Monday, October 5

my little social butterfly

Daisy. Sweet Daisy. She came home from school the other day and said, "Hey Mom. I met this girl in my class. Her name is Alyssa and she is 5 and she is small (later confirmed that at the Open house...and she is a little thing!). I told her that I wanted her to come to my Hello Kitty birthday party (which is in JANUARY, mind you and it's great to know we have already chosen a theme) and so she gave me her phone number." And she handed me a piece of paper. See below....
HA! These sweet little preschoolers were in cahoots! Don't you just love this sweet little preschool phone number? :) It was on the back of the attendance card from the church where they go to school. And written in the pencil...those little short ones in the back of the pew.

Every couple of days Daisy will ask me if I still have Alyssa's phone number. I say yes! I will have it forever in my memory now! :)

We saw Alyssa at Open House tonight and she ran up to Daisy, THRILLED that she was there. It was so sweet. I am glad she has a good friend at school.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Daisy - I'm so thankful that Alyssa is her new friend and has been sweet to her. I love the phone number - have you called it yet? :) Love that Daisy - she makes friends easily just like her Mama!

Love, Jeeg