Wednesday, October 7

Roll Tide Roll: the Annual Trip

I say the annual trip. I think I have been to Bama 3 years in a row to see Rachel. (And she has been to FL several times to see me just so you know we are give and take... ;)). But being that we both have a deep love for Alabama football I don't mind at all coming on a weekend in the fall and cheering on the Tide in person. :) I have to tell you that being IN ALABAMA and seeing other Bama fans is thrilling. (I saw this pic above on my way there...AWESOME.) I mean each time I see a car tag or t-shirt I freak and think "HEY! THERE IS A BAMA FAN!" Cause in FL, it's rare and I give "Roll Tide" to those I see. But I have to get a grip on myself about a mile across the state line/from the airport cause there are TONS. It's so awesome. :)

btw...I left my sweet babies with my wonderful in-laws in Columbus, GA. They got some good one-on-one time with Mimimo and BePops. Esp Isaac. The little Tornado met his match in them too. For which I am so thankful. We need all the help we can get. Here are some pics on the way there....Isaac appears to be having a praise moment in the car...HA! Hilarious, huh? But really he was "playing the air guitar" to a song like Daisy does. Daisy looks like she is taking a shower when she busts this move. ;) But Isaac with the closed eyes and the pic catching his hand on his heart is hilarious! He is probably praying for deliverance from his car seat. When we were 15 mins into our 5 hour trip...he shouts, "Own get out! (I wanna get out!)" Good times...

ANYWHO...I went to Bama to see one of my best friends Rachel Warren. She is now a mother of 2! She has Alex (2) and Avery (3 months). I love to see her kids in person and not just blog stalk.

This trip we were busier than past years. We usually do a ton of hanging at the house with kids and catching up chatting in person. WHICH WE LOVE btw. But this time we had some SUPER FUN GROWN UP plans.

First we went to Nick at Noon. For those of you who don't know...Nick Saban (the head coach at Bama) speaks to a group on home game Fridays. We had a nice catered lunch at a local country club. We were packed in like sardines. This was a special time cause Rachel's father-in-law, Jimmy, who usually goes was out of town and offered the tickets to US. I WAS SO PUMPED. I felt like I had gone back a little to my NKOTB (if you don't know I am NOT telling you) days as an admirer and was so excited to see "S the Coach" in person. :) (btw, I never saw NKOTB in person. I would still take that opportunity if it came up today...) We had a nice lunch of chicken, rice, salad, asparagus, sweet tea (they do it RIGHT in the south, now). Mmmm. Then while this man was talking...the back door by us opened (Rachel knew where he would come we sat close) and in he walked. And the ROOM STOOD UP LIKE THE PREZ ENTERED. HA! I mean I love Bama football...but that cracked me up! John (Rachel's husband) told us we had to behave. No laughing, being silly, nothing embarrassing, no pictures and NO asking ?'s when the time came at the end of his talk. The pic thing was NOT up held the second I saw others doing it.

Sorry it's so blurry. I didn't wanna draw more attention with a flash. During the question part I was SO tempted to raise my hand and say, "Hey Nick. I'm Melanie. You're doing a great job. So listen...I live in FL and was wondering if the next time you were in FL you wanted to join me in rolling the house of Urban Meyer?" I wound up NOT asking this question since Nick was feisty and was not putting up with dumb questions. So, to save face, I refrained. But seriously, I know he would go with me. :) He said some neat stuff about the team, how and why they do things and so on. I learned a lot. I REALLY enjoyed it. THANK YOU JIMMY!!!

Here is Nick exiting the room. I wanted Rachel to pat him on the bum for a "good game Coach" but she wouldn't. Party pooper., I didn't tell her to do that. But she is crazy. She may have done it. She was certainly within reach.Us at Nick at Noon.

Afterward Rachel and I went shopping. This was especially fun sans kids. I mean sans MY kids. I LOVE my kids but the break every once in a while is so nice. :) Emily, Rachel's mother-in-law, watched the kids a ton for us this weekend. THANK YOU EMILY!!!Aunt Mel and Avery.

