Monday, August 3

mimimo and bepops visit

It was wonderful. My mother-in-law came to town. She was here from Monday till Thurs...when my father-in-law, Buddy, came. They stayed until Saturday.

It's always great when she comes. (quick note about the pic...this is us a Moe's for lunch...and Isaac just laying in her arms. This was an impressive feat to calm the Tornado!) :) She is a play slave like my mom. Daisy and her have several tea parties a day. These are not pretend tea parties...these are the real deal! Real tea in the little tea sets, a snack and even sugar and cream sometimes. DAISY LOVES IT. They bring their babies and take care of them while chatting over tea. You can imagine WHO throws a bit of a kink in the guessed it. Big Boy comes along wanting his OWN cup, with milk and sugar that he insists he get HIMSELF. Mimimo is great with him. Daisy ain't as happy to have him. I can't blame her. :) And usually (if we have found him recently) "Keen" (McQueen) comes too. They have an absolute blast. Not only does she keep the kids occupied...but she helps me with anything else. She helps cook or clean. She helped me organize and sift thru my toys AG-AIN. We needed that bad. It was great. I got some rest and got to hang out while the kid were hanging all over her...not me. :)

The weekend when Buddy came we ventured to Silver Springs. We rode the glass bottom boats and saw some animals. It was HOT. But we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway. :)

We also celebrated Isaac's Bday while they were here. Stay tuned for that post. :)


Rachel said...

I think about you and your sweet family all the time! Thanks for keeping us updated, and I'm glad you got some rest while family was in town :)

Anna said...

Daisy's hair cut is too cute!! Did I miss the post a/b that one? I'm so thankful that you guys are adjusting and doing so well.