Monday, October 19

UF/Campus Homecoming

We had a homecoming weekend at Campus Church in Gainesville. It was so great to see everyone! Friday we ate dinner with a group at Satchels in Gainesville. Dan and I got to leave the kids with our awesome neighbors (Robersons: Leslie, Trey and Andi!) and go on a date! It was great. :) Saturday we tailgated before the game at the Plaza of the Americas. Sunday we all went to church and enjoyed a yummy Sonny's catered meal. The Mittens stayed with us while they were here from Charlotte, NC. It was great to see them and be with sweet baby Ella Grace.
The Mitten Family at Satchels.

Me, Naph, Debbie and Ella Grace (who did NOT want her pic taken).
Dan and I SO HAPPY to have a date night!!! We just loved the time alone in the car for the drive to Gainesville (45 mins).
Above: Matt Miller and Nate Mitten grillin' it up.
Daisy busting a move to the music playing in a near by tailgating tent. As you all know...she dances EVERYWHERE.

Gator Ella Grace!

above: entertaining the kids (Dan was working) at tailgating. See that flat screen? Isaac attempted to knock it over several times...UGH. See those speakers? Isaac kept putting things in the, toys, so on. Wore me out. :)
We scoped out the band before they marched to the stadium.

Daisy hung on and jumped all over Grant and Mandy. They were troopers.
Isaac was pooped on the way home. We missed his nap at 1...and it was 4:30 pm.
This is adorable Oliver. He is Brian and Glenda Haydens little boy. It was great to see them too. Below: Glenda and I at church.
Below are pics of Ella Grace Mitten (Nate and Naphs baby girl!). She had on Gator pj' we had to give her a BAMA shaker to make things right. She loved it. :)

Daisy LOVED helping with Ella G. and gave me hope for my future! Ella was sweet about it.

Below: Daisy moved her arm and I caught EG's face at that moment. "DON'T DROP ME!" HA!


Paul&Julie said...

Daisy looks so tall in these pictures! Did she have a growth spurt? Glad you got to have a good time with good friends.

Anna said...

How cute are y'all!! Mel, I love the orange scarf--your tribute to fall in FL! And btw, you don't look prego in any pictures so far!!!!