Tuesday, November 24

Light up Ocala (that we never saw light up)

So we heard about a "to do" in the downtown square in Ocala. We decided to go. It was really neat...lots of vendors, 2 stages with bands performing, yummy food, crafts, cookie decorating and more. We thought downtown Ocala would "light up" with Christmas lights just after it got dark...no such luck! We got there at 5 something. It got dark just before 6...and they said it would not light up till 7:30. We had not planned well and Dan had to go back to work. So we hung out with our neighbors, Leslie and Trey Roberson and headed out at 6:30ish. It was very crowded and a bit much to push a stroller thru or even attempt to hang out and let Isaac run wild. But it was fun and I hope to actually see it light up next year!

Below is Daisy posing by the BIG Christmas tree in the downtown square. She is doing her "Lookin' Goooood!" pose inspired by her Camera Cheer that Ms. Vanessa taught her at school. :)

Cheerleader theology

Daisy was dressed up as a cheerleader and was shouting,

"J-E-S-U-S! YES!.....(she points to me and says...) THAT spells ALABAMA!!!"

Ha. Well, yes and no Dais. :) Mainly no. Football can become a religion but that would be a little over board. But we are so into it I can see how she would mix that up. Apparently I am sending 2 very constant and important messages. One of them being much more important than the other...and after the SEC championship the other will get its turn...JUST KIDDING!!! I am TOTALLY KIDDING. But isn't her comment hilarious?

Monday, November 16

Remembering Technique By: Daisy Jones

Today we were leaving the house for an errand in the morning. I realized it was trash day. So I said to Daisy, "Hey Dais, when we get home, can you help me to remember to put the trash out on the street?"

"Sure Mom....... Hey Mom, sometimes when I have to remember something, I do this (she closed her eyes and then spoke softly/whispered to herself) ....... trash, trash, trash, trash." :)

I laughed out loud. And told her that was a great idea and I have done that before.

She then gave me another example. "Mom, like when I don't wanna forget to take the bus.....(again quietly to herself) bus, bus, bus, bus..."

SO FUNNY. I would like to say the second example was hysterical cause she has rarely, if ever, ridden a bus. And if she did, she was not having to remember to do it MAINLY cause she was not riding alone. HA. I love Daisy Jones.

Friday, November 13

Spencer Family came to visit us from Texas!

We had the Spencer Family come and see us! It was so fun. I already felt like I knew what was going on with them...cause I blogstalk them regularly. :) But it was so fun to have the kids together and catch up on life. Daisy and Roselyn immediately hit it off and began to play and dance together soon after their arrival. We hung out and talked. We went to the playground to play. Rachel and I got to go to Target ALONE (since Paris Texas doesn't have one). Dan asked what we did for the 3 hours we were gone. I said "Well we went to lunch too but I told you we went to Target." His eyes were wide...but yes, we were in there all that time...except for the short lunch at the local asian cuisine in a strip mall. :) FUN.

Kids bonding one morning in front of the electronic babysitter. :)

Playing in the street with neighbors.

This pic was accidental of the belly...I was going for Isaac...and THIS got in the way. Whew...guess it's getting on out there! 26 weeks.

Above: I love this pic of Nolan (1) and Roselyn (3) cause Roselyns face is so funny. Big siblings do this (at least Daisy did) where they wanna just touch them and squeeze their little heads cause they love 'em so much. They can't help but just be all over them even when they are told not to. :)

above: my little dare devil... or my little heart attack...whichever. He is at the top of this playground equipment...this is taken at my eye level (and I am 5' 6"). And he is hanging.
Once he rung that bell on the top...and got my attention to REALIZE he is about to fall to his death (or severe injury) soon. AHHH. Whew...he is crazy. I think Nolan will be this way too since he is a climber. :)

The Saturday that they had to leave we went to Downtown Disney before they had to head to the airport. Daisy and Roselyn caught a quick nap on the way down. SO unlike Daisy. So funny to see!
below: Dan and Clint

An adult pic taken by Daisy. Don't love the camera angle but what can you expect from a 4 year old?...and a tall one at that! She did a pretty good job! :) I also am standing amid 3 of the thinnest people I know. NOT good for the pregnant girl self esteem. Whose idea was this? Oh yea, mine. :)

We had so much fun with them. Yet another couple it would be so fun to live near and share life with little kids! :) Thanks so much for coming Spencers!

Can someone PLEASE explain this?

