Monday, October 5

belly update

This is not current....a few weeks ago. I think I am 18 weeks. I need to double check that. But here she is. :) Big Girl and Baby Girl in all their glory. Big Girl happy as a lark to be feeling better and having almost NO headaches! I took this pic with the timer on my camera from my dryer.

I am 21 weeks now and feeling really good. I will enjoy this time of no real issues. :) She is SUPER active in my belly now. It's so fun to feel her move. :) I am loving Bella Bands so I can still wear my reg pants/skirts. Not all, but some. Maternity clothes earn me the "I think she is pregnant" looks. :) The acne is still in full force. It just dawned on my that I should start washing my face now. Just not in the habit. I am really trying to work out. It's so hard. My motivation is LOW. Zumba ain't the same. Although today I decided to use the outdoor track/trail on the park next to the Y (LOVE that I can use Y childcare for that!) and take advantage of the breezy, cooler mornings. I started jogging. And about 10 mins in to it I decided to slow to a fast walk to prevent my UTERUS FROM COMING OUT OF THE FRONT OF MY ABDOMEN. Seriously...WOW. It was not comfortable. And I was enjoying the jog other than that! :) I remember using a belly brace of sorts when I exercised pregnant with Isaac. I guess i need to find that joker to use again! Also, I got a virus this weekend. That was good times. No back laying...she was heavy on my aching stomach. And vomiting was killer on my fragile bladder. I can't flex my abs these days without wetting myself. And to think I am only half way there! :) This problem will only get worse! Oh well, it will be worth it in February. :)


Michael and Hannah said...

I can't believe you tried to jog, you crazy girl! I definitely feel a difference with this being my third... the weight of the baby bothers me more. I think my uterus is all streched out and the elasticity is not holding her in place as well as with my previous pregnancies. I'm already way uncomfortable trying to sleep at night. So fun to have some belly buddies though!

Cristy said...

Oh my goodness you are so cute!!! I absolutely think you are the cutest mom ever. Just thought you should know :)

Courtney said...

Um, I am only 10 weeks and I look like I am 22 weeks. Seriously. Now, I get to say "yes, I am pregnant" but I just pray they dont ask me how far along I am. You look awesome!