Thursday, October 29

carnival with our house church

Last weekend our house church met at the local Catholic Church for their annual carnival. It was actually pretty impressive as far as "church carnivals" go! There were TONS of rides and yummy food. I realized the day before that I would not be able to ride those rides...BUMMER. But soon consoled myself with the fact that I COULD eat the yummy food. :) Yessssssss. I did get to man the kids while others rode...and I didn't mind at I ate my FRIED REESES! Yes, I said Fried Reeses and it was DE-LISH. I also sampled some Cotton Candy, fried dough and french fries from others. Mmmmm. Nothing but the best for this baby girl in my belly. :) I will also be trying to remember the flavors I savored this fun evening when 9 months from now I am trying to get the FAT off my body again. HA.

Daisy, Isaac and Dan rode the Dizzy Dino before we met up with everyone. It was $9 (if you calculate the price of tickets and so on...hence the genius idea of tickets...or we would never ride.) total for the 3 to ride. WOW. Can't think about it. Just gotta do it and enjoy it. It's for a good cause, right Catholic Church?

Above: Story of my life. Can't just stand or walk along...has to climb (waller, jump, kick...). :)

The only shot of the entire group. :)
Isaac decided to try his hand at a Carnival Game.
above: my personal fav stand at the Carnival.

Beth, Daisy and Scott playing on the playground. :)
Holly and Cora. (sorry holly for deer in the headlights...but you look great!)

4 of the adults going on a super fun ride!
My sweet Daisy and I....probably why I am having sciatic pains this week. (not smart, mel)
waiting in line for the ferris wheel.

blurry...but still cute of Brendan and Beth on the ferris wheel.
Scott and Holly's sweet baby girl, Cora. She is 16 months. :)

Daisy played this game and could choose a prize. We circled the tent 15 times and she would not choose. She finally got a little plastic baton.
Scott and Brendan enjoying the "Monster Bag" of Cotton Candy.
Holly, Beth, Brendan, and Scott.
The "Co-Co" playing the game...he put this prize back and somehow scored a "big prize" for himself later...a large yellow SQUEAKING duck. Awesome. :)
This is Beth and I eating the fried Reeses....soooooo goood.

So Daniel took Isaac to this ride...and strapped in the duck too. HA! I turned around and saw this (above). Below is the ride guy asking Isaac about his riding partner. :)

below: Daisy and Brendan went on the Super Slide together with the small amt of tickets he had left. So sweet of him to take Daisy! She loved it!

Monday, October 26

Fall Fun Day at Loving Care (and the Pumpkin for the contest)

Here they are! Angelina Ballerina (cartoon mouse who is a has a show on Sat mornings) and the Pumpkin (that Daisy was at this age). We started with Hello Kitty (or as Daisy calls her "HalloKitty"), the she wanted Hello Kitty as a ballerina, then on to Angelina Ballerina. Isaac never had on opinion or choice. We had this costume and it fit. I would love to have made him McQueen but I was envisioning me working for weeks on a costume OR spending too much and then being SO MAD when he was yanking it off 2 seconds later. If he takes off this loss to me. :) He looks pretty cute too. HA.

This was Fall Fun Day last Friday the 23rd. The kids (public schools) are all outta school on Oct 30th this year. So all the kids wore costumes, went on a hayride, ate party food and so on a little early this year. I went to Isaacs class first to help out. Then over to Daisys. It was a fun day!

Junk in his pumpkin trunk!
THIS! THIS is what happens not long after it goes on. Just wanted to share proof of WHY I didn't go all out for him this Halloween.
Above: a little girl in Isaacs class (Madison)...a girl riding a chicken! HA!
Isaac checking out his party food!
below...I am still amazed that 13 2 year olds all sit and eat at once. How come I can't get him to do that at home unless he is strapped in?
below: the fun hayride!
below: Thomas was in Isaacs class too....someone did a FAB job with markers and a poster for this cute costume.

ON to Daisy's Class!

Daisy's buddy (can't remember her name right now)...Daisy is the tallest in her class...and her friend is the smallest!
Does this pic above look like a Spring Break 2023 pic?
All the girls in Daisy's class.

SO I entered a pumpkin decorating contest (no carving allowed) for FAFO (Fine Arts for Ocala) this year. Dan did the braces (GREAT JOB!) and I did the rest. See below!

Monday, October 19

Ping-Pong at the Mall

Daniel was not with us on Saturday of Homecoming cause he was playing ping-pong in the local Ocala mall, Paddock Mall! He was offering money off orthodontic treatment if they played him in ping-pong and more if they beat him. It went really well! He was only beat by 2...young girls...yes, there is a story. :)

But it was also a time for students and teachers to turn in their essays to be entered in a drawing for FREE braces. Yes free. The essay had to be about a time they were wrong and how they handled it. MANY essays were turned in. Should be some good reading. :)

More exciting to me was that the practice and Daniel got some great exposure in a busy mall. They saw him, his logo, his staff and that he was willing to play ping-pong for 8 hours against potential patients. He was playing THE WHOLE TIME. Cool.

Here was his set up.

the above hand out freaked ME out...look at the last pic. If you know my know we are in trouble. Good thing we know a guy to fix it!