Saturday, October 3

Playin' in the Rain

These are some of our new fun neighbors that we hang out with SEVERAL nights a week. There are many families on our "loop" but this is one of them. The Robersons: Tim, Leslie, Trey, and Andi. They are all so sweet and lots of fun to hang out with. Their kids are SUPER sweet to my kids and help me out entertaining them in the witching hour. It's wonderful! I came home one day and found them (Dan, kids and the Robersons) enjoying a fun summer rain. Daniel is a much more fun parent than me. I am glad he has they have a chance to do fun things like this!

She needed a drink?
Above is Trey on Daisy's Dora bike. He is an extreme sport kinda guy and can do some mad tricks on this little bike. :)
above: Trey and Isaac and Daisy playin' in the rain.
Dan, Tim and Leslie (hidden behind Tim) watching all the fun.


Michael and Hannah said...

If only your loop was in Lakeland!

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean about not being the fun parent :)

cute pics!!

ashley wyatt