Saturday, August 22

Nate, Naph and Baby Ella Grace are headed to NC!

We knew this time would come. But it's still SO SAD. (The pregnancy hormones DO NOT help!)

We met Nate and Naph in the early fall of 2005. They came to Campus Church to visit. Naph was Tuckers Kindergarten teacher. I think we had them over for dinner. And we had so much fun. And I think the rest is history. They have been such loyal loving friends to us. From free car advice and repair, to babysitting MANY times, to holding my kids while they vomit, to spending the night when we all were vomiting, to house hunting, to buying my kids cute outfits, cooking for us, laughing with us, playing at parks, to leading together at church and growing in the Lord, maturing in our faith together....all these things make for fabulous friends. They have been encouraging and challenging to both Daniel and I in our walks with the Lord. We are so thankful for their friendship.

I think it's more sad because they are going a long way from here. They move to Charlotte, North Carolina next week. Nate has job there. When we moved to Orlando that was a bummer. But we knew that it was SO do-able to see them. And we did! But since they have had sweet baby girl Ella Grace and Naph is going to stay makes me sad that we can't do that together for longer! We are so excited for them and their new adventure to a wonderful place. It's exciting to move on (OUT of school) and finally be paid (or paid more) for all your hard work. :) I will miss them so much but will be BLOG STALKING like never before. HA. It's what I have to do with all my sweet Gainesville friends who have moved (like most of us have had to do!).

We got to go out with the Millers and Mittens one night (we even got a sitter! woo hoo!). We had fun. Ella Grace did fab (aka: slept the whole time...minus the little set back of massive spit up at the ice cream shop. Poor baby! HA!). It was great to hang out with everyone.

Here are the guys...busted holding purses while we were talking pics. It happens to all men at some point. These guys handled it well and with confidence! Lookin' good fellas! :)

Below are pics from seeing them one last time on Friday before Naph flies out on Wed. We went to the FL museum of Natural History on UFs Campus. And then on to Chick-fil-A. It was fun.
Aren't they BOTH tiny? :)

Daisy holding Ella Grace. And Ella Grace asking for a "what? what?" in her sleep. :) This made me so proud of sweet Daisy and think about what a great Big Sister and help she will be in Feb. :) (in the lower left corner you can see Isaac pulling on her tiny newborn foot....he was facinated. And this ALSO is foreshadowing of Feb as well....oh boy! :)).

Looks like we took EG to the beach? ..nope. Just a mural at the Museum. Isn't she sweet?

We will miss you guys! Keep in touch!! :)

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Michael and Hannah said...

I know you'll miss them! I remember meeting them when they came to Columbus with you guys a few years ago.