Monday, October 19

eating with the neighbors

So one night Dan had to work really late. And Shannon and Leslies men were busy too. So we all came to my house and had dinner. I have FAB neighbors!!! Leslie made a super yummy baked chicken with veggies and mashed potatoes. We served that to those 10 and older. :) We made some chicken nuggets and corn and VOILA....dinner for kids. :) Truthfully it was planned the day of and Leslie brought over HER DINNER for the adults to share (she shares a lot....she is a GREAT cook!). There was yummy popsicles for dessert for the kids in the backyard.

Everyone eating popsicles on the wall in our backyard.
above: sweet Kennedy. She is one month younger than Isaac. They LOVE each other.

above: Cali (Kennedy's sister)
Andi (10), Kennedy (2), Daisy (4), Cali (5), Isaac (2) and Trey (13)

I have to give a HUGE shout out to Andi and Trey. THEY ARE AWESOME. They are so sweet to my kids. My kids love them. And that equals less stress on me whenever they are around. It's so wonderful!! I am so thankful they are our neighbors (and their parents too)!

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Anonymous said...

Wow Mel, when I see 6 kids in a row it reminds me of you six when your mom & I were inside sewing watching out the window!