Sunday, August 30

Starting School

Last week Daisy and Isaac started preschool at Loving Care (at Maricamp Rd C of C). Daisy will be in Ms. Pam's 4 year old class on Tues, Wed, Thurs (I know she could go more...but she has the next 13 years for that...NOT YET! I can't let her go more...I would miss her!). Isaac is only going Tuesday mornings for now (hey, they are what I do! I already miss Daisy 3 mornings a week! Plus Isaac and I need some alone time before "the permanent company" arrives in Feb. And I have enjoyed focusing on him and doing what he wants. I couldn't believe how much he was talking...and I had been missing it! HA!) He's in Ms. Danielle's 2 year old class. I hope there will be a spot for him to bump up to 2 mornings a week in Jan. Daisy was SO excited... so Isaac hopped right on board with that and was running around the house the morning of the first day yelling, "SKOOOO! Skooo!"...having NO clue what that meant. He loves his Cars "bak-kak" (backpack...actually a lunch bag). :) Daisy was excited about everything...but mostly about her new clothes. :) She wore the outfit above...but you can't see her cute purple flats with a butterfly on them from Old Navy. She was so excited she ran to get ready before Dan left for work so he could see her outfit. :) Both kids did WONDERFULLY on the first day. When we went...they both walked right in, waved bye-bye and that was it!

Now the prep was sort of a challenge. Daisy's "school supply list" was about 7 items long, not too bad. Isaacs was long and cost me almost 100 dollars (and had to go to several stores!)! Really??? For one day? But I did it cause I didn't wanna be "that mom." :) I mean the first day I was bringing in a large Hobby Lobby bag FULL of his stuff and a jumbo box of diapers in the other. I felt silly till I saw fellow parents of his classmates. The list had items like "Ziplocks: all 3 sizes, Aleens Tacky glue, colorful pipecleaners, ..." I got it all!

So on Meet Your Teacher day which was the week before the kids and I went in to check things out. Both teachers and assistants were very nice. I learned a few things that made me SO happy about this school (other than I really really like their teachers!):

--They eat lunch at school! WOO HOO! Love that. I pick them up at 12. It will be so nice to pick them up and run an errand or 2 before naps!
--They do want you to bring them in for drop off...BUT FOR PICK UP...they bring them out to your car!!! and buckle them in! I don't even get out! Awesome. I never had that at either of the schools Daisy attended before. ROCK ON.
--Daisy and Isaac are both at school on Tuesdays. If I want them to stay for "extended day" (which just means to pick them up at 1:30 instead of 12) then it's only $10 extra..... TOTAL for both of them to stay that day! SIGN US UP. :) So I went in to help out at Dan's office on Tuesday morning. And then Daniel and I had a quick lunch together. It was really nice.

When I dropped them off it was a very bittersweet feeling. I wanted to cry, but I was too excited. HA. No really, it was hard. It's hard to realize that my kids are growing up! It was a LONG summer of moving and feeling nauseated. So it was a welcomed change in some ways. It also made me realize that Daisy needs the socialization. She loves it! And it's a nice break for me. But it was still sad to not be with them (esp Daisy) those days. (Understand this feeling is in NO way strong enough to solicit looking into home schooling. That would not be healthy or safe for me or my children. Unless there is a HUGE need for it in the future, it's not for our family.) Daisy was concerned for me the first morning, "Mom, I'm sorry we are all leaving you at home. What will you do with out us? Will you be lonely?" I was smiling...and Daniel yelled out a "yeah right" from the other room. I reassured her I would be ok but that I would be very excited to pick her up when school was over.

We are already at the stage of "I don't wanna be/am not gonna be your friend" with Daisy. She doesn't say it (yet) but it's been said to her. Daisy said, "She said that to me and it hurt my feelings. I mean I was also a little embarrassed." My heart was literally shattering in my chest...I hate kids. Hahaha....Makes me wanna "yank a knot" in the little brats head who said it. And Uncle Scott has a zero tolerance policy for this someone will "take care" of this. But I know she has to go through it all eventually.

Overall I am very excited about Loving Care Preschool!


Sarah said...

Sounds like a great preschool! Glad you will get some time to yourself as well as some precious time with Isaac. Oh, and who would NOT want to be Daisy's friend? They are just missing out on super fun...their loss. I am not looking forward to that.

Michael and Hannah said...

Yay for preschool!!! Best thing EVER... and it ain't bad for the kiddos, either! ;o)

Anna said...

Ugh! I know! It's like Mom says: your heart is walking around outside your body in the form of your children! My mother bear claws come out like I never knew they could when stuff like that happens... I have major issues when it comes to seeing ANY of my kids poked at or made fun in any way... But you know, we all went through stupid stuff like that too, and I guess it made us who we are today... But don't you wish our kids could be exempt?

Judy said...

Two thoughts.....
1. My first thought was, "Was it one of my kids who said that?" then realized I can stop doing that now... they are grown.
2. I bet it's the hair. That kid is jealous of Daisy's great hair. Look for the kid with painfully straight Aunt Judy hair.... it's her.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel, if I could have afforded it, I would have sent all three of mine, but somehow I still would have cried and said "I can't believe how fast my babies are growing up" then reality kicks in and you "shove" them out the door. Enjoy, you deserve it! Your almost aunt.

Jamie R. said...

I teared up at the thought of anyone being mean to Daisy. She's clearly the coolest/best/awesomest person on the planet.
Also, I can totally see Isaac running around yelling bak-kak. So cute!