I was waiting for my deli meat the other day and noticed the above pic. Not only is it disgusting just visually (pieces of pig parts? floating in clear jello? Like fruit cake MEAT.) but it's called HEAD CHEESE. NASTY. This was just chillin' in the deli window. I asked the lady if people actually got it. She said yes, mainly older people and people from other countries. GROSS. And shame on Boars Head. I thought they were the best meat in the deli you could get. Boars Head also carries "pickle and pepper loaf" as seen above the Head Cheese in this pic. I would actually try that...but NO chance on the Head Cheese. SICK. But I may use it as slang...next time I get frustrated with other drivers...I am busting out "what a slice of head cheese!" NO? well, maybe not. But I may think it.

Thursday, November 12

Trick or Treat at the Paddock Mall (and a little ping-pong!)

We went Trick or Treating at the local mall in town. Daniel was playing ping-pong that afternoon, drumming up some business. We didn't wanna miss out on that. :) My mom and dad were in town on Halloween weekend (SO FUN). So we went early to see Dan and get a head start on the crowd.

above: Daisy and Isaac doing "the funny face" for a pose.

Dan in costume...warming up for ping-pong

below: Dan and Tracy setting up.
Why does is never work out to be a good pic when I am in it? NO COMMENTS please...I mean I just want a decent pic with me AND my kids but nooooooooo. Oh well.

VS above: look at the man behind Daisy...seemingly bummed as well about not getting the free panty card. :)

Daisy, Isaac, and my dad in Charlotte Russe gettin' some loot.

Let me just say that some stores wouldn't budge on the time..."we don't give out candy till 6." Fine, Barney Fife. Be that way. Thankfully my children are still young enough to think that 15 pieces of candy is a LOAD. When Daisy exclaimed, "Look at all my candy!" and she had about a small handful in her cute little lady bug...then we quit. It was great. We hit some stores that cracked me up we were trick or treating from...Spencers, Charlotte Russe, Victoria's Secret (I was hoping for a free panty card...no such luck). It was too funny. When we were leaving the mall later that evening there was a line OUT THE DOOR by the Food Court to Trick or Treat. Whew....glad we missed that. :) Mom, Dad, Angelina, Pumpkin and I went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. YUM.

When we got home we hit a few neighbor homes to see costumes and so on.

Isaac and his buddy Kennedy (his same age). She is Super Woman...adorable! Isaac was gettin' some Super Woman lovin'.

Above is Carson (18 months-ish?) as a golfer. :)

oh, and don't miss Super Womans boots....so cute.

It was a super fun Halloween. And THE BEST to have Jeeg and Papa with us!!!

Monday, November 2

Coon Hollo with Jeje and Papa

My parents came in town this Halloween weekend and we had so much fun. One main event was Coon Hollo close to Micanopy, FL. It was SO great. There was a corn maze, kid train ride, corn bins, hay stacks to play on, tractors to play on, hayride, petting zoo area, paintball game, tire swing, yummy food and so on. My kids loved it! :) We spent Friday evening enjoying Coon Hollo. I look forward to next year already! :)

Daisy was LOVIN' this riding thing...until she accidently hit her MOUTH...and Daniel happened to catch the actual injury in the pic below! She is still smiling even...but that didn't last.

This face I am making (above) says it all. It was a last minute decision by Daisy that she wanted me to ride with her. Lets just say there was not enough room for one of us, much less 2 1/2 of us. There was a tiny piece of wood for ONE to sit on. I knew it was a mistake the second we took off at 90 MILES AN HOUR with Daisy half perched on my legs. I believe her words about 10 FEET into the ride were, "Mom, I think next time I will ride alone." AMEN SISTER. My back was already feelin' it in general...but this jostling-Mr. Toads-Wild-Ride of a train ride did me in! And it was a LONG ride. I kept trying to catch my moms eye (who was riding with Isaac closer to the front) and mouth "HELP ME" to her. :)

I want one of these HUGE bins of corn. Forget the sandbox...get a corn box. Clean and fun!
Dan wanted a turn on the tire swing. Dad helped him out...even with a few "under dogs." It was HILARIOUS.

We happened to catch the last hayride before it was dark. We stopped in a pasture and fed the cows some kind of brown nuggets of smelliness. The cows knew we were coming and JOGGED toward us. I cracked up! They were aggressive boogers too! At one point I felt some hot sniffing on my ear...and it was a cow! YIKES. Pretty funny.

The lurking cow behind Dan...
below, Daisy NOT wanting to smile for the pic.

Moments after her rebellion...she was laughing at herself. So Daisy. Sweet Daisy.

The final pic of the night. We finally have one of all of us together. Daisy was pooped out and Isaac was running fever (which always seems to happen when my parents come...WHAT GIVES?). So it was time to go. But a good time was had by all. :)