Friday, September 18

JeJe and Papa's visit (I'm a little behind...)

This weekends adventure will be told by pics. Mom and Dad flew into Tampa, rented a car and drove to Ocala! They came on Thursday night. It was that night that sweet Isaac spiked a fever and threw up. Bummer timing. But Mom, in true mom fashion, was up with Isaac even before me. We were changing sheets and squirting Tylenol in the wee hours of the morning. Poor Isaac. That lasted about 48 hours. So our "big plans" were halted for a bit. :)

Isaac is a LADIES MAN. He loves him a woman. He is a Mama's Boy in a huge way. And when Mimimo or JeJe come to town...he LOVES them too. :)

The Saturday of Labor Day was the start of college football...and Bama vs Virginia Tech...ROLL TIDE. So we had to represent all day at Silver Springs. :) We even ran into some VT fans...we was all in good fun...sort of. :)

Above is the llama that I was 100% sure was going to spit on dan! The llama seemed to hock a loogie and fill his cheeks as he came toward Dan. I was running for my life as was the rest of our fam. I guess it was just a warning...cause it never happened. But it would have been hilarious if it had. And yes, I would have a pic of Dan covered in Llama Loogie.

Isaac enjoying his ice cream...

Above is Daisy and I in the stroller we rented for the day. C'mon...big girl needed a break. If I could have leaned back in this joker...I would have stayed in for a little bit longer. :)

Above is a perfect pic of Isaac. Cause he can't just sit on a boat and look for animals. No. He has to be doing a BACK BEND over the side. Whew...wears me out sometimes. We are fully in the stage of never leaving him alone and knowing that silence means "OH NO." Cause when I do he has unloaded ALL the wipes and has his hands covered in diaper cream OR has scaled his Daddy's shelf in the closet, putting on chapstick, hand in the change jar and collar stays in his mouth. And friends I am talking MOMENTS alone solicit this behavior...not long, not long at ALL.

This was our fam pic...Isaac was over it by the end.

Above is Isaacs latest silly face. He loves to turn his head away from you and then check you out from the corner of his eye. It's hilarious...esp in person.
The night of the game we grilled out steaks!! Mmmmm. We ate outside. It was yummy.

This pic was at lunch after church on Sunday. ;)

This is Papa, Daisy, Isaac and Jeje trying out our new Select Comfort pillows by playing Possum (faking sleep...or in a possums case...faking death.). :) We got a sleep number bed/select comfort bed over labor day (ordered it). (We just got it this week. Daniel and I are giddy about having SO MUCH ROOM in a king size bed. He can pump his side up to super firm or 100. I have my soft on the setting of 40. We both sleep part on our stomach, part propped up on our knee that is pulled up. In the queen...we fought over who got to put their knee up. NOW we both can with plenty of room. Also, our mattress was a piece of junk. It was like sleeping in 2 canoes! Daniel had books under his side to give some support. It was bad. But now all that has changed...and we are LOVING LIFE PEOPLE. :))

It's always hard to let them go home. When ever family leaves it's waterworks all around. Isaac is usually screaming and reaching for the female leaving. :) And we are all sad for a day or so.

We love you Jeeg and Papa! Thanks for coming!


Phil and Judy Hoggard said...

I feel the same way when they leave my house too! Thanks for the pics. I'm getting into this blogging thing....

Anonymous said...

Isaac wasn't the only one crying after we left. I cried all the way to the airport. Already planning my next trip..... Love, Jeeg

Brittany said...

I love the fact that your parents(and kiddos) are playing possum...hilarious! Whenever someone in my family doesn't want to do something we pretend we're asleep, which we call playing possum. :)