Monday, October 19

Ping-Pong at the Mall

Daniel was not with us on Saturday of Homecoming cause he was playing ping-pong in the local Ocala mall, Paddock Mall! He was offering money off orthodontic treatment if they played him in ping-pong and more if they beat him. It went really well! He was only beat by 2...young girls...yes, there is a story. :)

But it was also a time for students and teachers to turn in their essays to be entered in a drawing for FREE braces. Yes free. The essay had to be about a time they were wrong and how they handled it. MANY essays were turned in. Should be some good reading. :)

More exciting to me was that the practice and Daniel got some great exposure in a busy mall. They saw him, his logo, his staff and that he was willing to play ping-pong for 8 hours against potential patients. He was playing THE WHOLE TIME. Cool.

Here was his set up.

the above hand out freaked ME out...look at the last pic. If you know my know we are in trouble. Good thing we know a guy to fix it!


torinem said...

What a great idea! Such a creative way to get some exposure for his practice! Love it!

Tesney said...

Hilarious! I love how random y'all are...prolly cause I can sooooo relate. ;)

p.s. my word verification was "terd" LOL!!!!!

Sandi said...

That's is just hilarious. A total Daniel Jones idea -- and a great one, at that!

Paul&Julie said...

I know that lettering had to make that sign. That is such an awesome idea. Daniel is the coolest orthodontist ever.

Anna said...

I heard about all of this just recently--from Mom. I love it! My bro rocks!