Monday, October 19

A Blazin' HOT Fall at Silver Springs

Whew. It's been hot. With the exception of about 6 days (and that is generous) this "fall" has been record setting hot in FL. Seriously. It think we set a record for most days hitting 90 or more. I used to LOVE this about FL when I didn't mind being a bathing suit and wasn't keeping 2 kids from drowning when we go to the pool. But now I do mind (was hoping to avoid the matenity swimsuit on this go around) and the kids are kinda crazy at the it's not as neat to me that it's 90 degrees. :) But this will be so worth it when our "winter" comes and it's nice and mild.

Proof that every once in a while they share and are's not all yelling and fighting.

Isaac's funny face as Frankenstein

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torinem said...

Isacc in the pumpkin is too cute!