Sunday, September 20

Aunt Julie came to Ocala! And we had a little adventure. :)

OK so my sister came to town! Southwest has some GREAT deals on direct flights from Nashville to Orlando so we scooped one up! We had a blast shopping and decorating my house. Julie has super skills in both of these areas. Dan even kept the kids while we ventured out on our own to shop Ocala. We went and got a place we will never go again. Live and learn.

Anywho...I am disappointed with myself for the lack of pics taken. These pics above are of the kids at the park WITH Julie...but she and I were not photographable at the it was just of the kids. So "Jasmine" makes it down the rock wall and Isaac the Tornado decided to follow her. :)

But I did regain my Olan Mills status when we had a little adventure on the way to the airport for Julies return flight. LUCKILY we had worked in extra time to stop by IKEA on the way to the airport or this would have been super stressful. But instead it was hilarious. ;)

So we were riding along when I said, "Jules, do you smell that? Like rubber burning?" She said yes but we kept right on chatting. Until we were interrupted by a LOUD noise. We had blown a tire. I pulled over on the side of the road where apparently the DOT had not been in MONTHS cause the grass was pretty high. We assessed the situation...and yep...torn up tire.

NIiiiiiiice. We look at each other and start laughing. HA!! So we start calling our husbands. Dan was at home with the kids and we were about 20 miles away. I told Dan I would call him back and started searching for the jack and spare. Have I ever changed a tire? NO. Has Julie? No? But could we figure it out? YES. (yea, yea, all you "what? you never were taught to/changed a tire?" people...nip it. Even if I would have been pre-baby. And we all know that my memory erases with each delivery. Plus, that's why I have Dan! :))

We read directions, jacked up the car, weaseled off the lug nut covers with the jumper cables, got the hub cab off, and could NOT for the life of us, find the darn wrench to loosen the lug nuts. And all the while we were sweating like was 3 pm and blazin' hot! We emptied out the trunk...couldn't find it. UGH. Call Dan who (like my usual hero that he is...) was already on the way, kids in tow. WHAT A MAN. We kept looking for the wrench as cars zoomed past us at a billion miles and hour. Then it started to RAIN. Awesome. First we hopped in the JACKED UP CAR...and then realized that it probably was not wise for us to be in a propped up car. So we got out and waited under a table cloth. We were laughing the whole time. Why was this funny?

It was so fun to stand on the side of the road, not being able to progress in changing the tire, wishing my belly was bigger to elicit a sympathy response from some passer-by, or ANYONE for that matter. I mean everyone was passing...and HONKING! What??? I was sarcastically yelling at the traffic, "IT'S FINE. WE LIKE IT HERE. JUST DRIVE ON BY. WE LOVE HANGING OUT ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!!"

We did realize a critical error after it was all said and done...we shoulda put our hood up. Oops. Instead we just scowled at those heartless people passing who thought we deliberately pulled over to stand on the side of the road in the rain with a cow and barn table cloth over our heads. Idiots. :) Anywho...Julie had called AAA and Daniel beat them to us. OUR HERO ARRIVED!!! He hopped out in the rain and with in MOMENTS located the wrench ( frustrating..had to apologise several times for that one) and changed the tire in no time.

The kids had to be moved to the bum-tire car. And then Jules and I were on our way. We had some time to spare for her to make it...but not enough to shop. BUMMER. We were just thankful she was not missing a flight!

ahh good times. Thanks for coming Jules!

And this is random...but this bug was on my car when I came out of the store last week. Cool looking bug, huh?




Phil and Judy Hoggard said...

I went on a trip with my Supper Club once and Brenda Allen and I went to retrieve the car at the off-site parking lot while the others waited. You guessed it.... a FLAT tire awaited us. It took us so long to change it, the others thought we had been kidnapped and CALLED THE POLICE!!!! (It was in the pre-cellphone era...)

Brittany said... that I have commented on all your posts! Don't block me or anything, but every post I read I feel the need to comment...crazy I know! SO, the last picture of that massive bug reminded me of something... Do you remember driving home from my pool in your "Larkie" and there was a LIVE FROG in my lap under my towel???

The Wagners said...

Huh, love that people were actually honking at you. Who honks at people on the side of the road/interstate/ect...Unless they are holding a "honk if you Love Jesus" sign of course.