Monday, September 21

Preschool Mugshots

Isaac is attending preschool one day a week. He seems to enjoy it! He is in Ms Danielle and Ms Crystals class. They sent home this laminated sheet of all the children in his class. It is SUCH a great a idea. Isaac LOVES to look at it. He is constantly pointing to the fridge and saying words that sort of sound like his friends names. :)

However, as in most situations, I found it quite humorous. Hilarious actually. I looked at each pic on the page. And all these kids (at least the ones I have seen before) DO NOT look like themselves. It's like a mugshot or passport photo! I hesitate to share my thoughts cause in a few months I could be friends with these kids parents and they may read this some day. But I think they would agree. I am not saying any kid actually LOOKS like this in person! But that they got crazy shots taken, is all. I mean honestly, who can photograph a 2 year old well? Not many. Which is why we pay the big bucks to have it done. :) And especially on a time crunch of wanting to get his done at the beginning of the year (not having 900 do-over picture opportunities). It was a hard task. I acknowledge that all completely. :)


I hope you can see the pics well enough to laugh along. I know these are not the best photos! Let's start with my sweet precious child. :) Third row, second in...looks like Tinkerbell. His eyes are pointed on the sides and his little head is cocked to the side with eyebrows raised as if to ask, "Which way to Pixie Hollow?" HA. Hudson is the first one on the third row of pics...she is ADORABLE. She looks like Katie Holmes and could pass as one of her and Toms kids. This pic she has a cute ponytail you can't see and she had a Dawson's Creek look on her face like, "Seriously Dawson? You want us to be together again?" Above her is Cameron. I don't even know this kid. But I am pretty sure he is NOT the serial killer he looks like in this shot. Cooper (who is next to Cash...never heard this name before. My sister says it's a super popular in Nashville...of course!) looks like he is in pain. That is what happens when your toddler gets wise to the "say cheese" thing and looks more like they are hurting than happy. :) And sweet Zachary...he will one day look back and dread the day he played dress up as Justin Timberlake in preschool. (btw...did you all see his glasses last night at the Emmys? I am OLD. I hated them. And if I wore glasses, I would SO be wearing the Payless/Target version of them in a year and half after my public dismissal of them. Ugh.) :) And as for the teacher shots...I am reminded of Facebook. Cropped favorite pics of yourself. Guilty of the same thing myself, I can call it like I see it. :)

Anywho...thought you all would love a laugh. I hope you can see these. You probably can't. Oh well. Just know, if you were'd laugh. :)


Amy and the Boys said...

when you say "cereal killer" are you making a joke because its a two yr old? ;) i dont know..maybe its your preg brain and you meant "serial." We can pretend youre making a clever joke. I hope you know i'm totally joking. I'm glad isaac is able to go to school! new mommies to meet and a break for you. Hope things are going well for you and dan!

Brittany said...

Great minds think alike my friend! Before I even read your post I looked at the picture and some of the same thoughts were running through my head before I even read what you wrote. I love it! It will be a funny day if you and I ever get reunited! Speaking of far is Orlando from Ocala???

Whitney said...

Melanie, I laughed out loud as I read your post. So funny! Your little Tinkerbell looks adorable in my opinion!

Sarah said...

Hilarious! Glad that Isaac is loving it and making friends. Not that we thought he would have a problem in that department.