Sunday, October 11

Pregnancy Pet Peeve

All my pregnant ladies, all my pregnant ladies, all my pregnant ladies...get your hand up! I bet you have felt this or heard of this but I have to vent.

WHY, oh WHY, does NO ONE want to treat a pregnant girl? I have dealt with this in all three pregnancies. And I am so over it. I feel like everyone wants to shove me around and make me someone elses responsibility. COME ON PEOPLE.

Here's the deal...

I was having (what I thought) was some tooth/jaw pain recently. It was just before my big fun trip to Bama and I hurried to have it checked out. I saw an endodontist (root canal dr) here in town who tested all around and said that based on the small x-ray they took, it appeared I had a sinus infection. GREAT. Not that I have an infection, but that it's not a tooth deal. I mean I ain't scared of a root canal, the actual procedure is the best part (I know, I have had THREE at the ripe old age of 30). But the pain that leads up to it can be super bad. I was glad my trip would not be ruined by it. :) Yea! The endodontist did say she would rather I see my OB or call them to get some antibiotics cause she was not sure about what I could have.

Fine with me....or so I thought.....

So later, when I get back in town I have a routine OB appt and tell the midwife about the issue. I am still feeling the pain and showed her the xray. She said I needed to call back the Endodontist and tell them to call me in a Zpack. Really? Is it that big of a deal? I didn't wanna do that because Daniel had "called in a favor" to this endodontist for me to be seen that day. I was so thankful they saw me and so on. So I was NOT calling her back to ask for a script. UGH. How hard would it be for someone to write me for a Z pack...NOT CHEMO...a Z pack! Sheesh! Forget it.

When I was pregnant with Isaac there were those terrible forest fires in south GA and North FL that would literally make white ashes "rain" on Gainesville. We would be outside and have to go in. But I did have to live...and leave Tanglewood everyone once in a my asthma got all bothered. I tried to get in to my Dr (a sweet resident at Shands...we were on Medicaid) and they (meaning the SUPER friendly (scarcasm) front staff) would not get me in. They told me if it was bad enough I needed to go to the ER. And this was a Friday morning. Really? Is that how it goes? You are either have NO respiratory difficulty with O2 sats at 100% OR you are about to die and need to go be seen in an ER (you better be dying or you will die from waiting for HOURS). I had to go an Urgent Care place that afternoon or maybe Saturday and after waiting for 4 hours they told me they would not treat me. When I started BAWLING...the lady had compassion and helped me out. I told her exactly what I needed and she doubled checked it with someone on call. And I was finally treated.

With Daisy I also had some respiratory issues and I was sent to a pulmonologist. And guess what he did? FREAK about everything he wanted to give me.

I also had a root canal when pregnant with Daisy about 2 1/2 weeks before she came. Guess who was denied the gas? YEP, BIG GIRL. Ok, I can see that. But I love the gas. And do we know for sure it hurts the baby? :) just kidding. I was numbed from my hairline on my forehead to my I felt nothing. It was worth the slurred talk and lazy eye for 6 hours. :) j/k. I just had a hard time laying in the chair so long...on my side. Good times.

And raise your hand if having a cold has caused more havoc in your life when you were pregnant than any other time? ugh...cause we have to grin and bear it.

And who feels like taking Tylenol for a headache is like taking 2 M&M's? Anyone? I look forward to labor ending for several reasons: for meeting my sweet baby face to face, losing at least 8 lbs instantly, a chick-fil-a sandwich with fries...and that hefty dose of IBUPROFEN. Now that is some helpful medication!

Thank you for listening.


the haydens said...

Mel, I'll raise my hand as a pregnant lady with lots of complaints!! I haven't experienced what you described but I'm so over all the nausea, fatigue, getting up every hour at night, and other gross things which I won't list!!! UGH I think this child will be my last... ok, only 7 more months to go :) (Can't wait to meet my precious baby)

blessdtwice said...

the most sweetest moment to me was when after 4 years of either pregnancy or nursing I realized I could have nyquil!!!

I think I heard angels singing the moment I slurped that nasty stuff down. It was glorious. And I slept oh so wonderfully that night!

Vent on darling!

Sarah said...

I'm feeling you right now...well not totally (b/c I'm not pregnant) but since I am nursing you still can't take much at all. Right now I have a fever with body aches and major headache. The tylenol seems to work for about 30 minutes and then that is it. Wish they could come up with something for us moms!

Michael and Hannah said...

I've been blessed to stay pretty healthy during my pregnancies, so I haven't had these problems, but I too could write a sonnet about Ibuprofen. Oh how I miss it!

Courtney said...

My regular after-birth cocktail ...800mgs of Ibuprophen and a Diet Dr Pepper. Oh yeah.

The cold, yes. I can relate. Now, I am so sick I am considering a dose of Zofran or two but I feel guilty about the medicine.

Ah, the sacrifices of motherhood :)

David & Eryn said...

when David is a chiropractor living in Ocala, FL, you would not have to worry about these pregnancy pet peeves....... you might be saying, "huh?" right now... we need to skype you guys :) How bout Saturday?

Burless Family said...

Tylenol does next to nothing for headaches!! Agreed! And the guilt I felt for coloring my hair in my secnond trimester....ugh! Hang in there!