (daisy)
(btw...she calls him "bubba or bubby"...we have NO idea where this came from. We never say it!)
--"Banket" (blanket)
--"Arsh" (sheep. When he sees a sheep in a book...he calls it Arsh. HA. We called it Sheep-sheep but Arsh stuck.)
--"Kying" (Crying)
--"Aww Dun" (all done)
--"Umm...." (he is always considering his answer. Isaac would you like a sandwich? "ummmm...yesh."
--"Haa!" (hot)
--"cold, brrrr" (cold)
--"Shoo-wee Goggies!" (Shoo-Wee Doggies!...what we say when he is poopy or stinky)
--"Bah-um" (bottom)
--"Heeen-dah" (hand...meaning trace my hand please)
--"Bee-bee" (baby...sometimes a real baby or doll...others meaning something is small).
--"Awn h-O-d it." ( I wanna hold it).

There are many more...but these seems to be the most frequent. We have moments of "what in the WIDE WORLD is he saying? But Daisy, the master toddler Isaac interpreter, usually pulls thru for me. :)

He loves to get up early. He usually busts into our room in the 6 o'clock hour and flips on the light. Little stinker. The swap to the crib mattress on the floor has been ok. We've had the marathon nights of putting him back in ALL THRU the night and the nights he slept thru. We are looking into a big boy bed for him. We will see.

I love this sweet boy! I am so happy he is mine!

Couple more things things I love that I forgot: He says "Li-lo" for Lizard, "Bar-ley" for Barney (although that has improved and sounds much more like Barney...bummer, it was so cute!), "Culley" for color or coloring, and has different names for all the McQueens he has (eyes, tires, ...). He is kamakazie...he always has a bump, scratch or scab. The latest was when he fell off the bed at a mattress store, hitting chin first on the hard floor. It turned dark purple in a matter of seconds. He is also SUPER picky about his clothes. He wants to see what I picked out. And if its not McQueen or this certain basketball outfit...he throws a fit. I thought if I had a boy, he wouldn't care about the clothes. Daisy was a HUGE headache at this age with the choosing of clothes. I think that's all I forgot. :)


Sarah said...

Sweet boy! I can't believe how BIG he is already. I just saw him a few months ago and he already looks so different. Love his words in his toddler language.

Jamie R. said...

He is a sweet boy! I love him even when he full-on tackles me. I wish I could see all of you more often. Stupid school! Who needs it anyway?

sonyagraykey said...

Aw! He sounds like such a sweet handful! And not all boys (or gals) care about boys still wants me to pick his outfit & unless it itches, he could care less. :) Maybe #3 won't give a whoot who is on his/her shirt. :)

Judy said...

He takes after his Uncle Scotty. Get him a UBU t-shirt and he'll be good to go. In fact, ask Scott for his. I'm sure he still has it.