We went home that afternoon to chill a little bit. Later that evening we went to Sips and Strokes. It's a place where you can drink (anything) and paint (while watching and doing what the instructor says. It was a blast (except for the obnoxious AUBURN fan there. Don't get me wrong, there were other non-bama people there. But they weren't loud and annoying). We were pretty proud of ourselves. Rachel said, "Oh my gosh. I'm nervous. What if I mess it up?" like 9000 times. She did great. She was so proud in fact that each time we showed our art to others (which to me looked identical) she was sure to mention mine was on the LEFT and hers was on the right. That's the nice way of saying, "Don't get mine confused with hers!" Hahahah...just kidding Rach. Sort of...I know you hated mine. :)

The next day was GAME DAY! We played Arkansas. First we hung around in the morning, Rachel made a yummy breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Then about 11 we hit the quad and Denny Chimes. We saw the band and so on.
We knew the forecast was not great. So when we stopped at John's Grandmothers house to park on the way...she gave us some rain gear. Rachel grabbed the bright orange poncho (thank the Lord we were not playing Tennessee!) and I took Mimi's "favorite raincoat." Well about 12 the BOTTOM FELL OUT OF THE SKY and we grabbed our rain duds. Alex was with us and didn't seem to mind. ;) Rachel grabbed him and stuck him under the poncho...she looked like she had a 2 1/2 year old growth on her hip. (see pic)

I, on the other hand, quickly realized about 7 minutes later that "Mimi's favorite raincoat" must have been her "fav" in a light mist or maybe even just a really humid day...cause I felt like I had a wet blanket draped over me. It was not rain proof. Rachel, amid extreme laughter, tried to tell me all the wet was from before I got it on. Oh yea? Then why were the shoulder pads in the jacket able to be wrung out? Huh? It was hysterical actually. I was SOAKED thru. My jeans weighed 20 lbs and it was already a struggle to keep them on my belly. And so much for getting ready. I looked like a wet dog! Mimi came to get Alex in her car from us on the side of the road in the rain. While we waited for her we had to stand close to the road so she could see us....and we were splashed by each passing car. It was like a movie! We were SOAKED. But I didn't care. I was just so happy to be there.
Our pic in front of the stadium looks tons different than last years. This year we have cone head, wet blanket woman, and Mary (mother of Jesus) who is a Tennessee fan. What a pair! :)

Hair, shirts, all of it SOAKED.

We LOVE the nachos with jalapenos. Mmmmm. I also get some cotton candy. Both our mouths are blue after one bite...nothing like spun sugar.
The Tide played a great game. ROLLLLLLL TIIIIIDE!

And in usual fashion, Rachel and I sat and chatted the whole time (cold and wet) and solved all the worlds problems during one football game. :)

The rest of the weekend we chilled. I got to go to church with them and eat at Newks...and super yummy restaurant in Tuscaloosa.

At some point later I tried to take some pics of her sweet kiddos. It was post nap in the afternoon. Let's just say it was a "no go." But I got a couple cute ones. :) Sweet Alex and Avery. :)

I had such a fun time. And I always miss her when I leave! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful friend. Heart ya Rach!


Tesney said...

I am so very sad I didn't get to see you. I know you were at church and I know Rachel told me you were going to be there. I had to jet afterwards because I was helping with a shower and I had gagillion kids with me from the Connect program that we were trying to herd somewhere quick to eat. Anyway, enough of my excuses. I am glad you had fun but I am very, very, very sad that I missed you! :( :( :(

blessdtwice said...

I feel I must apologize for my alma mater...for an auburn fan to behave badly is wrong (but she was obviously mentally impaired since she was in T-town on game day, instead of at Jordan Hare where she belonged!) So perhaps we can just say "bless her heart" and chalk it up to that!! ;)

Glad you had a great time...Always great catching up with old friends...